Rep. Wesso Launches 5-Yr Agricultural Project

One of the farmers that stands to benefit from Rep. Kanie Wesso's agricultural initiative

Despite the harsh economic realities that the country is being faced with currently, citizens of Gbarpolu County District #2 have a reason to smile as the district stands a chance of being self-sufficient in food production, if everything goes as planned.

This is because Representative Kaine Wesso has begun a project that is aimed at empowering the locals so as to improve their livelihoods.

Rep. Wesso recently launched a 5-year agricultural project in the district, which he said is meant to lift the livelihood of farmers in that part of the country.

The initiative is in fulfillment of several campaign promises he made during the 2017 elections. The project started in Duoyee, with a two-day training for local farmers, under the theme, “Grow Your Eating, and Don’t Buy, Grow Your Development, Don’t Beg,” and brought together farmers from various surrounding villages.

Duoyee is one of many towns that are inaccessible to motor vehicles, not even motorcycles, as citizens travel for about four to five hours to get to a destination.

The project is being implemented through Belle District Farmers Association (BeDFA), which is aimed at making farmers wealthy, healthy, and reducing poverty through agriculture.

Through the project, seedlings will be distributed among farmers, as well as pesticides, while crops, including rice, cocoa and coffee are being prioritized.

The project coordinator, Kanie Merfee, said his mission in the county is to provide skills training so that  locals can grow their own food through farming.

Rep. Wesso speaking with residents of the district during the launch of the agricultural project

“We want to ensure that our people have access to these seedlings so that they do not have problems whenever it is time to plant. We want to ensure that our people are empowered, and there is no better way than through agriculture,” he said.

According to Mr. Merfee, for too long residents in the district have been finding it difficult to engage in farming activities due to lack of farming implements.

Shortly after the project was launched, many farmers expressed gratitude to Rep. Wesso for the gesture, and expressed the hope that he continues what he has started.

Zubah Tarnue, Douye Town Chief and a prominent resident of the district, described the project as the “first of its kind in the district.”

Tarnue appreciated Rep. Wesso for initiating a project that has led to motorcycles entering the town, which has alleviated some of the difficulties they encounter while commuting from one place to another.

One of the farmers, Lorpu Famah, who appreciated the effort of Rep. Wesso, also expressed gratitude for being a farmer and to have benefited from the lawmaker’s training initiative.


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