Rep. Nyumalin Backtracks on Comments, But…

Lofa County District #1 Rep. Francis S. Nyumalin

Representative Francis Nyumalin has clarified that he has no intentions of unseating the government of President Weah. The clarification comes few days after the National Security Agency flagged one of his recent statements on the Brownie Samukai case as threats against the presidency and the government.

Rep. Nyumalin, who represents the People of Lofa County District #1, told OK FM last week Monday that the government is in bed with the National Election Commission and the Judiciary to stop Samukai, the Lofa County Senator-elect, from taking his seat.

In the Ok Fm interview, Rep. Nyumalin explained that any attempt by the government, the electoral body and the judiciary to nullify the will of his people, all other seats of government in the country will be considered vacant as a result of the government action.

“Let me say this with no regrets, I owe apology to nobody that any attempt to determine the Lofa County seat should be declared vacant, all other seats from the presidency, vice presidency, to all other elected seats would be declared vacant,” said Rep. Nyumalin, who has been vocal in condemning the delay in the certification of his kinsman.  “There are plans to determine that the Lofa County seat cannot be occupied by Brownie Samukai – meaning that the decision of the Lofa people will be nullified.”

But in session yesterday, Rep. Nyumalin, who has been invited by the NSA for questioning in light of the arson attacks on the home of Justice Joseph Nagbe of the Supreme Court and on the headquarters of the National Elections Commission, has backtracked on his comment and distanced it from any from subversive activities or hostilities towards the President.

Despite the clarification, Rep. Nyumalin falls short to say by what means or authority the rother elected seats of the government would be declared vacant if the will of his people are reversed, relating to Senator-elect Samukai’s expected certification.

“I have no intention to form rebel group; l have no intention to join rebel group or overthrow any government,” Rep. Nyumalin clarified his statement to his colleagues yesterday, March 20, during the 20th day sitting of the House of Representatives. [However] “if any authority dissolved the election of Senator-elect Brownie Samukai, they will ensure that the same authority will dissolve all other elections, from the President to Representatives.”

Earlier, Rep. Nyumalin defended the statement he made on OK Fm after being complained to his colleagues by Montserrado District #16 lawmaker, Rep. Dixon Seeboe. However, he later sought to clarify his remark to mounting pressure from his colleagues who see his utterances as treat to the security of the state.

‘Samukai’s certification woes

Although Samukai won the Lofa County election by a wide margin, the Supreme Court on February 8 affirmed the verdict of the lower court, convicting the senator-elect and others to two years imprisonment or the restitution of US$1.4 million in the case involving him and the government over the use of AFL pension funds.

As the result of his conviction, the Solicitor General and the Minister of Justice, Cllr. Saymah Syrenius Cephus and Cllr. Frank Musah Dean, respectively, have instructed the NEC not to proceed with the certification of Samukai. Both men argued that since Samukai is now a convict, he is prevented by law from ascending to any elected public position, until after five years of serving the punishment for which he was convicted.

However, the electoral body earlier notified Samukai of his pending certification but, in a dramatic twist of events, the NEC inform him in the presence of his lawyers headed by Cllr. Augustine Fayiah, that based on the Supreme Court ruling, the Senator-elect can be certificated until he comply with court sentence.

The Court also placed a stay order on Samukai’s certification process after a writ of prohibition was filed by the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) seeking the overturning of the decision by the NEC to certificate Samukai, who was found guilty on criminal charges.

Ahead of the stay order, on February 24, 2021, the Supreme Court of Liberia ruled in Samukai’s favour in the electoral dispute case filed by three of his rivals, claiming irregularities and fraud in Lofa County District # 4—mandating NEC to proceed with the matter—certification.

NSA Position

Meanwhile, the Director of the National Security Agency, J. Henric Pearson, has written the House of Representatives of events surrounding the agreed conference with Rep. Nyumalin in the office of the Deputy Speaker.

In his communication, Pearson said the conference with Rep. Nyumalin and his lawyers, Cllr. Beyan Howard, Cllr. Augustine Fayiah and Cllr. Supuwood, was not held on March 19, 2021, as a result of ‘rude behaviour from the lawmaker’s supporters.’

“There was a massive build-up of hostility in the process with supporters of Rep. Nyumalin resulting to mob action, in the hallway and basement of the House of Representatives,” the communication said. [His] supporters were chanting threats against Speaker Chambers and Deputy Speaker Koffa and demanding [their] resignations. Rep. Nyumalin’s supporters chanted that his statement on OK FM was not reckless, thereby creating a volatile and chaotic atmosphere.”

Director Pearson added that subsequent to the evolving impasse, Deputy Speaker Koffa withdrew from the conference and requested Rep. Nyumalin to cooperate with the NSA.

“The NSA representatives disengaged from the conference, aided by the back-up of the Liberia National Police, to exit the Capitol Building. Regrettably, Mr. Speaker, Rep. Nyumalin failed to honor our invitation. The NSA renews its assurances of its highest consideration.”

Colleagues’ reaction

Despite Rep. Nyumalin’s clarification, his colleagues, including Reps. Jeremiah Koung, Matthew Zarzar, Saah Foko, P. Mike Jurry and Jimmy Smith, all described his statement as “reckless” and “a threat to national security.”

However, prior to discussion of Rep. Nyumalin’s statement and involvement of the NSA, Reps. Larry Younquoi, Samuel Kogar and Jerry Yekeh intimated that the Seeboe communication should have been discussed in executive session.

After lengthy discussion, Rep. Hans Barchue climaxed by saying that “it is baffling for the House to openly discuss one of its members who is been summoned by the NSA. And thereafter, Speaker Chambers then seized the discussion to be discussed in leadership,” he said.

Rep. Thomas Fallah made a motion that Rep. Kolubah be sent outside for dressing inappropriately, at which instance, Rep. Kolubah went out and return in a suit.


  1. Francis, you should be ashamed of yourself, but also grateful to Monrovia, for

    (1) unlike Abuja, Yamoussoukro, Washington, Kigali, etc.etc., whom by now would have had your address and psyche altered for your constitutionally criminal motive to attack the nation via violence of public peace with your intention to subvert the constitution, and carry out a violent attack on the government and the nation in toto through sedition, criminal syndicalism, and anarchy, they

    (2) the authorities are here handling you as if you are some Sunday School toddler. Hence they the authorities seem to be down playing your manifest betrayal disavowal, and breach of duty and allegiance with your announced specific intent to overthrown the government, and commit other criminal perpetrations against the maintenance of peace, social and governmental order. And as

    (3) the consequences of the foregoing constitutionally criminal violations and offenses on your part, and those of your accomplices (proven by the bombings and acts or arson on the NEC and on the home of a member of the Supreme Court Bench), you are here making mockery of justice and the rule of law, via your lackadaisical crocodile retraction after you have announced your threat and carried out a portion of your official misconduct and crimes.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
      Mr. True or False Nationalist, James Davis is not going to allow you the monopoly of the last word ! No, not going to happen this time around.
      The political fiasco investigation going on and citizens are politically charged and uncontrollably expressing themselves, under that fiasco investigation is what you called under the rule of law ?
      You certainly not trying to convince Justice Nagbe that the politically ill trained team of investigators from the Ministry of Justice are on top of the investigations. You certainly not trying to convince Justice Nagbe that the State police investigators are holding holding a suspect involved in the petrol bomb of his home, that would have killed him or any members of his family ?
      Justice Nagbe is a lawyer. He is aware in political situations people get emotional charged to say anything political utterances for the day. Certainly you are not trying to convince the Justice that the people or persons being questioned are involved without any evidence linking them to the crime scene, other than their rhetorics that were expressed ?
      Justice Nagbe knows the difference, and he knows when the State police are using a serious criminal act that would have killed his family with that political theatrics from the State police. The usual CDC and opposition political theatrics to solve a serious crime that would have led to murder.
      This is not a joke to Justice Nagbe and that of his family.
      Up to now, the State police has failed to speak of any evidence from the crime scene. Or what was used. Anything from the crime scene that does not relates to the home of Justice Nagbe is a collectable evidence. What did they find on the crime scene ? An empty bottle, can, plastic container to store the petrol ?
      Any of the above and even more of that will show some light on the ongoing investigation. Some kind of relief to the family about the investigation.
      But what you have here is a political theatrics, the same kind that took place concerning the killing of the four auditors.
      Nagbe is not a stupid lawyer. Perhaps he is, for being political. But until the suspect is found, he has to watch his back. The suspect knows where to find him.
      True or False Nationalist, you called it under the law investigations, Bet you, Justice Nagbe does not think so. He knows that they are playing politics with his life and that of his family.
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
      Now you can have the last word. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

  2. What Nyumalin and Ali thought were tactics or strategies to have the rule of law bow to their foolish and jungle wishful thinking, has indeed made it absolutely impossible for Samukai having an unconstitutional immunity from the consequences of being a convicted felon. For nowhere in the world does any government set such extremely catastrophic precedence by turning the rule of law upside down on its own head viz allowing Samukai the felon certificated, following the violence, lawlessness, and criminal perpetrations of him Samukai and his supporters including Ali and Nyumalin.


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