Rep. Morris Wants Sitting Lawmakers Out of Senatorial By-elections

Rep. Lawrence Morris

-Wants non-legislators to contest

Montserrado County District 1 Representative Lawrence Morris has called on his colleagues to abandon their political quests and not participate in the pending senatorial by-election in Montserrado and Bong counties.

The reason, according to Morris, is that the upcoming by-election is to usher in new faces at the legislature, but not to create vacant seats for the government to conduct another round of elections.

Senatorial aspirant Rep. Saah Joseph

“Because of the overspending process associated with conducting elections, I think it would be better for our colleagues in the legislature to back out of the race; by doing so, we will be promoting the government’s pro-poor agenda, which is aimed at improving the living standards of the people,” Rep. Morris said.

He said the three representatives who have the desire to contest the by-senatorial elections should make an informed decision by prioritizing the people’s conditions, but not to create another by-election.

Morris said money saved from the process can be used to increase the salaries of nurses, teachers and security personnel.

Montserrado County Senatorial aspirant Jerry Yekeh

According to reports, Montserrado County Districts 10 and 13 representatives Jerry Yekeh and Saah Joseph respectively are processing their respective nomination papers, to contest the Montserrado County election, while their colleague J. Melvin Cole of Bong County District 3 has expressed interest to contest the County’s senatorial election.

Besides Rep. Yekeh, who is expected to contest as an independent candidate, his two colleagues will contest on the tickets of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

The nomination process will end May 1.

“Though the aspirants have their constitutional rights to contest the pending elections,  it will be expedient if they can make informed decisions and reconsider their interest for the sake of the people,” Morris said.

Bong County senatorial hopeful J. Melvin Cole

He added, “In my opinion, focusing on directing our resources on the welfare of our people should be paramount.”

Rep. Morris told journalists in his office on Capitol Hill on Thursday that it would be a stab in the back to the Liberian people who are struggling to improve their living standards, to see that the country’s money is spent on one by-elections and another,  instead of improving their livelihoods.

The Montserrado County lawmaker however called on voters to take decisions that would improve their lives, instead of conducting one election and another.


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