Revenue Template, Forecast Delaying 2019/2020 Budget Scrutiny

Rep. Prince K. Moye, Deputy Speaker, the House of Representatives

House adjourns for ‘July 26’ celebration, but…

House Acting Speaker Prince K. Moye has said that though the draft 2019/2020 National Budget was submitted on Friday, June 28, the Joint Committee on Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning and Public Accounts and Expenditure (PAC) has not commenced Public Hearing on the Revenue Component of the Budget, because the Minister of Finance and Development Planning and his team are yet to submit the “Revenue Template and Forecast.”

Amid the announcement on the formal adjournment of the House of Representative for the upcoming celebration of Liberia’s 172nd Independence Day, the Joint Committee has been mandated by the House Plenary, upon receipt of the relevant documents from Finance Ministry, that the Committee should work closely with the Legislative Budget Office (LBO) to begin the process that will lead to the conduct of the public hearings on the revenue and expenditure component hearings of the 2019/2020 national budget. The draft 2019/2020 National Budget is US$532 million.

Moye also instructed the mentioned committees to report back to plenary on Tuesday, July 30, 2019 in session on the way forward on the fiscal budget. The committees will also take into consideration a communication from Civil Service Agency (CSA) on salary cut.

“Members of the Committee could not proceed on the revenue component, because the Minister of Finance and Development Planning and his team have not submitted the revenue template and the forecast. As an attempt to have those documents on hand, members of the Committee will stay on Capitol Hill during the Independence break until the Minister and his team can bring forth those instruments that will allow the hearing to begin,” Rep. Moye said.

On Thursday, July 11, 2019, Rep. Moye told reporters that the House of Representatives has officially closed for the “Independence break” to allow members to engage their constituents on issues of concerns.

Moye further told journalists that, with respect to salary cut, he believes that all the lawmakers will love to embrace, but raises doubt on the ways to do it.

“I am on record, that we cannot continue to depend on foreign partners to support our budget,” Rep. Moye added.

According to him, partners support to the budget can go toward the implementation of projects, but not for payroll.

He pledged his support for adjustment in salary and benefits, adding that this should be applicable to where the law provides, noting: “We will adjust it ourselves, but where the law do not provide for civil servants salary to be reduced we will not.”


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