Rep Solomon George Threatens to ‘Flog’ Journalists


Montserrado County District #7 Representative Solomon George yesterday, November 19 threatened to order five men to flog two Liberian journalists in the joint chambers of the legislature. He made the statement during session.

The two journalists threatened with flogging by Representative George were Musa M. B. Kenneh, a reporter of Truth FM and president of the Legislative Press Pool (LEGISPOL) and “Trojan” Kiazulu of Fabric Radio.

Rep. George took a combative stance against Journalist Kenneh, accusing him of referring to the lower house as a ‘useless body’ on the Truth Breakfast Show on Friday morning, November 16, which he described as unacceptable to that August body.

Rep. George also threatened to slap Journalist “Trojan” Kiazulu for asking him to provide evidence for his accusation.

“I will flog you too and Musa for negatively insulting this body that we will not accept,” Rep. George told Kiazulu during the incident.

Rep. George then proceeded to inform the Speaker about the situation shortly before he left the hall to fetch the men to beat the two journalists but the speaker successfully dissuaded him from pursuing that course of action.and pleaded with him to allow the journalists to carry out their functions.

Later,  Rep. George approached Journalist Kenneh and pleaded with him to stop reporting critical stories about the 54th legislature because it is the best in the history of the legislature that is working in the interest of the Liberian people.

Musa M. B. Kenneh, president of the Legislative Press Pool (LEGISPOL) a reporter of Truth FM that was attacked by Rep. George

In an interview with the Daily Observer following the incident, Journalist Kenneh expressed disappointment at the attitude of Rep. George, a sitting lawmaker who attempted and threatened to brutalize professional journalists for doing the job they were assigned to do at the Legislature.

Kenneh said he did not refer to the legislature as a ‘useless body’ as alleged by Rep George on the talk show, but stated on the show in question that, “Speaker Bhofal Chambers and his team are not serious in the fight against corruption.”

“My point was based on a letter dated October 18, 2018, written to the Speaker by 10 lawmakers complaining about budget manipulation, alleged corruption, budget diversion and taking money that was agreed to by the parliament for private hospitals and private projects in Montserrado County and other counties after taking money from all of the counties hospitals in Liberia,” he said.

Kenneh called on the leadership of the legislature to advise its members that the use of brute force to instill fear into reporters have no space in a modern democracy and the rights of journalists must be protected and respected. “Journalists’ rights are also a part of human rights,” he added.


  1. Is anyone surprised that Rep.Solomon George is acting like a goon? I’m not! Solo is a member of the Goons and Ganja Party (CDC)! When Solo smoke ganja (opium), he does all kinds of crazy shit.

    If you make random drug testing on lawmakers mandatory, Rep. Solo will fail that test!

  2. is there no impunity for these lawmakers? they make outlandish statements and get away with it. i am not surprised that Liberia is in the situation that exists now. the Liberian people have never been one to demand that their politicians resign because of their belligerence. Liberia is not a country it is a band of hooligans who can say or do anything and the illiterate populace applaud such crude behavior. GLAD I GOT MY US CITIZENSHIP——-CANT BE DEPORTED TO LIB

  3. John Weah, what is this you have written: “is there no impunity for these lawmakers?” You want to speak book and you do not want to check your dictionary before using words? “Is there no” what? Are you okay?

  4. You should take a journalist – like everyone else – who breaks the law to court. Even if provoked, don’t threaten to flog anyone. For more often than not, the person doing the provocation expects such overreaction to fan.

  5. The Lower House of Liberia was lambasted by two Liberian journalists as being a “useless body” or in other words a do-nothing legislative body. The journalists’ phillipic was so riveting that Rep. Solomon George, a duly elected member of the country’s Lower House, threatened to flog the journalists on grounds that their opinions were expressed. It is unheard of (perhaps only in Liberia) for a lawmaker to take the law in his or her hand by threatening news reporters/journalists to be flogged. We all know that there is a free speech provision in the constitution of Liberia. It is a provision that’s applicable to all citizens including Rep. George and the accused journalists. Sadly, instead of using his free speech in a way that could have absolved him of criticism, Rep. George chose to show what he and his colleagues are being accused of. Well, there is a recommended core value for Mr. George: Grow up sir! You’re elected to lead by example. Also, you were elected by your constituents and sworn in to uphold the laws of the country. It is undemocratic to silence journalists who express an opinion that you happen to disagree with. On the flip side, you have the right to disagree with anyone’s viewpoints. However, on the specific issue of threatening to have journalists flogged, you went a little too far. Think again sir. You can be one of a kind if you choose your actions appropriately.

  6. There’s no reason why I should be surprised of this former & failed IE coach of normal days. This bitch is very rude and wont change. Solomon is a mad man roaming all around the place who was deported from the states with his kids. deportee!!

  7. There are two choices used by the rutless House of Representatives for anyone who crosses them . Ordered to be flogged by their bodyguards or sent straight to prison. A House of elected gangsters. Now you know why the War Crimes Court is needed to put an end to this impunity of we are the law and will act above the law .


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