Representative Candidate Delights Kids for ’26’ in Montserrado District #12

Representative candidate George Beyan Samah (in red shirt) poses for a photo along with kids at one of the party sites

It was a joyous event for residents of communities in electoral district #12 Montserrado County on 26th Day when George B. Samah, a representative candidate in the district hosted a well-organized party for hundreds of children 1 to10 years old and their parents.

Samah said he hosted the children’s Independence Jamboree to put smiles on the faces of the kids and their parents during the country’s 170th Independence Day festivities.

“After undertaking several projects within the district, we decided to switch our attention to our kids on this holiday to keep them together during the festivities,” Dr. Samah said.

Dr. Samah is among 15 individuals that the National Elections Commission has certified to contest the district’s lone seat in October.

The parties were hosted in the four communities of Stephen Tolbert Estate, J.J.Y.,  NTA, and Kaduma, inside Johnsonville Township.

The kids were seen laughing and expressing delight after they were offered candies, popcorn and other sweets. They later played  exciting games in which some of them won prizes that included clothes, toys and some learning materials.

“As we celebrate our country’s independence, we recognize that you are our next generation, the future leaders of this great nation. To better serve the country in years to come, we as ‘friends of Dr. George B. Samah’ decided to  bring these kids together and encourage them to always love one another as they grow up,” Mr. Samah said.

One of the parents, Tennah Mulbah, thanked Mr. Samah for his kind gesture, adding, “at least our children had somewhere to spend the day.”

“This is the first time that someone has hosted a party for our children in this community for which we are thankful to Dr. Samah,” another resident in the NTA Community said.


  1. This candidate has demonstrated true love for Liberia and her future. He’s not only interesting in the adults that registered to vote but in the children of Liberia. Bravo Dr. Samah.


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