Rep. Waylee dressed in jacket and a cap being escorted by police officers to the Monrovia City Court, at the Temple of Justice

Protesters Demand Justice and Fair Treatment

The reported refusal of family members  to collaborate in the alleged rape and impregnation of 13-year old Regina Barway by Grand Gedeh County District#2 Representative Morais Waylee, the possibility of the case being prosecuted is seen by many following the case as being very slim.

Regina’s family has been unwilling to assist the government in the prosecution of Waylee who the Liberian National Police (LNP) has already charged with multiple crimes including tampering with a criminal investigation, criminal conspiracy, and kidnapping.

Without the complainant – the alleged victim, the LNP does not have enough information to charge the accused with rape.

Rep. Waylee was in police custody on Friday, but was released on bail on Saturday by the Monrovia City Court, immediately after police turned him over to the court.

Waylee’s release followed a day of protest by the lawmaker’s supporters, including members of the Youth of District #2 from Grand Gedeh County, whose spokesman told journalists that the case against the lawmaker is politically motivated. Several of them held placards that read: “Let Hon. Waylee Be Treated with Respect”; “Hon. Waylee is not afraid of court”; “All charges against Hon. Waylee are not facts till court say so”; and, “Where is the complainant?”

Another group of protesters from the advocacy group ‘Safe Cities Women’s Forum’ under ActionAid Liberia, held several placards asking for justice for the victim. Coordinator Nornor N. Bee told the Daily Observer that they want a speedy investigation and trial to give both the accused and victim justice. Some of their placards read: “Access To Justice For Women And Girls” and “We Want Justice for Little Sister.”

Some of the protesters agains Rep. Waylee

“We want to encourage the police to be diligent because if the accused is an ordinary citizen, he would have been in detention by now; but, now that it involves a prominent person, we want the police to treat the case as it would have treated an ordinary person,” coordinator Bee said.

There were no arrests during Saturday’s protest, and the amount posted as Waylee’s bail was not disclosed while the lawmaker continues to deny the allegations.

During investigations, Rep. Waylee and his wife Welleh categorically denied knowing anybody by the name of Regina, even denying having ever seen her following a close look at Regina’s photograph presented by investigators.

It was alleged that in early 2016, Waylee’s chief driver, identified as Saydee Barway, the victim’s uncle, brought the victim from Grand Gedeh County to live with Rep. Waylee after he was elected as a representative.

Although Rep. Waylee confirmed that Saydee Barway was one of his drivers, he, however, alleged that Barway has been sick and in  sick bush for the past five years, adding that he does not have his contact number.

The police investigation, meanwhile, claimed that between February and October 2016, the victim lived with the couple at Waylee’s King Farm Community in Careysburg, Montserrado County.

“Waylee and wife Welleh know Regina very well, but they denied ever seeing her after Regina’s photo was displayed to them,” police said during their probe. “Several residents of the King Farm Community, including community chairman Momo Fahn, admitted that Regina lived with the accused,” police investigation alleged.

Police allege that the administrator at Regina’s previous school, Better Future Foundation Institute, and staff admitted on record that Regina was enrolled at the institution for the 2016/2017 school year.


  1. This country continuously drives men towards violence. This case is finished like every other heinous crimes committed by gov’t criminals

  2. Wow…this is the result of people with out education or civilization, it’s obvious this guy has been bribing people to not say anything against him , he knows with out a victim compliant or evidence the case would most likely be drop , but I believe a judge should issue a order to bring the little girl to safety, they should arrest any villager for obstruction of justice if they try to hide her, no wonder why the sexual violence agsaint women especially little girls are on the rise cause people still need to be educated .

  3. He should be ashamed of him self , what a pin head, he’s nothing but a pervert , child molester and a rapist, low life creep,

  4. This too is Liberia, where the rich can invade justice, with all the pieces of evidence in possession of the police the court is not able to prosecute Rep.Waylee. Trust me if it was just an ordinary Liberian by he or she is still behind bars.

    • Enough of this nonsense! While we will never ever condone rape, but where were you when the “Old Concur boys” use to rape our young “Country Gals?” Remember, Tolbert had some of them at Ricks? “Absolute Power Corrupt!” This so-called representative is no different from the pervert congur boys!

    • Why are you acting like it’s only the country people that commit rape in the country? here you are spewing your divisiveness again.

  5. The girl’s parents and their traditional elders should be thrown in jail. Such primitive behavior. They were not the ones who were raped. The police needs to find that girl before something happens to her and her child. The entire world is watching this event under a female president. I say all means need to be put into place. I have lost respect for the so-called traditional elders who are ruled by money,.

  6. The evidence is there. In this day and age the parents are not needed for a successful prosecution. The child carries the DNA of the parents. If the DNA of the child can be matched to Rep. Waylee then it is a done deal.

  7. Today, the Waylee family, the Konobo people, the Grand Gedeh public and
    the entire Liberia people will now know what is a crime and when you do
    crime, what is the sine qua non or the only thing expected to happen to
    you. Here in the United States of America, we saw the late House Ways
    and Means Chairman Dan Rostenkowski was handcuffed and sent to jail.
    Why? Because he broke the election Law, using money from his election
    Account for something else not authorized by Law.

    So, what we Liberians and foreign residents are learning? Well, straight-
    forwardly put is, the Law of the United States is the only biggest man,
    no matter who you are. Every American including the President and the
    Congress are all under the Laws of the United States. Is that what is
    happening in Liberia? It remains to be seen!

  8. The GOL can still prosecute the case based upon ‘preponderance of evidence”, tempering with evidence, perjury to law enforcement and obstruction. Both Waylee and his pathetic, ignorant wife need to go to jail. I mean for a woman and a mother to conspire to cover up such evil act against a child is grave. The wife should also bear the full weight of the law. Civil Society can take up this case on behalf of the Little girl, get an aggressive lawyer and seek the writ of Habeas corpus, demanding the family to produce the living bodies of this little girl and her baby because, they could be in danger as we speak. Nobody should be above the law. This case has the propensity to further ding Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s legacy. These things are all happening right under her watch.


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