Rep. Youngblood: 5th Death in 54th Legislature

The late Munah E. Pelham Youngblood

CDC’s ‘Political Lioness’

Rep. Munah Pelham Youngblood became known as the Political Lioness of the Congress of Democratic Change (CDC), because of her “strong voice” — one year after her election as Representative of Montserrado County #9, when the late Sen. Geraldine Doe-Sherif resigned from the CDC.

She was regarded as one of the most remarkable and colorful personalities ever to come into national politics at the age of 28 (2011).  Great company, utterly irreverent, full of life and fun.

Speaking of her death in Accra, Ghana on Wednesday, July 8, after a protracted illness, Rep. Acarous M. Gray, who she called her “political twin”, described the late Rep. Youngblood as a “natural politician” who could read a situation and analyze and assess it faster as any female politician from the CDC.

“The only thing she couldn’t handle was stuffiness of any kind and that was because she didn’t want to,” Rep. Gray said.

Youngblood is the fifth member of the 54th Legislature and the second female among them, to have died, all in the short space of three years — barely half-way into the George Weah administration. Her colleagues who predeceased her include Representatives Adolph Lawrence and J. Nagbe Sloh, as well as Senators Geraldine Doe-Sherif and Edward Dagoseh.

Like the late Senator Doe-Sherif did in the Senate, Youngblood served as chairperson of the Committee on Executive.

The ruling party chairman, Mulbah Morlu, sobbed: “We’re devastated by the news of Hon. Pelham’s untimely death; the CDC has lost a Revolutionary Lioness, an accomplished ideological partisan that has sprawled an indelible mark on the horizons of our popular struggle. At this point, it’s not even possible to grasp the extent of the damage of this tragic news and how heavily it bears on the revolutionary psyche of the CDC. We’re shattered in spirit.”

The House’s Judiciary Chairman, Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa said: “She will be missed for being a prolific floor fighter for the CDC; outspoken on the things she believes; and an excellent organizer.”

The former Montserrado County District #9 Representative was the co-chair on Executive during the 53rd Legislature (2011-2017), she was the Secretary General to the Majority Bloc that ousted Speaker J. Alex Tyler.

She read the “Vote of No Confidence” against Speaker Tyler in August 2016  and the enunciation was clear. She was an avid reader, a champion of women’s right and one of the founding members of the Women Legislative Caucus in the Legislature.

As chairperson of the House’s Executive Committee, she spearheaded President George Weah’s first three State of the Nation’s addresses to the Legislature (2018, 2019 and 2020). She was very instrumental for the House of Representatives and the Senate to adopt the first Joint Resolution, entitled #001/2018, for the Inauguration to be moved to the City of Paynesville instead of the traditional (normal) City of Monrovia.

Also during the State of the Nation Addresses, she interchangeably made the motion or seconded after the call of the Sergeant-at-arms, Martin Johnson, on the arrival of the President for the Joint Legislature to open for a special session.

Youngblood and illness

The late Youngblood, after President Weah’s inauguration, got “very ill” where she want for advanced treatment in USA and India respectively from April 25, 2018 and returned in the country in July that year.

“I am grateful, I just want the thank God Almighty that I am alive. I went to India and I am back, but others went there and they didn’t come back,” Rep. Youngblood said in 2018.

After the  2019 State of the Nation Address, she went away again for medical treatment in February that year and returned the country in January 2020. After executing her responsibility as the House’s Executive Committee chairperson over the 2020 State of the Nation Address, she went back for treatment and would never return until her demise on July 8, 2020.

One of her political arch-rivals in Montserrado County District 9, Fubbi Armah Henries, called into question Rep. Youngblood’s extensive absences from legislative duty. According to him, by her absence of several months at a time, the lawmaker could be deemed incapacitated to hold legislative office. It is not clear whether a petition started by Henries to this effect ever made it through the House of Representatives.

‘Tom and Jerry’

Upon her latest return from medical treatment in January 2020, she threw a jibe at Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, claiming he has trashed his legislative privilege to discuss national issues on the ‘sacred floor’ of the Senate and resorted to publicly joining a series of protests against the very government in which he works and gets paid monthly.

Surrounded by hundreds of supporters, she likened her challenge to Sen. Dillon to a “Tom and Jerry” scenario, saying that, “when the cat is away, the mouse will play.” By this she was alluding to the fact that Dillon got elected in her absence — when she was away on her second extended leave of absence for medical reasons. But when she returned earlier this year, she declared: “No more votes will come from my district in favor of Sen. Dillon.”

In a sportive response, Senator Dillon, on his Facebook page, said: “Happy Sunday, folks! I listened to Rep. Munah Pelham’s ‘attack’ on my person. I laughed it off!! Do not ‘attack’ her, please! Let us continue to thank God for her gradual recovery and safe return home. Wishing you, all of you, a positive brand new week!”

Rep. Youngblood was an influential member of the House of Representatives and the ruling CDC and  has been battling illness for nearly three years.

Munah was born unto the union of Walter and Elizabeth Pelham, on September 22, 1983. Her father, the late Walter Pelham, was a former coach for the Lone Star national football team during the 1980s, and later joined the top brass of the Liberia National Police during the administration of ex-President of Liberia, Charles G. Taylor. Mr. Pelham died in the late 90’s in a plane crash. Her mother, Elizabeth, is the comptroller in the House of Representatives.

As a youth, Munah graduated from the St. Michael Catholic High School and later earned her BSC in Mass Communication and a master’s degree International Relations, both from the University of Liberia. Early on, she became a fashion model, but he entrance into politics was a stroke of luck. Once, when her campaign for president of the University of Liberia Student Union did not materialize, she took her political ambition to mainstream politics, in the 2011 legislative elections, where she won on the CDC ticket as Montserrado County Representative of District 9, at the age of 28. In 2017, she was reelected.

In 2013, she got married to Dr. Raymond Youngblood, a union that was blessed with a daughter, Sarafina.

Robin Dopoe contributed to this story.


  1. Elected as the youngest female member ever to an African Legislature at the age 27, Hon. Muna Pelham-Youngbloodś grass-root acceptance is unequaled and unmatched in Liberian History, African History, and World History!!!

    NO wonder she transitioned to glory at the age of 36; just as Princess Diana, Bob Marley, Henry V of England, Marilyn Monroe and Frantz Fanon – the astute erudite intellectual, political philosopher, political radical, and Pan-Africanist, all of whom who also transitioned to the heavens at age 36!!!

    And what has thrown us into an unforgettable grief-stricken sorrow, is that though we do not know Hon. Muna Pelham-Youngbloodś, and have never ever met her or physically seen her, we have, minutes ago, learned or realized that we personally know her mother ( Elizabeth Sarkpa Broh- Pelham), and her late father (Col. Walter Maxwell Pelham)!!!

    Her Mother ELizabeth Sarkpa Broh-Pelham was our junior in academia at the foot-hills of the Wologisi Mountains in North- Western Liberia, while her late father, the natural born lecturer, professional soccer coach, school administrator and proprietor in academe, Col. Walter Pelham and us were the owners of Monrovia, which was for us, our building in them days of old!

    Hence, in my wonderment, we ask the gods (Daniel 2:11) as to why would Heaven nearly four decades ago, decide to LOSE AN ANGEL, so that Liberia may GAIN AN ANGEL on September 22, 1983; but only to have the same very Heaven, this time around, have Liberia lose AN ANGEL, so that Heaven regains ITS ANGEL!??!!

    • True or False Nationalist, have you come to praise the former Rep. Youngblood as Julius Caesar or have you come to bury her as Julius Caesar ? Especially as someone playing the role of Mark Anthony ? If you have come to praise the former Representative and did not come to bury her , tell the reading public of her achievements or her accomplishments in her 12 foot area district, and not about the global personalities the late lawmaker is being compared to. Cause even Princess Diana’s achievements or accomplishments were not as a result of a self benefiting factor. So tell the reading public, unless there were no achievements or accomplishments carried out by the former lawmaker. If so, then kindly bury her and move on . Cause it proves that you know nothing about the former lawmaker but empty words. Even Mark Anthony lay down the achievements and accomplishments about Caesar, but you have greatly failed in your propaganda mission to accomplish that in regards to the former fallen lawmaker. And that makes you a False Nationalist. And now , if you will, go back and read the play of William Shakespeare and his works concerning Julius Caesar , and how Mark Anthony argued it out about his accomplishments or his achievements. It is a beautiful play that you can learn from. Instead of all your blah blah blah blah blah written here. The reading public would like to know about the accomplishments left behind by the late lawmaker, in the event that they are not aware about what she actually did for her community.

  2. James Davis, make no mistake about that, when Hon. Munah Evangeline Pelham -Youngblood was born, HEAVEN MISSED AND LOST AN ANGEL, WHILE LIBERIA, AFRICA, AND THE WORLD GAINED AN ANGEL! ACCORDINGLY, AS TRUE NATIONALIST, WE CAME;

    (1) not to bury her, but indeed, to eulogize her for having been elected twice to the Legislature within a country where the ascension of women to such apex of political power is hardly seen; and then,

    (2) her academic excellence as a university erudite in international relations and mass communications; while being the youngest person ever elected to a Liberian legislature, an African legislature, and highly likely anywhere within the comity and community of nations. All of which are;

    (3) indisputable, unmatched, and unequaled PERSONAL, NATIONAL, CONTINENTAL, AND TO A LARGER MEASURE, GLOBAL achievements and distinctions beyond expectations bound to be a compass, a light, and a beacon of hope, for the young; especially young females born and unborn across the globe!

  3. Mr. True and False Nationalist , you got your philosophy back . As stated before, you are a poor propagandist for the regime. And that you have no idea about this lawmaker. So let it be with her and her family. Heaven did not missed an angel , but it is heaven that gained an angel . It is Liberia, your Africa and your world or earth that will missed or lost an angel, but not Heaven. It is Liberia that has lost through the works performed by the lawmakers. And through her work on earth, heaven gains. And when she departs Heaven gains. If you are speaking that Heaven will missed the lawmaker because of her works here on earth, you are greatly wrong. Heaven have many more here on earth and in Liberia. And there are many more replacements for the lawmaker in that country as far as Heaven is concerned. And so Heaven is not missing no angel on earth, but gaining one in her rightful place. So let it be with the lawmaker and her family. Stop writing silly propaganda as philosophy. Whenever earth will missed an angel or lost an angel, Heaven gains an angel. Kindly read what is written in bold letters by you and see if it makes sense to you to say Heaven is missing an angel. If not earth is the one missing an angel. According to you, Heaven will missed an angel, while Liberia, Africa and the world gained an angel. What the Hell is that one coming from ? Guess, from the University of Liberia philosophy class. Stop .

    • James Davis, I assume most times that you are a bit dull. But from your inability to comprehend simple and clear statements here, you have confirmed that you are not only dull; you have comprehension problem. And that is from where your dullness emanates.

      For example: one writes: ” When Hon. Munah Evangeline Pelham -Youngblood WAS BORN, HEAVEN MISSED AND LOST AN ANGEL, WHILE LIBERIA, AFRICA, AND THE WORLD GAINED AN ANGEL!”

      And then you DULL James Davis WITH READING COMPREHENSION PROBLEMS, spews such rubbish as:

      “Heaven did not missed an angel , but it is heaven that gained an angel . It is Liberia, your Africa and your world or earth that will missed or lost an angel, but not Heaven.” and ” And so Heaven is not missing no angel on earth, but gaining one in her rightful place.” ARE YOU THAT DULL??

      DULL James Davis, Heaven missed and lost an angel when Hon. Munah Evangeline Pelham -Youngblood was born ON SEPTEMBER 22, 1983!!!

      Heaven did not miss nor lose an angel upon her death!!!

      But rather upon her birth!;

      At which event upon her birth,- LIBERIA, AFRICA, AND THE WORLD GAINED AN ANGEL!

      And now that she has returned to her creator, Heaven has regained ITS ANGEL!!!

      Actually, we never knew you suffer such limitations.

  4. James Davis,
    Using your own independent thoughts is one thing. Another thing is breaking your independent thoughts up into paragraphs.
    Why don’t you use paragraphs? I will not give up on you until you begin using paragraphs.


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