Rep. Korga Linked to Trucking Voters In Nimba


Nimba Electoral District #5 Representative Samuel G. Korgar has been linked to trucking eligible voters to register in his district, the National Elections Commission (NEC) Upper Nimba Magistrate has confirmed.

In an interview with reporters in Ganta yesterday, Magistrate Princeton Monbiah said his office has received a complaint with documentary evidence from an aspirant accusing Korgar of trucking people from different tribes to register in Electoral District #5.

“Yes, there is a complaint before my office accusing Samuel Korgar of trucking voters in Buuyao Chiefdom,” Monbiah told reporters.

Mr. Monbiah said the letter of complaint was filed by aspirant Joe K. Touah, who accused Rep. Korgar of recruiting people from Bahn, one of six distant cities in the county, while others were reportedly trucked in from as far as Monrovia, who could not speak the local dilect. Touah alleged that the citizens were trucked to various registration centers to register.

He said the complaint contained photos of the alleged trucked voters as well as recordings of them confessing that they were recruited by Rep. Korgar to register in his district for an undisclosed sum of money.

The magistrate explained trucking to mean bringing people from different localities who are of different backgrounds or tribes to register in areas where they had not resided prior to this year’s voter registration exercise.

“But, if someone decided to go back to his original homeland for registration, then it is not what we called trucking,” Monbiah explained.

The news of different people being brought into the county to register is creating great concern among residents of the county, especially those residing along the Liberia/Ivoirian border areas near District #5.

Dixon Koryean, a citizen of Buuyao, alleged to the Daily Observer shortly after he returned from registering in his home town of Bwuelay near Buutuo headquarters, that “huge number of different tribes were brought in by the Rep. Korgar to register.”

“There are different people pouring into District # 5, registering, who don’t even speak the dialect,” Koryean said.

He said whenever any of the ‘strange persons’ were asked, “they will only tell you they were brought in or sent to the district by Rep. Korgar to register because he has already paid the NEC registrars.”

Koryean said bringing in different people to register to vote endangers the decision of those residing in the area, who should decide on who to represent their political interests at the Legislature.

The Daily Observer also discovered that residents of Yao Tiaplay Town recently resisted the registration of people from different tribes who were reportedly trucked into their town by Rep. Korgar.

Accordingly, when the news of the residents’ action reached Rep. Korgar, he reportedly phoned the police assigned to Buutuo headquarters to compel the NEC registrars to register whoever he had transported to the district.

However, when contacted via mobile phone yesterday, Representative Korgar denied bringing non Nimbaians to register in his district.

He nevertheless confirmed facilitating Buuyao citizens residing outside of the district, including those in Bahn and Monrovia, to go home and register.

Meanwhile, similar allegations are being made in Nimba County District #4 against Representative Garrison Yealue, who is yet to respond to the report.

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