Rep. Wiah Wants Prez. Weah to Appoint 30 Percent Women

Rep. Julie F. Wiah, House's Gender Chairperson.

In the wake of President George Weah’s appointment of officials, the Chairperson on Gender and Child Development Committee at the House of Representatives, has called on the President to appoint women to at least 30 percent of government positions.

Representative Julie F. Wiah urged the President not to ‘blacklist’ women in the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)-led government by circumventing their appointment to 30 percent of government posts, which the lawmaker believes is universally accepted.

Rep. Wiah told journalists in her Capitol building office on Thursday, January 25 that the appointment of more women to government positions would be rewarding and expedient for Liberia, because women will be at the helm of decision-making.

She said the appointment of women as ministers, deputy ministers as well as superintendents, ambassadors and other positions will give them the opportunity to participate in the country’s governance system.

“It is my advice that President Weah appoints women to 30 percent of positions in the CDC-led government,” Rep. Wiah declared, adding, “women have the right to participate in our political governance.”

The first batch of appointments made by President Weah included only males.

Rep. Wiah also called on Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor to join her colleagues and appeal to President Weah to ensure that women account for 30 percent of posts in government.

Aside from her position as the chairperson of the Gender and Child Development Committee, Rep. Wiah is the member of the Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning, and the Pan African Parliament.

“I want to thank Speaker Chambers for the confidence he reposed in me,” Rep. Wiah added.

She said during the 54th Legislature, the House’s Gender Committee will collaborate with gender-based institutions to make recommendations that would ensure the punishment of convicted rapists, “and those who will commit crimes against women and young girls.”


  1. Representative Wiah speaks to President Weah…..
    “President Weah, 30% of your hirees must be women”.

    1. Should Pres.Weah hire 30% of women even if they are not qualified?

    2. If Pres. Weah had intended to hire 40-45% of women to his cabinet, should he scale down to the 30% that Rep. Wiah demands from Pres. Weah? and

    3. Was the Gender Ministry set up specifically for women? According to anonymous sources, most of the Gender Ministry’s employees are women. Does Rep. Wiah want more females at the Gender Ministry?

  2. Let hiring be competitive. Qualifications matter; most. Quota may lead to reverse DISCRIMINATIONS. What if there is a man better qualified for a position? Shuold such a person be passed over, just to hire another GENDER? That’s the sticking point.

  3. The woman had not proven any different in the past Sirleaf Government from Freeport of Monrovia to the very gender Ministry.
    Many of our mothers, big sisters who work in the Sirlead government were stealing from the poor masses and increasing prices and making life hard for the very market women. For example Parker at Freeport. What about that other Jato woman who Sirleaf appointed as genfer Minister? Was she fighting for her packet or the young Liberians women. So so corrupt criminals.

    I never head her voice when young Liberians women were traffic to Lebanon. All these ones that making noise about 30% women which school did they graduate from, what have they done for their very self?

    They coming in Weah government to creat chaos for Weah. Hiring people should be base on competency, not gender affiliation, political party, connection, or sleeping with somebody to get promoted. If Liberia continues on this path, development will not be achieved soon.


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