Rep. Kolubah Wants Justice Minister, Police Chief Summoned

Rep. Yekeh Kolubah: "Mr. Speaker and distinguished colleagues, though this incident is not the first in the numerous attacks on my person, l considered this [vandalism] unbearable..."

Over series of attacks and harassment against his person and his family

The series of acts bedeviling the Montserrado County District #10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah, which includes physical attacks and threats, has been termed by many as a “pattern of harassment and intimidation.”

In just under three years, Rep. Kolubah, who is perhaps the opposition’s most vocal lawmaker, has been attacked and threatened in three counties — Montserrado, Grand Bassa and Grand Gedeh — for his own tirades and often derogatory remarks against President George M. Weah and his way of governing the country.

The latest incident against Rep. Kolubah, which occurred on Sunday, September 27, at Rep. Kolubah’s residence in the Old Road community, was organized and sponsored by Mr. Jefferson Koijee, Mayor of the City of Monrovia, the lawmaker alleged.

On Tuesday, in a formal complaint to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bhofal W. Chambers, which was read in Session, the Montserrado County District#10 Representative claimed that, on the order of Mr. Jefferson Koijee, thugs broke into his home destroying properties including cars, houses and valuables.

Rep. Kolubah said the “ruffians” were mandated to unroof his house, and were led by Mr. Abu Kieta, his former security.  

“Mr. Speaker and distinguished colleagues, though this incident is not the first in the numerous attacks on my person, l considered this [vandalism] unbearable on the basis of the damage caused by those ruffians.”

He continued: “We should not engage in the act of ‘survivor of the fittest’.”

In his communication, Rep. Kolubah added: “We believe every man has equal right under the law to be protected in a democratic state like ours, and l am not expecting exception to enjoy [this] right, despite the political, economic and religious backgrounds.”

Amid the strings of attacks on his person, most especially in Montserrado County, Rep. Kolubah wrote: “I am sensing a gullible society which seems to be intolerable when people perpetrate crimes, and they are not brought to justice. This is not the kind of society our forefathers envisaged, and I don’t believe we have a desire to do same.”

Sunday’s attacks, which resulted to unrest in his community, scaring his neighbors, the Montserrado County lawmaker indicated: “Mr. Speaker and distinguished colleagues, in view of the foregoing and considering l deserve protection, not only as a legislator, but as a citizen — protection of my life and properties including my relatives — l wish to request an investigation to this matter for the perpetrator to be brought to book.”

He furthered: “To begin with, Mr. Speaker and distinguished colleagues, l kindly pray your indulgence to invite the appearances of the Minister of Justice and the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police before the Plenary of the House of Representatives to state whether there has been an arrest by the State security or their respective actions taken in this saga.”

Representatives Francis Dopoh, Samuel Enders, Thomas Goshua and Hanson Kiazolu, during discussion of Rep. Kolubah’s communication, concurred with their colleague to invite the Justice Minister and the LNP Inspector General.

In separate remarks, Representatives Kiazolu and Goshua also alluded to acts of looting by the thugs who went to terrorize their colleague and implored Plenary to vote in favor of inviting the duo.

However, Montserrado County District 16 Representative, Dixon Seeboe, argued that the complexity of Rep. Kolubah’s letter, which accused the Monrovia City Mayor of masterminding the thugs and Abu Kieta of being the leader, but wants Plenary to invite the Justice Minister and Police IG, needs to be scrutinized by the Committee on National Security.

Rep. Seeboe’s argument resonated with other lawmakers present and the vote carried that the Committee on Security investigate thoroughly and report to Plenary in two weeks.


  1. Rebel murderer Yekeh Kolubah, according to your own admission, few months ago, you Yekeh trained and employed those you are now saying are attacking you. The most honorable thing to do now instead of wasting legislators’ time is for you to go to court.

    Are you not a killer? You are a killer. And now you have turned into cry baby. I thought you recently said your CoP leader is a boy, but you are a man. Now, how can a man now start crying all over the place that his former hitmen are harassing him?

    You say you are a man…go after them. Or you are a false man? You are lucky and the country is unfortunate to have such a disgrace as you to be sitting at the Capitol, when your backside should be behind bars.

  2. Garsuah,

    Rep Kolubah can go after his harassers and get even up with them, as a good former rebel general, but is that what you, CDCians, want?
    Do you want to create another situation of chaos in the country? Do you wan to derail the hard-earned peace, a peace paid for by the blood of good sub regional soldiers and friends of Liberia around the world? Is this the platform Weah and thugs are proposing to the country?

    By the way, did you, Garsuah, ever experience the war in Liberia? Did you undergo the shelling of our coastlands by gunboats and the dropping of cluster bombs by Nigerian alpha jets over innocent civilian targets? Did you live through the shelling of our cities from the borders of neighboring countries? Or were just told tales of war in Liberia?

    I vividly remembered during the time of the government of crabs, all species of snakes and scorpions also known as the inclusive interim government with all the warring factions when Taylor ordered the arrest of Roosevelt Johnson. Did you see how long the arrest of one rebel general caused the country? Was he ever arrested?

    Hoodlum Weah and his hooligans like you are eager to silence every controversial or opposing voices, STOP!

    If any gun should be fired in Liberia again, the International Community will find space in all supermax prisons in the world to send you guys. Just continue your witch hunt and vain provocation.
    So, my people, this thing can hurt and you were doing it to other people? After stealing all they could, now selling our passports to have money in their pockets, selling our jobs to crooked Nigerians, etc.

    CDCians, your days are numbered! No more war in Liberia!

  3. Mr. Garsuah! You must be sitting in your comfort zone saying these things that is just mind blowing to decent Liberians reading your point. You really think Hon. Kolubah do not have the will power to revenge? Or is that what you want again in Liberia after 14yrs of senseless bloody killing of innocent Liberians. If you claimed Yekeh is a killer and should be behind bar, make your case to our president to established our war crime court to prosecute those that had engaged in harms struggle in Liberia, not just Yekeh alone.

    You seem to be completely out of the reality about violence and its aftermath in Liberia. So if you support better Liberia, you will condemned what took place in district 10 in the midst of law enforcement authorities. Hon. Kolubah is victimized today and who next tomorrow? If our leadership don’t act appropriately to punishe those involve, Liberia is slowly sinking into another civil war and we don’t want such route. Your post is reckless to maintaining the hard peace Liberians now enjoy in Liberia after 14yrs of total destruction.

    This attacked is very timely to the news and events about this administration activities around the world. They have engaged in creating unnecessary consulate in foreign countries, selling the position as honorary consulate in exchange of hundreds of thousands of dollars to individuals they don’t even know, along with our diplomatic passports which is very damaging to our sovereignty and existence as a nation. Having our embassy in another country is fantastic, if affordable considering our financial situation we are facing. Are you not concern about this or because Hon. Kolubah is pushing for explaination to this mess president Weah and his government is doing. Let’s talk and stayed away from violence.

  4. Garsuah was among the thugs that went to the honorable house to loot. Do you want to tell the public that you didn’t take part in the war in Grand Bassa Count? If you have nothing to offer please shut your rusty mouth.


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