Rep. Kolubah to Form ‘Liberation Movement’

Montserrado County District 10 Rep. Yekeh Kolubah

Promises to “meet fire with fire” in response to violent political attacks

By Robin Dopoe

Montserrado County District #10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah, has publicly vowed that by January next year he will be forming a movement for the “Liberation” of Liberia.

“Let me tell you, by January next year we are going to form a liberation movement to liberate this country.  I am going to form a movement that will become a political party to liberate the Liberian people,” said Rep. Kolubah on Tuesday in Monrovia on the grounds of the Capitol.

Rep. Kolubah has been a vocal critic of President George Weah. As a controversial political figure, he has been caught up in numerous altercations and stand-off situations with supporters of the President, as well as with the Liberia National Police.

Kolubah, who had suspended his membership with the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) recently, also stated: “I am going to resign from the ANC (Alternative National Congress) and the CPP to form a group that will liberate this country.  We need liberation; we cannot be in this government that people will throw stones and we don’t throw our own.”

According to Representative Kolubah, the CPP is alluding to comments by people against him that he is a troublemaker and, for that, they are not supporting him in all that he is going through at the hands of the President and members of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). This situation, he says, is one of the factors leading him to form his movement that will liberate Liberia from the hands of a “dictator.”

The Montserrado lawmaker, who claims he cannot retract his statement like Senator Darius Dillon, told journalists yesterday that the movement he has planned to form will turn into a political party that Liberians will choose people who will lead it, but as a concern to him, Liberians are suppressed under a dictator and they need to be liberated.

The ANC, from which Representative Kolubah suspended his membership, is a part of the CPP that has combined forces with other parties to oust the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in the series of scheduled elections leading to 2023. His move to disengage from the CPP, according to him, is based on the issues of principles and of abandonment. 

“It is my right to leave,” Kolubah said. “They are not ready to liberate the Liberian people. Let them go ahead with their political party. My membership is already suspended, so come January, I am going to leave the ANC and the CPP to form a movement, and that movement could be turned in to a political party. Look, politics is not about Facebook and chatrooms. These people are jokers.” 

The pending movement, the lawmaker said, is still in the developmental stage and the details will be communicated to the public early next year.

Not like Dillon

On Sunday, September 13, Montserrado County Senator and the main contender in the upcoming senatorial election, Abraham Darius Dillon, was attacked across the St. Paul River bridge, where he had gone to meet with his supporters. With the belief that the attack against him was orchestrated by supporters of the ruling CDC, Dillon said he and his supporters would start defending themselves by attacking any group that attacks him. He also said he would extend his retaliatory attack to the President’s convoy.  Dillon has since retracted the comment of attacking the President’s convoy. 

Taking cue from this, Representative Kolubah said: “Dillon is a boy and I am a man.  I cannot say something and take it back.”

The tough talking Representative said that he will no longer complain to House Speaker Bhofal Chambers of any attack on him by any group, but will from henceforth defend himself. Anytime anywhere I meet fire, I will respond with fire.  People are throwing stones at people and we must throw ours, and the movement we have decided to form will make sure to get this dictator from power, and this is something I can say without taking it back like Dillon.”


  1. Spot on! Weah has mobilized the radicals. Terrible leadership has given rise to folks like Yekeh, Prince Johnson and Alex Tyler to be seen as leaders. Liberia needs to rid itself of Weah and his likes, put all these warlords and their combatants out of elected positions and institute a court system to trial the accused.

    Audit the Weah government and act on all audit reports from the Ellen government. Change the entire Supreme Court judges and hire professional judges in lower courts.

    Anything short of these, Liberia is bound to be a rollercoaster until thy kingdom cometh!

    • How will this happen when we Liberian killed all our good good lawyers in the country my dear so we got part of rebel doing their own things in Liberia

  2. Beware, Weah!

    It took Liberia 14 years to destroy the little infrastructure and disintegrate every functional state apparatus. It’s going to take Liberia 50 years (under a progressivist leadership) or 100 years (under a Weah-type rulership) to rebuild all that was destroyed.

    Why is Weah and the CDC desperate to physically intimidate opposition figures to rig the upcoming election?
    Why should some people have the right to run campaign in some districts and others do not have the right to do so?
    Why should the GoL and the NEC remain silent on violence meted out on opposition figures?
    Are we observing to see things escalate before acting? Don’t we want to prevent again? Do we want to cure as usual?

    Beware Weah, Liberia is from very very far. If you do not have the brain to think, you should never have fought your way to the presidency.
    Are you listening to Rep. Kolubah? Have you taken up your time to listen to what the guy says or does? Are you waiting to see him in action in order to kill him?
    Remember, Weh-Syen, Nelson Toe, Harry Johnson, Henry Zuo, Robert Sumo and then Quiwonkpa. They were all assassinated but the late Samuel Doe continued to have opposition until his tragic demise in 1991.

    Stop the hooliganism against opposition political figures!
    The Liberian people have seen that you can deliver on NOTHING! Stop your intimidations and provocations. Why will you provoke a benign guy like Senator Dillion into losing control, by saying things he doesn’t intend?

    Liberia is fragile and volatile. It is a country easily prone to violence. Senator Kolubah has threatened the peace and security of the state. Don’t sit and think that because you have other former rebels with you, the guy cannot do anything. If we should reach that far, you and your thugs will be held responsible before the ICC.

    Keep our hard-earned peace alive!
    You are a big failure and can no longer win any clean elections. This election will be clean, rest assure. Violence is not going to win it for you.

    Beware, hoodlum Weah!
    No more war in Liberia!

  3. Another Liberian rebel group in peace time, I presume? What a country, so much noise without doing anything tangible to benefit the poor and the needy!

  4. What has GMW go to do with the neuroses of a Frankenstein created by NPFL who once adopted the ghoulish – civil war – fondness for being photographed with the skulls of victims around his neck? Rep Kolubah was among thousands of youths lured or forced into combat and later left with untreated PTSDs. Frankly, he and many were failed by fraudulent politicians and NGO’s that embezzled UN funds meant for de-traumatizing child soldiers and other combatants.

    Anyway, I’m not surprised that detractors are detouring from the drivers of his psychotic behaviors in order to demonize GMW they consider unbeatable at the polls. It is an overused defeatist tactic that often leads to reckless destructive actions. Most Liberians know the current economic hemorrhage was inherited, and Covid-19 increased hardships, thus believe threats of Yekeh Kolubah speak to desperation of a CPP with unattractive leadership.

    If that hypothesis correct, it is mistaken. Apparently, my comment on underestimating the Qwinwonkpa threat anticipated Kolubah’s. He actually threatened, “The movement will liberate Liberia by any means from this dog Ambassador Weah…” Liberia needs a law to deter terroristic threats including incitement of political violence. With the likes of Pedro Henry Costa and Hon Yekeh Kolubah our new patriots, Machiavelli must have had our gullibility in mind with his quote:
    “One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived”.

  5. I said this before, folks. Weah does not have what it takes to be a good leader. His coming to power has been an opportunity for him and his officials to enrich themselves. So until he has stolen enough money from government coffers, left the country impoverished and hopeless, he will do anything unlawful to hold on to power.

    Weah is a spineless leader who, for the lack of lack of a better way to put it, has relied solely on the expertise of others to perform his duties.

  6. Tellingly, Kolubah is resigning from ANC to solely serve subversive ends. For a President who has been undermined by sore losers since his inaugural address, GMW has shown tolerance to the extent of proposing the KAK ACT decriminalizing sedition. However, I repeat, to preempt and nip chaos in the bud, Justice Minister Musa Dean and Senator Varney Sherman should craft legislation as a deterrent to terroristic threats.


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