Rev. Krua Appeals to Portland Residents to Help Ebola Fight


A Liberian pastor, the Rev. Torli Krua, has told an  American group in Portland, Maine in the United States that the widespread infection of Ebola in Liberia is an international concern that they must help.

  Rev. Krua, who is on a mission to inform Americans on what is going on in Liberia, said "Here we have Ebola. What can we do together to help? That is my message to people. We as the human family need to reach out to other human beings."

 Rev. Krua has visited Maine many times over the past decade speaking at programs in schools and churches about Liberia but these days the only talk about Liberia focuses on the Ebola outbreak and he said most people in America don't realize just how bad it is.

  "Everyday I hear stuff that doesn't go on the news about people dying, about children who have been abandoned," he said on an NBC program.

   He had spoken at the Boothbay Baptist Church and made friends with a  Southport Island resident, Jason Schlosser. The two men planned a trip to Liberia, but canceled it due to the growing Ebola crisis.

   Schlosser said, "Part of me wants to go. There's a crisis. There’re people in need. Let's go, let's do something.”

   Instead, he and the pastor are spending their time in Portland, Maine, trying to make people more aware of what's happening in West Africa and urging them to help. Pastor Krua has set up a website that spells out several ways people can help.

  Rev. Krua, who runs a church in New England,   owns the YOUNG-Africa Incorporated that provides information for young people to be able to make their lives better in useful ventures.

In one of their last visits to Liberia, several young men and women, some from universities in Monrovia, went through seminars to change their focus to become entrepreneurs.


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