Rep Snowe: ‘Boakai, Brumskine or Weah Will be Next President’


The Montserrado County District #6 Representative has put on a soothsayer’s cap by predicting Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, Liberty Party’s Charles Walker Brumskine or Congress for Democratic Change George Weah to be the next President of Liberia.

Representative Edwin Snowe during a radio talk show yesterday said his present antagonist in the Legislature, Speaker J. Alex Tyler, will not be on the list of candidates for the presidency, and described the other presidential hopefuls as “collateral who want to put money somewhere or help people.”

Snowe, who is an executive member of the ruling Unity Party (UP), said the next President will be someone with experience, tolerance, appreciative of other people and who won’t incite, adding, “We need to think more of Liberia and do well for Liberia.”

Representative Snowe’s outburst comes in the wake of a recent petitioning ceremony by citizens of Senjeh District, Bomi County, requesting him to vie for the electoral District #1 in the 2017 legislative and presidential elections. That seat is currently occupied by Representative Samuel Gayah Karmo.

The action by the kinsmen of Speaker Tyler in favor of Snowe, which was birthed in Kongo Town (Mano River), did not go down well with the Speaker, who vowed that Snowe would only be elected in that district over his dead body.

But during the talk show yesterday, Snowe, who is yet to decide on the petition, said it was unfortunate that the Speaker would be so hateful against someone whose only sin or crime is having the largest farm in the county and providing jobs for hundreds of citizens of Bomi.

He explained how active he has been in the county since he decided to retire to Bomi and build a home there that is bigger than what he has in Monrovia.

“We are very active with the hospital, the school system, market women, petty traders, and have given the county 1,000 palm seedlings free of charge for a community farm for the county to help make farm and generate revenue; and based on those interventions the citizens thought it befitting to ask us to represent them at the level of the Legislature,” he said.

Snowe said consultations were still ongoing. He spoke highly of the current Representative Karmo, whom he said is an asset that means a lot for the Legislature, “and I believe he still wants to run, but unfortunately members of his caucus don’t believe that he will win and they are ganging up against him.”

On the living conditions of the ordinary citizen in the county, Snowe disclosed that there are places in Bomi today where “people at the highest level in the Legislature come from that women there are using the light from a phone for child delivery, while people have manipulated the budgetary process to buy over 20 vehicles, thinking that it will help their popularity.”

“I know that my friend (Speaker Tyler) doesn’t have the intention to be president; and just how Speaker Tyler told the country that over his dead body, I can tell you that over my dead body Speaker Tyler’s picture will never be on the ballot box for president of Liberia. What he is trying to do is gather resources and run to the opposition bloc and give them the pickups so that when the opposition wins they can put him in government; and that is the strategy, because his Liberia People’s Democratic Party has more vehicles than partisans.”

The former Speaker of the House lamented that as a citizen, Speaker Tyler has no interest in the county, adding, “Speaker Tyler has a farm in Bomi today because of me; every palm tree on that farm (20,000) is from me and workers from my farm planted them and he has only paid me $10,000 out of $140,000. I encouraged him to own a farm in Bomi County; even the President, Amara Konneh and others buy palm seedlings from me for their farms,” Snowe revealed.


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