Rep. Koung Calls for Unity Among Nimbaians

Rep. Jeremiah Kpan Koung making remarks at the dedication ceremony

Nimba County District #1 Representative Jeremiah K. Koung has called on Nimbaians to unite so as to fast track their development initiatives. He also urged them to stop preaching divisive politics against their leaders.

Rep. Koung gave the admonition at a program marking the official dedication of a market building in Gbloryee community, a suburb of Ganta.

“Unity is the only way forward for development; therefore, listen and do not listen to any politician who preaches divisive politics, rather those bringing to you messages of development and unity,” he told the locals.

He said Nimba can only be developed if the residents stop the idea of exclusion and concentrate on how to unite for the common good of the county.

“Nimba must unite, let us not divide ourselves,” he said.

“The issue of division and fighting among ourselves needs to be stopped, because if this continues, it will not make Nimba develop,” Koung added.

The newly constructed market building for marketers in Gbloryee.

He said that it is a lazy argument for someone to say that “this person is not from here; and, therefore, such a person must be excluded from the county’s political activities.”

Rep. Koung reiterated his earlier statement that he will no longer contest for a third term as a representative, adding, “You can not repeat one class over and over, and so you have to give the others desirous of contesting for the seat a chance.”

He then promised to fulfilled his campaign promises, some of which include the construction of market buildings in the district; the dedication of a six classroom annex to the John Wesley Pearson Extension school in Ganta.

Koung is one of the persons that have expressed interest in the special senatorial election in 2020.

Rep. Koung’s mother is a Nimbaian from Yarpea Administrative District, while his father hailed from Maryland County but settled in Nimba, something many of his opponents are holding against him as not being a “true Nimbaian.”

Recently, former District #4 Representative Garrison Yealue told a local radio station that his “old people” of Nimba (now deceased) appeared to him in a dream and asked him to contest the upcoming senatorial election.

Yealue said the spirits of the deceased told him not to give a chance to any “stranger to occupy one of the most important seats in the county in the legislature.”

Although Rep. Koung did not call names, he said that any politician, who resorted to encountering spirits, is a confused person and needs rehabilitation.

He was elected to the 53rd and 54 legislature representing Nimba County District #1.


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