Rep. Sloh Faces Investigation over Radio Remarks

Rep. Jay Nagbe Sloh

A 7-man Ad Hoc Specialized Committee has revealed it is investigating the conduct of Sinoe County District #2 Rep. J. Nagbe Sloh, Chairman on Information, Broadcasting, Culture and Tourism (IBCT), who has allegedly revealed on a local radio that a monetary inducement of US$17,000 was given to each member of the House of Representatives to approve the recast Budget.

A member of the Committee, who begged for anonymity, said the investigation has begun.

The Lower House approved the Recast Budget, reapportioning more than US$32 million in the outgoing 2019-2020 national budget, following a concurrence by the Senate without changes.

The Daily Observer has gathered that the Ad Hoc Specialized Committee was appointed in an executive (secret) session, following complaints filed also in a secret session of Rep. Sloh allegedly accusing the House of Representatives of receiving more than US$1.2 million as “compromise” to approve the recast budget.

There are unconfirmed reports that the US$17,000 is the “compromised stimulus package”  or “inducement stimulus”, which was reached between the Legislature and the  Executive for lawmakers to waive six months of arrears owed them in petroleum coupons.

The Ad Hoc Specialized Committee is expected to report to Plenary in an executive (secret) session on or before Tuesday, June 9, 2020.

The committee is chaired by Montserrado County District #13 Representative Richard Koon and co-chaired by Rep. Thomas Goshua, while Rep. Ivar Jones, Rep. Edwin M. Snowe, Jr., Rep. Alex Grant, Rep. Roger Domah, and Rep. Dixon Seeboe serve as members.

Rep. Sloh’s fury

Meanwhile, there appears to be an ongoing feud between Rep. Sloh and Rep. Snowe, a member of the Committee. Though it is not clear what the feud is about, Sloh has decided to make public his displeasure with Rep. Snowe in a post on Facebook on Thursday, June 4.

“Snowe, l have jumped over the hole you dug for me, because l have never looted public corporation nor played with human blood,” Rep. Sloh wrote on social media.

Rep. Sloh told the Daily Observer that he would subject himself to the investigation but, concerning the feud with Rep. Snowe, he said: “What I have to say is what I posted on social media.”

An inquiry to Rep. Snowe concerning Rep. Sloh’s Facebook post was not answered.

The two lawmakers, Representatives Snowe and Sloh, were members of the former Ruling Party — UP; but Rep. Sloh resigned from UP and joined the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in July 2018.

There are unconfirmed reports of plans underway for the CDC to offer and convert more political parties into its merger to maintain “power” for 24 years.

But to create a “political base or grounds” and jerk the strategy, there is a massive recruitment of representatives and senators including prominent citizens from the five southeastern counties, as well as Bong, Montserrado and Nimba counties, respectively.

This radical inkling would be a heavy blow for the main opposition party, the Unity Party, which is plagued by in-fighting and an exodus of party members.

This is the second time for Rep. Sloh to face a House’s Investigative Committee and he is the third lawmaker to do so.

It may be recalled, the late Montserrado County District #15 Representative Adolph Lawrence, Sinoe County District #2 Representative J. Nagbe Sloh and Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah were investigated by the  House’s  Rules, Order and Administration Committee for allegedly accusing Speaker Bhofal  Chambers, and brought the House into disrepute, by saying on local radio that they (Representatives Kolubah, Sloh and Lawrence)  have in their possession documents, which show that some lawmakers, with the consent of the Speaker, have over the months received, and disposed of, personally, of “huge quantity” of duty-free gasoline that was intended for the entire body.



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