Rev. Tolbert to Job Seekers: ‘Come With Skills, Talents’


In the face of  public concerns about the growing number of individuals trooping to the CDC headquarters daily in illusive search of almost non-existent jobs, Peace Ambassador Rev. William R. Tolbert, III is calling on them to come along with skills and competence.

Addressing journalists yesterday at his office in Monrovia, Rev. Tolbert said inasmuch as many of those seeking jobs in the new government may not all have academic qualifications, they should not downplay the need of having talents and interest in learning.

“Considering that Ambassador George Manneh Weah was overwhelmingly elected by the majority of our country’s population on the need to see change in all aspects of governance, we all have to help him succeed by seeking jobs at the right places we think we will be able to serve,” Tolbert noted.

He said everyone cannot be a minister or director of a particular government agency but everyone can contribute to change by being fair in seeking what is right and expressing the willingness to improve through learning.

“You could be a sweeper at a government office. You could be a filing clerk or some other kind of useful service provider. All you need to know is that Liberia needs prepared minds that are willing to change the way general perceptions consider national governance to be,” he said.

He called on all, including those in the opposition block, to manage their expectations and work along with the many young people and others who have been yearning for ‘change’ so as to bring the needed improvements in the country.

“We are aware of the challenges these young people are faced with on a daily basis. We know that a lot of them have not had the opportunity over the years to acquire skills. Not too many of them have gone to school, but we are confident they mean well for this country,” Tolbert noted.

Noting that the December 26 presidential runoff election was free, fair and credible as considered by all observers, including local and international partners, he pointed out that it is Liberia that has won, and not a single political party or a collaboration.

“We congratulate the CDC, represented by the President and Vice President-elect, His Excellency George Manneh Weah and Her Excellency Jewel Howard Taylor, for this historic accomplishment. We call on them once again to play the roles of loving and caring parents for all the citizens as well as those who come to visit us,” he said.

About the ongoing collaboration between the newly elected officials and the outgoing, Tolbert gave a big thumbs up to all of them for what he says is their demonstrated level of maturity in handling the ongoing processes of transition.

“We also congratulate Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai for his reconciliatory concession speech in which he called on his supporters and all other Liberians to accept the results and work with the CDC led government to be inaugurated on January 22 this year.”

He added that all other political parties who participated in the October 10 representative and presidential elections are also commended and appreciated for their cooperation with the National Elections Commission (NEC) and all other stakeholders.

“We are thankful also to all women and youth groups, the security sector, local and international NGOs, the business community and the student community for contributing to peace as we went through the tense electoral process,” he said.

Tolbert noted that as a peace ambassador, his office is opened to all who are interested in promoting the quest to sustain the peace.


  1. These job seekers should be given any jobs they seek since education and matched skills are not necessary to rebuilding a nation, to paraphrase the president elect and the majority of the voters in the 2017 national elections. No one needs authentic degree or any form of certification. After all, “the book people fooled us.” Just apply and get the jobs. This is the Liberia we’ve to accept…with free education and free hospitals in the horizon.

  2. “Considering that Ambassador George Manneh Weah was overwhelmingly elected by the majority of our country’s population on the need to see change in all aspects of governance, we all have to help him succeed by seeking jobs at the right places we think we will be able to serve…”

    Dr. Artemus Gaye, the above statement is my takeaway from Dr.Tolbert’s chat with journalists; and you, of all people, know sentiment like “the book people fooled us” isn’t a misperception. Nor does it denigrate skills, competence, and education – never mind the firestorm from few high-minded intellectuals.

    The George Weah – Jewel Taylor ticket won the run – off election.

    A well-regarded man with your capacity, integrity, compassion, and patriotism should be considering how to help the new administration achieve transformational change. Because the vast majority Country – Congua marginalized masses need all Liberia’s brightest hands on deck in order for the coming ship of state to reach new horizons.

    Be a part of that change, not it’s initial constant critic, doc.


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