Residents of Garwolor Township Want Commissioner Replaced


-Tout Saiku Freeman as replacement choice

Residents of the Township of Garwolor in district #14, Montserrado County, have requested President George M. Weah replace Wilhelmina Corlours as commissioner of the Township.

Their request came in the wake of what they termed as the Commissioner’s over-stay in office, as well as her inability to perform over the years. According to residents, she is no longer strong enough to perform due to her current age.

In a general meeting held in Gibraltar recently, the residents said that the current leadership of the Township over the years has not been able to unite the people and address the needs of the community.  And so they no longer want to work with the Commissioner.

At the end of the general meeting, the Daily Observer held a short conversation with some residents of the Township.

One of the residents, George Freeman, said: ‘‘We are disappointed in the leadership of Commissioner Corlours. Since she became Commissioner of this township, nothing has been done to take it to the next level.”   

According to him, since the start of her tenure, Commissioner Corlours has never set aside a day to call for a general town meeting to know what the people need and what can be done to improve the Township. Freeman earlier told his colleagues that the Township of Garworlor has nine communities. However since the ascendancy of Commissioner Corlours, only two of these are enjoying a favorable status, which he described as unfair.

He further said that the Township currently lacks good public toilet facilities, safe drinking water, and other basic services, pointing out: “Commissioner Colours has overstayed. And how is it that a commissioner would stay 15 years in office?” he asked.

Another resident of the township, Mohammed K. Fahnbulleh, also made these comments during the meeting. “We are now asking President Weah to appoint someone who understands the will of the people, a person who has stayed with the people, and we strongly believe that Saiku Freeman is the best person to be appointed.”

He noted that the purpose of the meeting was to express their deepest disappointment and concerns over the manner and form in which Commissioner Corlours has been running the Township. The general meeting, held in the absence of the Commissioner and which brought together community dwellers was, however, focused on pushing the agenda of one of the community’s eminent sons, Saiku Freeman.

According to a statement issued recently at a general meeting, their quest for replacement was based on Commissioner Corlours’ poor performance over the years. “She needs to be retired by now, because she is old,”  the statement said.

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina Corlours, who is believed to be in her mid-50s, refuted the allegation that she has not been able to call a meeting since her ascendancy as Commissioner of the township. “My people know me, and know what our leadership ability is; as we speak the people still want us to serve them. For now we reserve all comments until the appointed time comes.” Commissioner Corlours stated in a telephone interview.


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