RHRAP Uses Election Activities to Fight Corruption


In an effort to help national government in its fight against corruption, the Rural Human Rights Activists Program (RHRAP), a local non-governmental organization, is  using election activities to engage the citizens collectively in the fight against corruption, a release has said.

According to the release, RHRAP has organized and facilitated six working sessions in six electoral districts in Nimba County that brought together various segments of community representatives and jointly catalogued salient corruption, human rights and rule of law issues affecting them as citizens. The issues were developed into a community communiqué which has been presented to candidates seeking representative positions in the six electoral districts.

The working sessions took place from September 21-26 in the six electoral districts of the county.

After developing the statement of issues identified during the Situation Analysis Working Session, pledge card signing ceremonies were also organized and facilitated by RHRAP where the community release was presented to the political candidates requesting them to sign a pledge card promising communities that they will implement the communiqué when elected into public office.

This activity enabled community residents to get open declarations from political candidates in the fight against corruption.

The rational is that after the elections, community residents will use these pledge cards to remind those elected into public office to make good on their promises.

Community residents will also use the pledge cards and the commitment made by political candidates to implement the communiqué as a tool for evaluating the performances of those that will be elected into public office, as well as using it as a community advocacy tool for sustained engagement.

“Corruption, weak judicial system including the application of the criminal justice system, marginalization of women at various levels across the country, are among other key issues that need to be addressed if Liberia must take the trajectory to lasting peace and stability with economic growth,” the release said.

The release said transparency and accountability remain serious threats to the growth of the country’s democracy.

The project was designed and implemented by RHRAP and funded by the Legal Professional Development and Anti-Corruption with funding from USAID.


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