Rep. Kolubah Wants CDC’s Morlu Face House Inquest

Rep. Kolubah (left) said he wants attention of the plenary drawn to "a very disturbing statement concerning the assassination of President Weah, as claimed by Mr. Morlu (right).

Writes Plenary; claims Morlu has indirectly attacked opposition politicians’ lives

Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah has written a letter to House Speaker Bhofal Chambers calling for an investigation into Molubah Morlu’s a statement indicting opposition politicians of wanting to assassinate President George Weah. Mr. Morlu is the National Chairman of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Morlu said he accused members of the opposition parties to assassinate the President, because of the inconsiderate reaction towards the ‘assassination threat’ which went viral on social media.

In his letter to Speaker Chambers, dated February 7, 2019, Rep. Kolubah said he wants attention of the plenary drawn to “a very disturbing statement concerning the assassination of President Weah, as claimed by Mr. Morlu.

Kolubah is also the Co-chairman on the House Committee on National Defense and a member of the House National Security Committee.

“I am taking this allegation very serious, because it has the propensity to destabilize the country’s peace,” he told his colleagues.

“Mr. Morlu’s [remarks are] a complete instigation of attack on the lives of opposition political party leaders, and politicians in the country, which contravenes the tenet of democracy,” Kolubah said.

He added, “this is the same Mr. Morlu who said he saw pickups (vehicles) loaded with tons of Liberian dollars departing from the National Housing Bank, (and) today, we have a serious situation of missing L$16 billion untold story faced by the government.”

“Notwithstanding, Mr. Morlu is again insinuating that opposition politicians want to assassinate the President,” the letter said.

“I therefore crave for my colleagues to invite him to justify his assertion to this august body,” Rep. Kolubah said.

Meanwhile, Tuesday’s session of the House of Representatives, which should have  been the 9th day sitting, was considered as the 1st Special Session of the 2nd Session of the House of Representatives of the 54th Legislature.

Yesterday’s Special Session was held in Executive and, therefore, Rep. Kolubah’s letter, according to sources in the office of the Chief Clerk, will be on the Thursday, February 14 agenda.


  1. Isn’t it ironic that Rep. Kolubah, who became an overnight star of anti-establishment echo chambers for (without “offering a scintilla of evidence”) accusing GMW of sending “assassins” to kill him and then threatened to go “militant” in the Legislature, wrote that Morlu’s allegation has “the propensity to destabilize the country’s peace”. Little wonder, then, the majority of dedicated and highly regarded members of our august body often get blame for antics of a few.

    Of course, the deluge of unsupported allegations – from the frivolous to the frightening – usually accompanied by incitement of street protest, or uprising should be a cause of worry to the Legislature and peace-loving Liberians everywhere. Because, definitely, they have heightened anxiety among our powerless
    vast majority Country-Congo downtrodden and conveyed impressions of unstableness consequential to the economy and stability.

    The danger is some on social media networks see the precarious situation as necessary “maximum pressure” in galvanizing public anger for regime change. That there are even adherents for such an undemocratic course understandably have given rise to speculations of assassination, coup, interim government in exile, and so on. So, if the Lower House must have a hearing, perhaps, the focus should be on toxic rhetoric by opinion influencers; be they politicians, officials, journalists, students, or members of civil society. Lest we forget, the year 1984 had similar eerie atmosphere experienced at this advent of 2019.

    • Sylvester Baghdad-Bob Moses, have you forgotten Chambers vociferous role in the previous government and now you want to chastise Yekeh for doing what Jallah Lassana aka Bhofal Chambers did? You better find somewhere and sit in that P{hilly area because you are next up for violation of human rights because we remember all too well what you did at the NSA.

      • So this is one of the people at NSA that was pushing fake coup attempt against Samuel Doe that got lots of people killed? I see why he likes what this clown Morlu is doing. If you people want to bring your tactics from the Doe era to implicate opposition leaders in fake assassination so your can have them killed, the Doe ending is what your looking for….

  2. That silly scarecrow about Human Rights violations isn’t going to silence me; I told some of you agent provocateurs long time ago that 14 years of exemplary performance elsewhere was already under my belt before the September 1980 NSA job: Bull crap!

  3. Slyvester Moses,
    As a former spy chief, why aren’t you upset that this jackass Morlu is stirring the pot of confusion by trying to implicate opposition leaders in an alleged assassination plot of Weah? Of all people you should know better, but because of your BLIND support for the Weah’s Government, you tend to ignore common sense. Liberia will never go back to the days when assasination plots were manufactured. You guys from the South Eastern Region are known all through our history for this crap.


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