Rights Group Donates To Orphanage Home

The Foundation for Human Rights Defense Liberia(FOHRD) on Tuesday, August 15, donated 15 25-kg bags of rice, 30 gallons of red oil and some cooking items to the Children Rescue Center orphanage home in Mount Barclay, on the northern outskirts of Paynesville City.

The Foundation for Human Rights Defense Liberia (FOHRD) has made a significant contribution towards the survivability of orphans of the Children Rescue Center Orphanage Home in Mount Barclay, outside Monrovia.

The humanitarian gesture by the organization goes beyond ordinary hospitality as the economic condition of the country becomes increasingly tough even for people in the working class, let alone orphans, whose caretakers rely on such gestures to meet the needs of children under their care. 

Alaskai Moore Johnson, FOHRD’s Communications Specialist, making the donation on behalf of the institution said, “We have come to give these items including few bags of rice, 30 gallons of red-oil and other cooking items towards the upkeep of the kids because we know that it is very tough and you’re trying by all means to cater to them. So, we just want to stretch our hands a little way in trying to do our best.”

Marpu C. Yekeku, nurse of the home, commended FOHRD for the donation that she said is a great help to the institution in ‘a time of need.’

The orphanage home hosts 60 children between the ages of 4 and 18, a group that Marpu said it is not easy to take care of.

“When the virus started newly in Liberia, we were worried where to get food and other items, and just within that time, this group came around and blessed us with food and other cooking items. And then, coming to the school aspect, they came and put all the children from ABC to 12 grade on scholarship,” Madam Yekeku recalled, counting her institution’s blessings. 

Giving a background of the center, the CRC nurse said the institution was established in 1986 by Mr. and Mrs. Clarke. Since their demise, she and others have been carrying on the dreams by caring for children who are orphans and neglected.

Ms. Maraline T. Blama, a student, thanked the FOHRD team for coming with the food items. The 8th grade student also expressed her gratitude for past donations from FOHRD. 

She did not also forget to thank FOHRD and its Executive Director, Mr. Tee Wonokay, for providing full scholarship for the students.

“We pray that God will continue to bless you and inspire you to do more,” Maraline stated.

The Foundation for Human Rights Defense (FORHD) is a human rights organization that works to promote equal rights and justice in Liberia. FORHD documents and publishes on cases of religious, political and other discriminations and demands freedom and justice for all.


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