Rep. Seeboe Agrees to Be Tested for Coronavirus

Health authorities addressing the press at the NHIPL Headquarters in Congo Town, Monrovia

Montserrado County District #16 Representative, Dixon Seeboe, who returned from Spain earlier this month, has agreed to turn himself in for a test of Coronavirus after President George Weah announced the country’s first case of the disease on Monday, March 16.  Representative Seebo, on March 2, returned from Spain, a country that is one of the hotspots of the disease that has been declared global Pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Although Representative Seeboe was reportedly screened by the health authorities at the Roberts International Airport, the government has requested that he should be tested for the virus to avoid the same situation that led to the country’s first Coronavirus case found in the person of the suspended Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Nathaniel T. Blama. Blama is accused of having evaded health protocols at the RIA when he returned from an official trip to Switzerland, an allegation he denies.

According to Dr. Mosoka Fallah, Acting Director-General of the National Public Health Institute of Liberia, the lawmaker has agreed to health authorities’ request to undergo an official test to confirm whether or not he has the virus.  However, Dr. Fallah failed to state when Representative Seeboe’s test will be conducted, as he could not respond to any question during the press conference at the NPHIL headquarters on Monday, March 16.

“Health workers have made contact with the lawmaker and he has agreed to be tested,” Dr. Fallah said.

Although Rep. Seeboe appears to be in good health, if his pending test result comes by positive, there might be a serious spillover of the virus in New Kru Town where he is expected to have come in contact with many people in that densely populated community since his return from Europe.

The borough of New Kru Town, which is home to over 60,000 inhabitants mostly living in zinc shack structures, is faced with serious environmental issues ranging from pollution to congestion.

Dixion Seeboe, Representative, Montserrado County District #16

Prior to the recording of Liberia’s first case of Coronavirus, Representative Seeboe had criticized health authorities’ decision to use the Redemption Hospital’s facility to quarantine suspected individuals of the virus. What he may not have realized was that the quarantine center was established long before the COVID-19 outbreak.

At the time of his argument, Seeboe said the New Kru Town borough was overpopulated that it would be unwise to locate a quarantine center there, vowing to use the residents to resist any attempt by the government to use Redemption Hospital as a quarantine center.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fallah has disclosed that they have dispatched surveillance officers to begin tracing all those who came in close contact with Nathaniel Blama from whom the first case of the virus is recorded.

“Several contact tracers have been dispatched at the residence of the EPA Executive Director in the Old Road, Monrovia,” Dr. Fallah added. “And we are managing it. We have also begun to trace all those passengers who were on the flight with Mr. Blama from Switzerland to Liberia.”

He, however, urged Liberians to remain calm as health authorities continue to search for all those who came in contact with the infected person.

As concern swells for Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee who reportedly came from abroad in recent days, Dr. Fallah clarified that Monrovia City Mayor Koijee did not fly back home with Nathaniel Blama.

In a related development, the WHO Technical Coordinator, Dr. Monday Julius, reaffirmed the UN health body’s commitment to supporting the government of Liberia to vigorously fight the disease.

Dr. Julius explained that in a situation like this, what usually is recommended is to scale up the emergency response activities which may basically include finding all cases to ensure that they are isolated, tested and treated.

“It is very important at this stage to give accurate information regarding the virus, and it is also good to seek information from the right authority to avoid rumors,” he admonished the government and the general public.


  1. I am very disappointed in these so-called money eaters calling themselves health experts trying to gain relevance at the expense of their new victims resulting from the COVID-19 virus. For Dr. Jallah, she’s already noted for lots of mishaps from her clinic and still fighting law suits for killing several of her patients. Now that this fat greedy thing call Fallah has joined the bandwagon to steal his share of the cake from our national coffers.

    How could you agreed in principal with the alleged zero patient, and you decided to swift things differently to gain relevance and you call your selves health experts, my foot! you are all dead wood and see you becoming a disgrace . No international partner will trust you if you think the strategy to expose innocent Liberians to danger to allow you steal at the expense of the virus.

  2. where are the other arrivals from most affected countries within the same period of nat Blamah? You left Koigee roaming around Lofa pretending to be building bridge for his new political quest, Dickson Sebo drinking beer in Monrovia and many other goons acting as big shots, ok, I understand, these are hard core partisans of these criminal regime and you have to protect your jobs, you have to remain fair in the game if you want us take you serious. many of you are wind driven opportunists and history will record your foolish actions against this poor guy who decided to join your quest for political power. nat , am sorry, your quest for political power desperately led to your situation today and you know for fact you are not a member of George weah inner circle and you got compromised.

    George weak knows that many of his Corcubants are always in and out that poor country at the expense of our taxes and he wont dare do that to them one day. that’s what you get to join such collaboration with criminals. now that you have been abandoned, lets pray you cover and remain alive with your family. they are done with you and that’s it!

    next time, others watching your situation, will consciously considers the consequences of associating with bunch of crooks just for the sake of political power. poor fellow has been compromised.

  3. Mr. Masoka Fallah or whatever you are call, there were lots of your so-called govt officials that flew back home just within the same period on different flights and were left unchecked. You are trying to score a point for a lead to getting the job fully. We know your strategy old man. you have compromised. your reputation and long years of intelligence to gain recognition from that criminal of a president call George Gbekugbeh weah.

    The flight details are recorded with your airport officers / LIS department. besides, do you know how many girlfriends of these thieves calling themselves leaders that fly in and out on daily basis at our expense, you are just covering up to get full confirmation on the job. just few days ago, you got this opportunity and you have become draconic in such a short time, I have lost respect in you completely Fallah. you are just a dam hustler trying to complete your kitchen clinics to rob our poor society. Dr. Jallah is another failed medical practitioner with infested record of killing many of patience in her money making health centre.

    • Phillip Moore,

      It is understandable that emotions can fly high in the mist of a pandemic especially when a love one or friend is involved.
      These are difficult times for our nation Liberia and all nations around the world. We pray for Hon. Dr. Blama recovery, his family and all those he came into contact with.

      Let put politics aside for a minute and focus on the health of our people. When the pandemic is over, there will be enough time for attacks and counter attacks.

      What good will it do during this health crises if the love ones or friends of those you insulted do the same to you ?

  4. To all Liberians, please open a Facebook page and search the name Rockefeller Cooper, listen to that Liberian who has put at our disposal vital pieces of advice to stay safe. The video is just 21 minutes long, listen to the end to stay safe, please. Also, share with your loved ones and friends.

  5. Every Liberian (irrespective of title or business background) who returns to Liberia from any country (whether it is a neighboring country like the Ivory coast or what have you) must submit himself or herself to a Coronavirus test. The deadly virus does not discriminate between rich and poor people. Corvid-19 is a lion-hearted killer virus. Whether “you” are dressed in sheepskin or not, Corvid-19 attacks with maximum vengeance. Let’s fight this demonic desease or plague together by letting our people know where to go, where not to go, how to sneeze or cough under our arms and so on.

    Have a nice day my fellow compatriots.


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