Rep. Koung: “Time for Another Person to Take Over”

Rep Jeremiah K. Koung speaking at the program marking the dedication six classroom annex to J. W. Pearson Extension in Ganta.

— With eyes on the Senate, Rep. Koung prepares to relinquish District #1 seat

Nimba County District #1 Representative Jeremiah Kpan Koung says that he will not run for re-election in the District come the 2023 general election.

Speaking at the dedicatory program marking the dedication of the six-classroom annex to the John Wesley Pearson Extension School in Ganta on Monday, September 9, 2019, he told the citizens to find somebody that will replace him in the coming 2023 election.

He said the two terms given him were enough and it was time that another person takeover to foster the development initiatives in the district.

“I have been given the chance twice, and it is time that other person takeover to continue. Sometimes the next person will do better than what I have done,” he said.

“If you are in school and passed in a class two times, it is better to leave that particular class. You wouldn’t continue repeating the same over and over,” he added, saying that if he will do something, it should be higher.

The dedicated six-classroom annex was constructed by Rep. Koung to increase the seating capacity in the school and also allow the school to operate at secondary level.

He said students living around the LPMC Community and its’ environs find it difficult to reach the only public secondary school (J. W. Pearson), so he decided to build the annex to increase secondary education in the community.

“Gradually, we will continue to build new structures in the future,” he said.

Rep. Jeremiah Koung presenting a receipt for 1,000 bags of cement to the Women’s Department of the Inland Church as part of activities marking the dedication.

During the first term of Rep. Koung, he constructed two new annexes to the main J. W. Pearson as a means of increasing the capacity for effective learning.

Prior to the construction of these annexes, classes used to be congested, with over 100 persons in each class.

He has constructed several other public schools in some communities around Ganta, since he was elected as representative in 2011.

The dedicatory ceremony, which was highly attended by a cross section of citizens, including Rep. Johnson Gwaikolo, chiefs, elders, members of both Muslim and Christian community and others, was full praises from citizens, regarding his developmental initiative in district.

Representative Gwaikolo praised Rep. Koung for the jobs well done and urged the school authority to take care of the facility and use it for its intended purpose.

Rep. Koung is among many Nimbaians, who have expressed their desires to contest in the coming mid-term senatorial election in 2020.

Current opinion polls from the local radio stations across Nimba put Jeremiah Koung in the lead when it comes to the pending mid-term election, followed by incumbent Senator Thomas S. Grupee.

Supt. Dorr Cooper has yet to state clearly whether he will be in the race, something critics believed is a delay tactic to hold on to power and use the county development money to fund his senatorial ambition.

Supt. Cooper’s senatorial ambitions have put the county development initiative on a standstill, with many lawmakers refusing to trust him with the US$1.1 million intended for development in Nimba.


  1. Hahahahahahah………..representative is now constructing school building….or extension. Is that legal……where did he get the money from?

  2. Although it is way too soon for Rep. Koung to be praised, there is no doubt that the Nimba county Lower House lawmaker shapes up as “one of a kind”. Koung wants to become a senator. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. However, Koung deserves to be credited because he plans to resign as a Lower House lawmaker before officially declaring his candidacy for the upcoming senatorial seat. Such a move makes Koung one of a kind.

    A few days ago, Rep. Kogar who happens to be a fellow Nimbian as Rep. Koung, announced his intention to challenge senator Prince Johnson, the Sr. unbeaten Nimba county strongman in the upcoming election. Shortly after declaring his intention to run against senator Prince Johnson, Kogar got an impressive endorsement from a group of Nimba county churchwomen. To many pundits in and out of Liberia, Kogar’s early endorsement by a group of churchwomen was seen as a good start. The truth is that it is unusual for women, especially those who are not politically savvy to throw their weight behind Kogar’s senatorial intentions. But, realistically, the churchwomen who endorsed Kogar as well as Kogar himself have committed no malfeasance. After all, eligible Liberians have a right to form an opinion in order to make informed decisions.

    The Enigma:
    Like Koung who plans to step down from his Lower House seat before he officially gets into the Nimba county senatorial contest, Kogar has yet to announce whether he will resign before he runs. If Kogar is serious about putting up a formidable fight to unseat senator Johnson, it’s all honky-dory. But, Kogar will be viewed with extreme skepticism if he runs without resigning his Lower House seat.

  3. The question here that one should be asking is this: Will a crime be committed if Kogar does not resign his seat before running? If no crime will be committed, then, he can be viewed with all the extreme skepticism as long as he operates within the confines the law. That will be a moral issue, and as i heard one lawyer say, “Morality is not law”.

    Uncle F. Hney, I have come to realize that you have a very good heart and I say that to say you mentioned supra that “Koung deserved to be credited because he plans to resign as a lower house lawmaker before officially declaring his candidacy for the upcoming senatorial seat.. I think you should wait until his plans is translated into action.

    Sad to say, but I dont take Liberian politicians by their words. Harsh but true.


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