Rep. Samah Gives Hope to Storm Victims in Montserrado District #12

Montserrado County District # 12 lawmaker, Dr. George Beyan Samah

—Provides 35 bundles of zinc to over hundreds of storm victims

Montserrado County District # 12 lawmaker, Dr. George Beyan Samah has provided 35 bundles of zinc valued over L$350,000 to hundreds of people within his district who were affected by the heavy rainstorm that recently devastated several communities within Monrovia and its surroundings.

Most of the residents affected by the storm are homeless and are still seen clustered in communities in a temporary residence while awaiting support from national leaders and philanthropists.

The storm also damaged the roofs of some Churches within the county as well as removed signboards planted by business people.

Making the presentation recently at his district office on the Kesselly Boulevard, Rep. Samah stated that his work at the Legislature is to ensure that citizens of his district are well-governed.

He added that once he is a representative at the Liberian Legislature, developments will continue to intensify in District#12.

The District #12 lawmaker said it was unfortunate to see his people have been overwhelmed by a natural disaster in the face of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Rep. Samah further said that the donation is just an initial contribution, promising that he is lobbying for more resources.

According to him, it will be far to see the people of District #12 sleeping under the rain and in the sun, because of that, we decided to take immediate action by providing them with few pieces of zinc.

“This is an initial contribution. We will still go out to seek for more resources. Though it is not enough, there is a saying; little is enough when God is in it,” he added.

In response, the beneficiaries extended commendations to the Rep. Samah and promised to use the materials for their intended purpose.

“We will never forget what you have done for us. Even if I get five sheets of the zinc, I will put it over the room that is in use then I’ll be looking for money to work [on the] other rooms,” said William G. Aquoi, chairman of the Kesselly Boulevard.

“For me I am thrilled and I don’t know what to do. Seeing our lawmaker donating this huge number of zincs, I don’t just know what to say but only thank you,” one of the beneficiaries told this paper.

Communities that benefited from the lawmaker’s gesture included: JJY, Palm Hill, Kadunma, and Kesselly Boulevard Communities with a total population of 197. 


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