Residents Delighted in Coca Cola Factory-ELWA Road Construction Project

Men at work on the road in Red-Light, Paynesville.

Residents along the Coca Cola Factory and ELWA Junction have expressed gratitude and described as “Relief” the ongoing road construction project in the area.

When completed, the four-lane asphalt pavement will bring to an end the deplorable road conditions that have existed in the area for years impeding the smooth movement of traffic.

The residents along with the Freeport to Red-Light corridor have also expressed similar gratitude for the ongoing construction work by the people and Government of Japan.

With the construction of these major urban corridors, the people can now begin to smile as they will soon be finally relieved of what they consider as a perpetual bad road problem. Massive progress is being made on both roads as the project is at an appreciable pace.  

The 6.10 kilometers of roads will give a facelift to the bustling Monrovia, particularly the Red-Light commercial hub and community dwellers cannot wait to see the roads completed and with the hope that the completion will reduce or eliminate the traffic congestion that usually occurs in the area.

Fortunately, these localities have huge numbers of commuters who leave their homes to work or do businesses in  other areas, and the roads, when completed, will ease for them the stress of traffic jam and will enable them reach their workplaces and businesses on time.

Men are seen daily operating earthmoving and other heavy-duty machines, compacting crushed rocks and laying asphalt to complete the road projects.

Negotiations leading to the construction of the two 4-lane roads were made during the administration of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  In 2012 the Japanese Government reached a $50 million agreement with the Liberian Government to construct Somalia Drive Road. 

The second phase of this project was reached in 2017 to construct the other two lanes currently under construction, bringing to a total of US$100 million for the entire project.

Also, the agreement leading to the Coca Cola Factory-ELWA Junction corridor was legislated in 2017 with financial support to come from the Government of Liberia and other partners, including the World Bank.  It is in the tune of $47 million to be completed this year.

Yamoh Kollie, a resident of the Telecom community in Paynesville, said for decades roads in Red-Light were abandoned, but all thanks to God that they will finally be free from the bad road condition.

She said, “We are grateful to the government of Liberia for this huge milestone because Red-Light is one of the biggest communities, and for us to have to the modern roads we are so much happy.”

Additionally, she said, “we will have a modern road. No more dust. We will have a well pave the road. Thank God for President George Manneh Weah because he promises us good road”.

Esther Allison a resident of the ELWA Junction, said the modern road when completed will help hundreds of commuters who leave their homes to central town for daily bread. “We are so excited for this project and we cannot wait to see it being completed and dedicated.”

Adding, she said: “ELWA Junction is the point that leads to the capital city which is Monrovia; so, it is a wide achievement for the roads to be completed.”


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