Rep. Sloh Challenges Pres. Weah to Address Nation

Rep. Jay Nagbe Sloh: "Mr. President, as our leader, these are testing times for you personally, and for the country you lead; I sincerely believe that you are capable to give us a sense of direction in times like these,  so please do it [by addressing the nation]."

Amid the downward trend of the economy with the devaluation of the Liberian dollar against the U.S. dollar (now stands at US$1 to L$182), as well as the skyrocketing of prices of commodities  the across the country, Sinoe County District #2 Representative Jay Nagbe Sloh, has challenged President George Weah to address the nation on the prevailing political and economic crises in the country.

Besides the bad economy, the June 7 planned protest for which the political opposition leaders have pledged support and which has been recognized by the international community, Rep. Sloh, who is a member of the President’s ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), noted that in such a gloomy national situations in any country, it is only the President that can speak out by giving a clear picture of what is actually obtaining and also assure the nation concerning the way forward.

Sloh spoke to Legislative Reporters on Tuesday, May 7 at his Capitol Building office. He added, “President, these are testing times for you personally and for the country you lead. I sincerely believe that you are capable to give us a sense of direction in times like these, so please do it [by addressing the nation].”

Rep. Sloh said the President should speak whether or not all is well in the country politically and economically and, if not all well, state his vision for getting the country back on course.

The Sinoe County lawmaker is also called on the President to address the much talked about US$25 million liquidity mop-up exercise, and announce the government’s decision into the recommendations from the two investigative bodies into the L$16 billion.

According to the CDC lawmaker, the President’s prolonged silence in the wake of these crises would complicate the situation and scare away potential investors and donors.

Rep. Sloh said that the President has a very competent team of economic and political advisors, “so let him address the issue.”

However, he disclosed that if he met with the President, he would him to address the prevailing crises in the country, because as it stands, the President needs true friends, who will not play sycophancy and deceit.


  1. This is the first time I’ve heard a CDC lawmaker making a public statement that Weah needs to communicate with the Liberian people to explain what’s going on and how he plans to deal with the problems. Somebody said Weah is keeping speech from the Liberian people and though it sounds funny, it’s real. Weah is definitely not a leader. Is he afraid to speak to the people?


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