Rep. Koung Breaks Ground for Surgical Theatre in Karnplay


Urges opponents to join him

In his bid to become the next senator of Nimba through the December 8, 2020 special senatorial election, Rep. Jeremiah K. Koung has broken ground for the construction of a modern surgical theater of the Karnplay Health Center in Nimba County.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony in Karnplay at the tour of Nimba District # 3, which include Gbehlay and Yarmin Administrative Districts, respectively, he called on his opponents, especially those contending for the senatorial post in the county, to join him bring relief to the citizens.

He told his critics to take politics out of development and work together to end mother to child deaths across the district and across the county at large.

“Lets’ take politics out of this project and work together for the sake our people,” he said.

Rep. Koung pointed stated that the reason there is no medical doctor in Karnplay is that there is no surgical theater, promising to complete the project before the special senatorial election in December 2020. However, he did not disclose the cost of the construction.

The Karnplay Health Center is the major health facility in the Gbehlay Geh District, which is one of the populated districts in Nimba.

The lack of a surgical theater has so far left all the major medical cases in the district to be transferred to Sanniquellie or Ganta, which sometimes poses serious challenges to patients who have to endure bad roads as well as the lack of money and time to reach the referral hospital in critical cases.

The citizens believed that if there be a surgical theater in the district it will shorten their journey to the nearby hospital in time of complication or emergency.

The vote-rich Gbehlay Geh District in the 2011 general election gave Thomas Grupee the edge over Edith Gongloe Weh, making him a senator of Nimba, replacing Sen. Adolphus Dolo that election year.

The district has now become a battleground district in Nimba since then and, with the pending special senatorial election, it has become the focal point for campaigning for all the senatorial candidates in this election.

Rep. Koung was accomplished in the district by some prominent citizens of Gbehlay, including former representative candidates Anthony Quiwonkpa, Nenkeh Gaye and others.

In a related development, former Senator Adolphus Dolo made a grand entry to Nimba on Saturday, October 10, 2020 from Monrovia, reawakening the spirits of his supporters.

Meanwhile, incumbent Senator Thomas Grupee has distributed a huge number of motorbikes to his supporters to speed up his campaign. Parading through the main street of Ganta upon his return to Nimba after several months stay away due to his illness, he boasted of being fit in health and ready to contest the coming senatorial election.

While it is too early to give an opinion poll on the candidates in the race, Rep. Koung is said to be making headway in most of the districts across the county, followed by Madam Gongloe-Weh, Taa Wongbe and Sen. Grupee, who has been away for long.

Not much has been heard of Dorr Cooper in recent time, leaving his supporters confused and somewhat disappointed.


  1. This ground breaking ceremony is another political 419 intended to influence citizens of this vote rich region to vote for Mr. Koung. Representative Koung has served for nine years and up to date, most, if not all development funds from National Government during those years, intended for Nimba County, specifically, District #1 has been earmarked and given to his personal health clinic located in Ganta City. This begs the critical question, when did Mr. Koung realize that the people of Karnplay needed a surgical theater.

    These election time false pretenses, using looted funds must be recognized by our people, and they must act in the best interest of the future of Karnplay and Nimba at large. The people of Karnplay and its environs must take this desperate attempt by Mr. Koung with a grain of salt and vote for the long term future interest of the Nimba people. After all, monies currently used by Mr. Koung to campaign in Nimba County belongs to the people of Nimba in the first place. Jerry cannot be allowed to use funds he criminally diverted to his personal account to be used to influence votes in his favor.

    I encourage all Nimba citizens to take what ever crumbs/monies Mr. Koung has to offer from his loot and vote against him. Mr. Koung is part and parcel of the criminal enterprise in Liberia, sucking the life blood out of our Nation and rendering our people as beggars on their own soil. A vote for Jerry Koung is a vote for Weah and his criminal gangs to continue the killings, the massive corruption and looting spree currently ongoing in the Nation under this CDC Government. A vote for Koung is a vote for the continuation of unwarranted killings of innocent Liberians who were only attempting to honor their patriotic duties, by exposing massive institutionalized corruption in this Weah’s CDC Government.

    The liberation of Liberia and the Liberian people from the hands of criminal gangsters must start from Nimba County and its people. The brave and patriotic people of Nimba County have always given hope to the rest of the Nation in terms of defending our democracy and good governance. We must unite now and vote against massive corruption, criminality and unwarranted killings, in an effort to help restore the dignity, hopes and aspirations of the future of our Motherland. Nimba County Must Reject Jerry Koung and all those associated with criminal activities in the Nation. Indeed, Nimba and Liberia will Rise.

  2. Why should we always have people running for public office when they lack ideals or innovation?
    What is the cost and quality of a healthcare center to be built between now and December 8? Why couldn’t you build that health center ever since you have been a senator? Why should we always want for the white guys to come before a decent edifice can be erected in our towns and villages?

    Honorable Senator Koung, how many medical doctors are there in Liberia? What’s the population of Karnplay to have a medical doctor? Are you going to equip the center you are building with commodities for a medical doctor?
    You have been a senator ever since and yet you complain about the road conditions, what did you do as senator for the county?

    Rhetoric, rhetoric, another set of rhetoric!
    You are right to continue to nag our people. It is due to the disorganization of our so-called CPP you guys still have the voice to talk. Had the primary gone as expected, you could have had a serious and supported candidate with a solid and organized platform for Nimba.

  3. Mr. Tony Leewaye2013,
    Welcome back. You’ve been gone for a while. I hope while you were gone, everything went well with you and your family.

    With regard to Koung’s unheard of surgical theatre, I moderately agree with your outrage. I think that the good people of Karnplay, Nimba county, can be better served by good roads, a public library, a 24-hour electricity, running water project or something else. The name “surgical theatre” sounds great. But lots of questions come up:

    1. What is a surgical theatre supposed to do?

    2. By using such a terminology, does Koung intend to convert the surgical theatre into a flagship, no nonsense hospital?

    3. Does Koung have a good number of competent doctors in Liberia that he hopes will be charged with the duty of performing surgical duties in Karnplay? If so, does Koung have enough money in his world bank account that could be used to pay doctors and nurses? By the way, is Koung a medical doctor by training?

    4. Did Koung consult with the citizens of Nimba before he came to such a conclusion? And,

    5. How many jobs could be created by putting up such a project?

    The questions I have asked are not directed at you. Let me be clear…..if a Maryland county lawmaker ever suggests a “run-down” idea like Koung’s, I will split his or her spleen, even though I am not a surgeon! And that will teach a powerful lesson!

    Positive Action:
    Koung’s proposal sounds like a prehistoric idea that’s meant to waste money. I’m a Liberian by birth, but not a Nimbaian. So therefore, I cannot dictate to the Nimbaians what I think ought to be done. However, if a Maryland county lawmaker ever comes up with such a slipshod idea, I will urge the voters to boot him or her out of office. Simple as that!

  4. Mr Defender of the Weak,
    I am convinced that your title needs to be changed! While I think about the name that could best describe you, you will continue to be labeled as a defender of weak causes! You’re definitely making progress. How do I know this? Take a listen:

    “You’re right to continue to nag our people. It is due to the “dis-organization of our so-called CPP guy”. The above quote is yours.

    Your people are ridiculously disorganized. You have acknowledged it openly. I feel relieved. Of course, there’s more work ahead. But come 2023, I am certain I will get you de-sanitized by the ANC groove. I am here to tell you the truth….. your alliance with a “weak guy” is causing you some problems and a waste of your precious time.

    On the American political scene, your buddy Trump is badly slipping in the polls. As if the fast political slippage of his is insufficient, some of Trump’s Republican party members are distancing and openly accusing him of incompetence. By doing so, Republicans who impugn Trump’s credibility and well-being are in essence, helping Biden in order to defeat Trump. There’s no way around it.

    Strange Bedfellows….. The Defender’s Style.

    1. Trump…. Republican
    2. Cummings….ANC (the weakcian)

    1. Biden…… Democrat
    2. Weah…… CDCIAN

    Although the writing of humiliation and defeat is written on the wall, your projected winner of the US presidential contest is Trump. Knowing that about you, I tagged Trump with Alexander Cummings together because of a unique reason. To wit; If Trump loses (he will) Alexander Benedict Cummings loses in 2023. Why? Trump and Cummings are tagged.

    On the other hand, if Biden wins (he will), George Weah wins for another 6-year term. Why? Because the two gentlemen are tagged.

  5. Grand Frere,

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and I wish you a peaceful and great week!

    Call me whatsoever name you wish to call me, but my positions on key and fundamental issues remain unflinching.
    I do not sugarcoat; I am blunt and never compromise my conservative views and convictions from my religious orientation for any financial or social gains. “I call a spade, a spade, like comrade James Davis!”

    As I once told you sometimes in November of 2019, I am not a fan of the coalition called CPP or CoP or so.
    However, Liberia is a small country with less than 6 million people. We need everyone on board and so our arms are opened to anyone proposing a federation for the common good of our people.

    Unfortunately, not many people have really understood why someone like Alexander B. Cummings came onto the political arena. Some think he came to conquer power so that it can also “be their time to chop”, a grave mistake indeed. They should wake up from their slumber.
    The ANC was testing the waters at the primary in Nimba. My initial apprehension was proven worthy. The most heartening ensuing consequence was the indiscipline on the part of our voice and face in Nimba. I was almost convinced of brother WONGBE’s commitment to the cause.
    So, I perfectly agree with you for the use of the word “disorganization” within the CPP, but NOT within the ANC. Since the latter is a strong alternative, it withdrew support from Mr. Wongbe’s bid in Nimba.

    I would have love to see a beautiful democratic campaign and debate between Ma Gongloe-Weh and brother Wongbe to open a new page in politics. I did not expect to see violence where some old rogues and immoral characters will quickly jump to conclusion to pretend as if they have dominant voice in Liberia politics. Most of them do not even represent 1% of the electorates, yet they make the loudest noise.
    I pray for patience!

    The road to 2023 still lies ahead. Many things can change along the way. The ANC is making headways and it shall prevail with our “weak” Cummings to deliver to the people. Let me tell you something, the land called Liberia is ours. We will NEVER allow it to be doomed. Come 2023, if Liberians should give Weah another (hopefully) 5 years, some of us will begin serious agitations (hope not) for a decentralized system for each county to rethink its development model. Liberia is 100 years behind regional developments. It needs to change. We are never going to abandon the land in the hands of mediocre and inept blood-thirsty hoodlums and thieves.

    My buddy Trump is winning “bigly”! Results from early voting put him far ahead of Biden. Look, this is a very easy victory for Trump. If you want to pair him with Cummings, then I am happy that at the dawn of 2023, we will be celebrating our victory at the executive mansion.

    Wishing for Weah to win another 5 years is like bewitching our country to doom. Aren’t you reading the development parameters in every sector? I beg you, don’t hope for such nightmare for Liberia again.


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