Rep. Korgar Orders Murder Suspect Released in Nimba

Murder Suspect1.jpg

The alleged ring leader in the brutal murder of Chester Gonker in the police cell in the bordering town of Buutuo has reportedly been released by the Circuit Court in Nimba County upon the orders of Rep. Samuel Korgar, in whose district the incident occurred.
In his letter addressed to the Prison Superintendent of Nimba County dated September 15, signed by the Clerk of Court Arthur Gaye, Rep. Korgar said, “You are hereby commanded to release the living body of Steven Monwoan, who is charged with the crimes of murder and criminal conspiracy.”
The letter was addressed to prison superintendent Thomas Queewon, who when contacted via mobile phone on September 22, confirmed the release.
The circumstance surrounding the suspect’s release is not clear and was not explained in Rep. Korgar’s letter to Mr. Queewon, but a police source told the Daily Observer that the suspect was released, because he fell ill while in custody.
When contacted via mobile phone on September 22, Rep. Korgar said he was driving and could not talk to our reporter.
Stephen Monwoan was among 11 others from the Wea Chiefdom in Buu – Yao Administrative District, who in late February allegedly stormed the police station in Buutuo and brutally mobbed Chester Gonker to death in retaliation for their kinsman (Emmanuel Bowyah) who was allegedly killed by Gonker.
The two deceased men had a scuffle overnight on the highway between Frolay Town and Tenpea Village when Emmanuel was reportedly stabbed to death by Chester.
Chester reported himself to the police chief in Frolay and said he was attacked by two men while going to visit his girlfriend and in self defense stabbed one of his attackers who later died.
Upon his explanation and without hesitation, he was transferred to Buutuo and held in custody for further investigation into the matter he had reported. When the news of Emmanuel’s death reached his family in Wea Beeplay, a group of men boarded motorbikes and stormed the Buutuo Police Station, overpowered the two police officers on duty and killed suspect Gonker.
The case has not yet come to trial, causing tension between the two chiefdoms – Wea, where the group of men come from and Nimnkwia, where Chester originated.


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