Rep. Sloh ‘Jumps over’ Suspension Hole

Rep. Jay Nagbe Sloh

Sinoe County District #2 Representative J. Nagbe Sloh, who is the  House’s Chairman on Information, Broadcasting, Culture, and Tourism has been exonerated by the 7-man Ad Hoc Specialized Committee on allegations levied against him by Grand Bassa County District #3 Representative, Matthew Joe.

The Daily Observer has gathered that Rep. Sloh was “totally exonerated” in Tuesday’s executive session where he was complained by Rep. Joe last week.

A member of the House of Representatives, who requested to remain anonymous, said Rep. Sloh was mainly investigated over ‘ethical misconduct’ of revealing “discussions held in executive sessions and in their chatroom.”

“The Committee’s report said during the June 2 Power Exchange show on Power TV, Rep. Sloh did not reveal or expose any discussions held in executive sessions or in our chatroom as was complained by Rep. Joe,” the lawmaker said.

About the  alleged monetary inducement of US$17k given to each member of the House of Representatives to approve the recast Budget, the source said it was not the crux of the investigation and would only be investigated if another lawmaker had complained about it.  Lawmakers, however, are warned against bringing the House to public ridicule.

On the investigative committee, Montserrado County District #13 Representative, Richard Koon served as the chairman, with Rep. Thomas Goshua as co-chair.  Members included Rep. Ivar K. Jones, Rep. Edwin M. Snowe, Jr., Rep. Alex Grant, Rep. Dixon Seeboe and Rep. Roger Domah.

When contacted via telephone on the exoneration of Representative Sloh, Rep. Koon said “yes” and hung up.

Tuesday’s report in favor of Rep. Sloh’ would be the reality of what he said that he will ‘jump over a hole’ allegedly dug for him by a fellow lawmaker, who he called by name.

“Snowe, l have jumped over the hole you dug for me, because l have never looted public corporation nor played with human blood,” Rep. Sloh wrote on social media.


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