Rice Importers Threaten to Expose ‘Blackmailers’ to PUL

Blackmailers communication

The Rice Importers Association of Liberia (RIAL) has issued a warning to a group of individuals claiming to be journalists who are in possession of fabricated documents to blackmail its members to extort money to desist from such an unprofessional behavior or they will be exposed to the Press Union of Liberia (PUL).

The blackmailers sets a date claiming to meet with President Weah

The Association said it is regrettable that the group claiming to be journalists is involved in a campaign of blackmail to extort money from members of the Rice Importers Association.

In a press release issued over the weekend, RIAL said a group of journalists a few weeks ago started to send messages comprising ‘fabricated documents’ through photoshop, making others believe that it is an email message between rice importers.

“This was known recently when some of them made it visible to members of the Association,” the release said. “The blackmailers were made to understand that it was a fabricated scam intended to extort money from the business community.”

The release added, “Those individual journalists and others said they would do all to extort money from the importers, even though they know it is makeup scam. The public will not investigate that, they usually say.”

The RIAL said “In the most recent example they fabricated an email communication about United Commodities, Inc. (UCI) in which they could not even spell properly the name of the person they pretended was sending the email. The name of the person was also miss-spelled by the blackmailers.”

RIAL has, meanwhile, called on the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) to take notice of the situation and enforce its ethics.


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