Rep. Larry Younquoi: ‘Tyranny of Majority Killing Legislature’

Speaker Bhofal Chambers (center) has mandated that Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Y. Kolubah (left) cooperate with the LNP in the investigation of the melee from the children's party on Smythe Road. However, the Chairman of the Independent Legislative Caucus, Nimba County District #8 Representative Larry Younquoi, said the Speaker should have allowed Rep. Kolubah’s complaint about the alleged unprofessional conduct of the LNP and the shooting to take precedence and be investigated by the august body with the summoning of the LNP Inspector General, instead of voting to forward Rep. Kolubah to the LNP for investigation.

Nimba County District #8 Representative Larry P. Younquoi has said that the tyranny of the majority of lawmakers is killing the first branch of government.

Younquoi’s statement came amid controversy over majority members’ vote at the House of Representatives calling on Montserrado District #10 lawmaker Yekeh Yarkpawolo Kolubah to submit himself to police investigation following recent violence that erupted when a year-end children’s party he hosted went chaotic.

Speaking on Wednesday when he appeared on the Truth Breakfast Show (TBS) in Paynesville, Rep. Younquoi said: “We are relegating this legislature to nothing, because I have never seen a branch of government so willing to turn its members to any investigation board, particularly to another branch as we are doing now with the case of Rep. Kolubah.”

He expressed opposition to Rep. Kolubah’s views on several other issues of national concern, saying, “whatever is the case, Kolubah deserves his legislative respect and attention.”

“As one of the elderly persons in the House, and more so with at least eight years of legislative experience now, I have always told Kolubah he has not gone to the House of Representatives to be embittered all throughout. I have also informed him most often that it is sometimes good to pretend to people with your laughter, and once in a while, get angry when need be. In that case, people will see the reason to listen to you, but every time you come you are angry, and bitterness is not a good thing to do in expressing your disagreement with the majority,” Rep. Younquoi said.

He said if President George Weah or anyone else in the Executive branch or anywhere else has any problem with Kolubah, they should follow the legal channel works, but not to disrupt his party for kids that had been supported by his international friends.

“For us to know the truth about who is responsible for the riots that left some people, including children, wounded at the children’s party, we should have conducted our own investigation instead of throwing him out to others as if he is less important to us,” he said.

Younquoi said the precedence set will haunt members of the House of Representatives as in the case of removing Representatives Edwin Melvin Snowe, former lawmaker of Montserrado District #6, and now lawmaker for Bomi District #1, and Alex J. Tyler as Speakers.

Younquoi, who is the head of a new block known as the “Independent Legislative Caucus,” said the suppression of critical views at the House of Representatives by those “tyrannical majority” is worrisome.

He said while he is not in cahoots with anyone to remove Speaker Bhofal Chambers, it saddens him that Chambers, who once portrayed himself as one of the brightest brains in the Lower House over the years, has now become more of a partisan Speaker than a Speaker for all.

“My group of independent Legislators wants to bring sanctity, not just sanity, to the Legislature, but the independence that was enshrined in the Constitution for all the branches of government must be upheld. We are almost a sub-branch of the Executive. Suppression of critical voices is leading us to narrow our space, and expand just what the Executive wants. I am saying this to mean that Representative Acarous Gray alone will say two or more statements on the floor, and no other person will be given the chance to speak,” he said.

He said during Plenary discussion on the EBOMAF and ETON proposed loan agreements, Gray made all the motions and not much time or attention was given to those from opposition political parties simply, because Chambers, who presides, is a Speaker of the ruling party.

“Let them give us the chance to speak, but should not continue to suppress the alternative voices,” Younquoi admonished.

He said it will be good for a head count vote to make sense in parliamentary proceedings, instead of a certain group of people overshadowing everything.

“If you get the number, you will win but not to stop others from making their case. You cannot claim to be a transparent leader while behaving in a wrong manner and step,” the Nimba County Lawmaker said.

House in error for reviewing concessions

Rep. Younquoi said the majority block’s decision, which has led to the formation of a committee to revisit and review all concession agreements in the country, is in error and should not have been given credence by the public.

“We should have just written a very powerful letter to the President, calling on the Executive branch to review the concession agreements in order to ascertain as to whether the concession companies are living up to the task as agreed upon during the Legislature’s endorsement of their operations in the country,” he said.

According to him, it is belittling that the House, which the Executive should report to after all the findings, will now be the one reporting to the Executive.

“Imagine lawmakers going to ministers and directors for information in order to get their job done. It sounds funny and highly reduces us to nothing,” he said.

Concerning the conduct of the national population census, Rep. Younquoi said the government must do all it can to conduct the census in 2019, or it will be extremely irrelevant to conduct it next time apart from 2028.

“We should have had this census conducted in March of 2018. It should have been carried out before the representative and presidential elections.

“Now it is out of constitutional provision for us to conduct the census, but based on legislative amendments and motions, we have agreed that the census must be held in 2019. And interestingly, we agreed that US$3 million as part of the initial budget of US$19 million as requested for by the Liberia Institute for Statics and Geo-information Services (LIGIS), be placed in the national budget to get it done in time,” Rep. Younquoi said.


  1. I do admire this Nimba County lawmaker for His candid and frank views on issues of national concern, albeit I may not be in agreement with all of them . Nonetheless his independence n boldness in articulating his opinions is stellar .
    As for representative Kolubah , his hatred for the CDC led government has blurred his vision n sense of reasoning to the extent that he will not listen to any sound advice, as indicated by the astute Nimba County lawmaker. Deeply rooted hatred n envy is cancerous , it has engulfed n consumed the little mind of the former child soldier rebel ,which causes him to tremble with rage seething inside of him uncontrollably ; thereby making his arguments seem as a rabble rouser , ranting , blabbering unintelligible sentiments. The “gentleman” needs. to be taught temper management or control, n his mind to be disabuse of hate speech n to maintain self respect n personal integrity , all of which n many more he lacks for a proper metamorphosis from a traumatized child soldier to a responsible lawmaker .

  2. Daily Observer kindly create room for one to make grammatical corrections on their post(s) , as a form of editing , especially for a lengthy piece .

  3. You know that something is very wrong when the victim in an incident is being investigated by the Police. From everything I’ve read, Rep. Yekeh Kolubah was the victim in this case because he was hosting a party for kids in his district when a gang of thugs came and attacked the party. The Police needs to be professional and do their job based on their training. Don’t allow the Police to be used as an instrument of the power to be because the public will loose confidence in the Police.

  4. All this mess simply suggests that Liberians have yet to learn how to govern as civilized people. There is so much chaos and discord going on, I wonder how anything gets done. Who knows what is going to happen but this trend has to stop or this fragile country could explode again. What a mess…

  5. Phil,
    Without a shred of doubt, I do hereby agree with you once again that professionalism should be front and center within the ranks of the Liberian National Police.
    Secondly, Kolubah was the host of a party where things went ugly. Whether someone else had hosted a party where things went wrong, It is very important for investigation by law enforcement to be conducted fairly. What should be understood is that the law enforcement officers do not have any direct evidence. So, circumstantial evidence which is often based on what “they say” is the only way to proceed. Although Kolubah might be considered as the “victim” as you said, the verdict is not yet in. The victim as well as the perpetrator (s) must be investigated to the fullest! I am sure that the perpetrators will be investigated as well.

    Kolubah speaks his mind. That’s very demoncratic. But during the past two weeks, Kolubah made some remarks that were not statesman like. Kolubah is not expected to speak his mind like that. On the other hand, it is pitiful for Kolubah to feel that he’s a target of negativity against him. No, Kolubah should feel comfortable for what he stands for.

    We definitely have a conundrum. Some people are beginning to think that Weah is insidiously working behind the scenes against Kolubah. I see that as a pathway to rushing to judgement! Ler us all wait to see the conclusion of the investigation. I could be wrong. But, I think Weah has better things to do than to harass an elected official who happens to represent the interests of his constituents.

    • You did not read to understand what is going on. The so-called investigation is not about the riots. The lawmaker is being brought in for questioning based on what he said to the public and to the nation that the police boss told him that the Anointed and Ordained One President Dr. Weah told the police boss not to act or arrest anyone. That is what is at the center of this so-called investigation , not about the victims , not about the alleged perpetrators and not certainly about the riots. It is about getting the lawmaker to say that he lied on the Anointed One and that the police boss never said that the Anointed One requested the police boss not to act. In that manner the lawmaker will be seen as a liar and never to politically be believed again. This is like the same investigation going on in the House of Representative against three other lawmakers. Their alleged investigation is not about the gasoline that they claimed they were denied of. But what was said in the views of the Speaker and his supporters was all about bringing the House of Representatives to public disrepute. In other words the investigation against the three is about the three trying to bring the House of Representatives to disgrace or shame when they went public with their statements against the Speaker. As for the lawmaker being brought before an investigative board made of some credible associations like the President of the Liberian Bar Association by the Justice Ministry, is to get the lawmaker where they want him . To tell the nation that the police boss never told him anything about the Anointed and Ordained One. That will make him an unbelievable political liar next time. They like to destroy him politically and they got him where they want. Nothing do about the riots, nothing to do about the lawmaker being the victim, but what he said that the police boss told him about the Anointed One. Just trying to clear the Anointed One name from being associated with the riots and the performance of the police. This is more than who done it, or who started the riots and who is the victim . Of course you will this my opinion and that you have yours . But a very clear minded person knows what and who is being investigated and what for what reasons.

  6. Former psycho rebel Honorable Keke Kolubah lied that the President of Liberia sent CDC militants to kill him, he became a star of an adversarial partisan media outlets which don’t give a damn for truth, accuracy, or fairness of reporting; now, another Representative complains about “tyranny of majority” a tautologous phrase in the context, actually, yet it morphed into a rallying cry for some commenters. We’re fast becoming echo chambers for every alarmist sound as long as it is anti-establishment.

  7. His Royal Courtesy, Mr. James Davis,

    There are many sides to a story. It was originally believed by many that there were two sides to a story. Not true. You seem to be suggesting that your side of the story is the best of the sides. Okay, you can maintain that view because you’re entitled to your opinions but not the fact! The sides of a story are: Your side of the story, my side of the the story, their side of the story and many more sides.

    I noticed a bias in your response. Example, instead of referring to the president by name, something you have a right to do, you invented words that are not necessary. For instance, you refer to the president as the “Anointed One”. Why is Weah considered the Anointed One”, my dear comrade? Why do you think it’s appropriate to place Weah on the same line as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ paid the price for out transgressions! Even satan does not come close to being considered the Anointed One. Weah is better than satan, but Weah shouldn’t be referred to as the Anointed One at all. That’s a provocative statement. Get out of that lane.

    I made myself explicit in my response. I will repeat….The police have a responsibility to investigate fairly. Liberia is not a Gestapo country, but rather a democratic country. The Liberian police should be trusted. Irrespective of whether Kolubah is seen as a victim or not, he as well as the troublemakers must and should be fairly investigated. That’s the only way to get to the truth.

    I respect Kolubah. I also respect Weah. The job of the Liberian people is top priority. Personal differences ought to be dumped in the Atlantic Ocean in order for the country’s work to be done.

  8. I was very afraid and disappointed at Liberians to hail Keke Kolubah as a hero following an incident where he had kids party where the kids started to faint because the venue was tight. He hated for facebook lovers to take picsture of children. He physically tried to attack Mohammed for taking pictures and his body guard fought and bit Mohammed. He lied on President Weah of sending people to kill him and Liberian sat them and believe this notorous rebel who committed so much atrocities during Taylor administration as hero? It scares me about Liberia. This guy is dangerous, this guy is rude but you call him hero because he lied on George Weah? Look at his demeanor during Att Kofi Wood’s visit, he is a bitter person.Abraham Lincoln once said that “history is not history unless it is the truth. Why do you believe this killer? You bettwr think twice. He does not even know what a dictator is. If we dont put this guy in a cage, he will kill again.


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