Rep. Koung Donates Ambulance to Gblarlay Clinic

The donated ambulance is parked just across the road from the clinic.

On August 26, 2019, Nimba District #1 Representative Jeremiah Kpan Koung, donated a used ambulance to the Gblarlay Clinic in Buu–Yao Administrative District to enhance the health delivery system.

Rep. Koung, who made the donation in Buutuo, the headquarters of Buu-Yao, said during his last tour of the district about four months ago, the chiefs and elders of Gblarlay requested for an ambulance so as to ease hardship they faced while transferring emergency patients, especially pregnant women, to any of nearby referral hospitals.

“The elders told me that one of the major problems they are faced with in meeting the health needs of the sick is referring patients to hospital, which have left… pregnant women to die, while the relatives are searching for car,” he said.

Koung added, “Looking at the needs or the challenges of the locals, and the distances from the clinic to referral hospitals, I decided to donate this ambulance to help transport our pregnant women and the sick people to any of the main hospitals.”

He promised to do many more of such donation to improve the transportation system, mainly the referral of emergency patients, but called on the residents to to maintain the ambulance by restricting its usage to the  intended purpose.

In a related development, Rep. Koung also donated some farming implements to women group in the same Gblarlay Town and other catchment communities in the Buu-Yao Administrative District.

Gblarlay Clinic has a catchment of over 17 towns and villages. It is situated at about an hour’s walk to the Ivorian Border, and about 10 hours drive from the Jackson F. Doe referral Hospital in Tappita in the lower region of the county.

Other items donated while on his “goodwill” tour included 40 bundles of zinc to towns recently devastated by windstorms, including 10 bundles of zinc to Nyor Butuo Public School; and 10 bundles to Teahplay Zeelay Town.

The donated items were presented to the Statutory Superintendent of Zoe Geh, Zepheniah Gbahn, for onward delivery to the clinic. The exercise was done in the presence of Ivorian local government officials, who crossed the border to witness the “elaborate presentation exercise.”

Few months ago, Rep. Koung donated several chain saws (power-saws) to communities across Nimba to enhance the locals to rehabilitate some the dilapidated feeder roads.

Koung is among several prominent citizens, who have expressed interest to contest the pending 2020 senatorial election.

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