“Respect, Implement Supreme Court’s Mandate,” Labor Congress Tells NEC

LLC Secretary General David Sackoh

The Secretary General of the Liberia Labor Congress (LLC), David Sackoh, said at a press conference last weekend that the LLC welcomes the holding of the runoff election with the hope that the NEC will respect and implement the Supreme Court’s mandate, which includes the cleanup of the Final Registration Roll (FRR) to ensure transparency and integrity in the process.

The LLC’s statement comes in the wake of a letter from the NEC requesting the worker’s organization to observe the upcoming runoff election.

Urging all political parties and other concerned citizens to remain peaceful and law-abiding ahead of the controversial runoff election, LLC pointed out, however, that “a free, fair and peaceful election in Liberia depends on the cleaning up of the Voter Roll to the satisfaction of the two political parties in the runoff,” Sackoh indicated.

He said the LLC has developed indicators to measure the performance of the incoming government, adding that the indicators focus on the socioeconomic well being as well as the working environment of Liberian workers.

“There is a need for the incoming government to be responsive and accountable to all Liberians and ensure reform in state-owned institutions to provide the needed services to the marginalized and suffering majority including the disabled,” he said.

Sackoh explained further that the result of the runoff election might not end the suffering of the Liberian people, but added that Liberians must work hard in order to use recent and past opportunities and lessons as means to pave the way for reform in the political and electoral system.

“ LLC wishes the incoming government to follow issues such as the Decent Work Bill and living wages, regular electricity and water supply, and decent and affordable housing in the first 100 days,” he emphasized.

“The government must also provide reliable and affordable public transport, review concession agreements, employment for Liberian seamen, restoration of basic human and socioeconomic rights in the public sector, among others.”

Sackoh indicated that LLC was impressed with the ruling of the Supreme Court, including the modifications the NEC was mandated to implement before the runoff.


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