Representative-elect Flomo ‘Won’t Support House’s Inner Conflict’

Flashback: Montserrado County District 13# Representative-elect Edward Papay Flomo aka ‘Color Green receiving “traditional substance’ from supporters during the by-election campaign

Montserrado County District 13# Representative-elect Edward Papay Flomo aka “Color Green” has said that when inducted as a member of the House of Representatives of the 54th Legislature, he would avoid “inner sided-politics” and will not support either side on the removal of Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers.

Rep-elect Flomo said he will maintain his “independent status,” even though he supports the Pro-Poor Agenda of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and was a longtime member of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) from 2005 to 2017, in which he served as bodyguard to Mr. George M. Weah, the then political leader.

The newly elected Representative made the remarks over the weekend to journalists following a courtesy visit by Speaker Dr. Chambers and Montserrado County District #8 Representative Acarous M. Gray, who is chairman of the Committee on Maritime and co-chairman on Executive.

His comments also followed a courtesy visit to President George M. Weah.

There was a rumor that there was a coup attempt in the House of Representatives during the first session, especially between June and September 2018, to dethrone Maryland County District #2 Representative Bhofal Chambers from the Speakership. However, Montserrado County District #8 Representative Acarous M. Gray took to Facebook, announcing the purportedly failed coup in the Lower House.

Rep. Gray publicized that Rep. Chambers still remained Speaker of the House of Representatives of the 54th Legislature and, in a relative tone, made a menacing statement about his colleagues — who are opting for the removal of the Speaker — that they are “on the run.”

“Battles are meant for men,” Rep. Gray said, victoriously climaxing his testimonial.

However, Rep-elect Flomo said during the visit of the Speaker and Rep. Gray, they discussed the “Legislature” while with President Weah and that he (President Weah) lauded him for his victory and admonished him to work hard in the interest of his constituents and the people of Liberia.

According to him, he thanked the President for his untiring effort and enormous political will in delivering quality services to the people of Liberia.

“We also discussed the economy, the high US [exchange] rate and the business climate of the country,” Rep-elect Flomo said.

Meanwhile, the newly elected Representative of Montserrado County District #13 said his first priority in the District is “reconciliation and unity,” which he has begun with meetings with the women, youth, men and the elders.

“Besides reconciliation and unity, we will also construct a multi-complex building for offices for the District Council, which will include a library, conference hall and others,” Representative-elect Flomo said.

Rep-elect Flomo is expected to be inducted to become a full-fledged member of the House of Representatives of the 54th Legislature on Tuesday, January 15, 2019, upon his induction in accordance to Article 31 of the 1986 Liberian Constitution.

It says: “Each member of the Legislature, before taking his seat and entering upon the duties of office, shall take and subscribe to a solemn oath or affirmation, before the presiding officer of the House to which such person was elected and in the presence of other members of that House, to uphold and defend the Constitution and laws of the Republic and to discharge faithfully the duties of such office.”


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