Representative Tokpah Threatens to Create Hot Political Grounds for Candidates in Future Elections

Representative Tokpah displaying money he is being accused of squandering

Representative Prince O.S. Tokpah of Nimba County District #2 has publicly pronounced that he would not contest for his current post in 2023 but will create a tough time for who will aspire to contest for the post and other elective posts in the pending senatorial election and those to come in 2023.

“I do not intend to contest again in the coming election, but, those that will be coming must know that I will create tough time for them in my district in all the elections that are to come including the upcoming senatorial election and even presidential election of 2023,” said Representative Tokaph on May 7, 2020.

The District #2 Representative, whose statement came amid speculation that he squandered about US$6,000 out of $10,000 intended for communities surrounding Mounts Blei and Dehton, said that people who intend to contest in an election for his position are starting on an infertile ground by castigating and falsely accusing him.

By vowing to create an uneasy political ground for critics and other politicians, the District #2 Representative said he will put his financial weight and influence in elections ahead to ensure that those of his interest are voted in his district and not just anyone coming with rhetoric.

Displaying the US$10,000 paid by SOLWAY Mining Company for land rental fee in a mass meeting, Tokpah said “You are here accusing me falsely for what you do not know about.  Here is the money for the communities.  Why are you tainting my character?”

Nimba County District #2 Rep. Tokpah’s school in Sanniquellie

Since he got elected in 2011 and reelected in 2017, Tokpah has built a lot of infrastructures, most of which are buildings belonging to him.  He has a three-story guest house on the main street of Sanniquellie and a modern school with a clinic at the entrance of Sanniquellie. He also has an estate in Sanniquellie.

These infrastructures coupled with his generosity to the people of District #2 gave him an overwhelming victory over his opponents in the 2017 election after his victory in 2011 was influenced by the National Union for Democratic Progress (NUDP) of Senator Prince Johnson, but his critics continue the pressure on him that he has not spoken on any issues in the House of Representatives since elected and therefore he is not competent to represent District 2.

Blasting his critics during the meeting, Tokpah stressed: “When you see me in a used car here, you become envious and claim I am buying US$25,000 cars and riding them.  Even if I buy such cars, am I not working for money?  Don’t I have a salary that can give me cars?  Even if I want to by an airplane, I can buy it.”

Continuing with his critics, Representative Tokpah vowed that before any candidate will receive votes in his district, he will decide it because he still has a great deal of influence over his people by what he does for them.

“I see people coming at this time of COVID-19 presenting 30 buckets while the government is also bringing 40 pieces.  But when I got ready, I brought 500 of those buckets, and when the time comes, I will do all I can to see that those without weight are thrown out of the race,” he added.

He told the gathering that politicians wishing to see his downfall are attempting to understand what they do not know about, and are doing it in the form of criticism. To those candidates wishing to succeed him, he said that though he may not contest; they should get prepared for him because his influence will surely determine the result of the election in his district.


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