Residents Want Police to Question Pastor

The 13-year-old girl.jpg

In a country where parents fail to realize that poor financial management is the main cause of business failure, it is so easy for children to become scapegoats and described as witches.

In many communities these unfortunate children are made to confess their ‘wicked deeds’ and many have been forced to admit ‘their involvement’ in the recent deaths of relatives.

In communities across the country, children as young as seven years old are reported to have confessed their involvement in witchcraft activities.

Though we are yet to know what really happened in this case, a 13 year-old girl who lives with her pastor father in Voinjama, Lofa County, has been accused of being a witch.

And her punishment? Her biological father, who was not identified, reportedly tied his daughter’s hands behind her back for the whole night, as the above photo indicates.

According to reports, while many people believe that the child may be connected to witchcraft activities, they are yet to say what she did; others have said they want the Liberia National Police to investigate the case.

The girl’s crime, according to information, is a claim by the pastor’s wife, who is also yet to be identified, that the girl was in the habit of stealing meat from their food.

The girl’s photo is wide spread on the internet, and many are horrified and have expressed disgust with the pastor’s behavior.


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