Rep. Kolubah, Montserrado County Attorney Martins Exchange Invectives


The premises of the Temple of Justice were on Monday, April 15, 2019 a scene of disbelief and shock when Montserrado County District #10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah, and Montserrado County, Attorney Cllr. Edward Kla Martin exchanged invectives in the court yard of the Temple of Justice.

The drama started shortly after Cllr. Martin, at a hurriedly organized press conference, claimed that he had invited Rep. Kolubah to appear before him on Tuesday, April 16 to  clarify statements the lawmaker made on Sunday, April 14, 2019 at a gathering of political parties at the UP headquarters  Congo Town.  Cllr. Martin alleged that ‘Kolubah’ used the occasion to rain insults at President George Weah, and he made known his plan to destabilize the government by whatever means possible.

“This statement by Rep. Kolubah has a national security implication, and must appear before me to clarify it,” Atty. Martin said.

Minutes after Atty. Martin’s declaration, Rep. Kolubah, accompanied by several individuals, entered the court yard of the Temple of Justice, where he met with journalists and rubbished the county attorney’s accusation.

“I am here, because I want for Martin to serve me the document for me to appear before him on Tuesday,” the lawmaker declared in a loud tone of voice.

“Martin spoke because he had just returned from smoking marijuana, and drinking a lot of wine from his father, President Weah’s Jamaica Resort. And, so I dare him to invite me for any meeting about the statement I made against the President,” Kolubah said.

“Martin is a drunk, and a kitchen boy to President Weah; this is why he was making that accusation against a sitting lawmaker,” Kolubah declared, adding, “if Martin was interested in the protection of the rights of the people, let him first arrest President Weah, and his criminal Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Samuel Tweah, and officials at the Central Bank of Liberia, who are involved in the disappearance of hundreds of United States dollars from the bank,” the lawmaker claimed.

On the accusation that Kolubah was influenced by Benoni Urey, political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), and former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, the lawmaker rubbished the claims, charging that, “Martin is a fool; he needs to understand that I am an elected official, and so nobody can influence any decision that I would take.”

At the press conference, Atty. Martin also claimed that Rep. Kolubah’s statement was made in the presence of Mr. Benoni Urey, and Mr. Boakai, “where he openly threatened to overthrow the democratically elected government within three months without any reaction or open rebuke from Urey and Boakai.”

Martin further claimed that the April 14 street protest organized by the lawmaker strangely lost its purpose of being a peaceful democratic assembly, and “become a rebel style politically rally.”

“This behavior of a lawmaker is absolutely incompatible with the exercise of freedom of speech and peaceful assembly,” Martin claimed, charging that Rep. Kolubah’s supporters, on television, called President Weah a rogue and threatened that “he and his group will engage in actions that will make the government to run away from power.”

Yesterday’s exchange was calmed by some prominent peaceful citizens, who called on the two men to respect the rule of law as well as “sanctity” of the courtyard of the Temple of Justice.


  1. The National Security must have Kolubah arrested for inciting the citizens of Liberia and for his statement to over throw the Liberian Government in 3 Months. Kolubah statement and behavior contrevene the constitution of Liberia. Liberians have the right to demonstrate and express their concerns, but any act which will be seen as a threat to the president and the state, this act will be met with a very strong resistence. Liberian government should not allow a sitting law maker to make that threatend the office of the president.

  2. We need a united Liberia. Ours is a developing country. We need domestic and foreign investors. We need a climate of economic, social and political stability.. Too much political wrangling could scare potential investors away. If the nation’s politicians cannot put their differences aside, we’ll be doomed. When the doomsday arrives, there’ll be trouble. Frankly, there’s no need to curse because of a political difference. A curse or an insult has not been able to solve a problem. Never will any issue be resolved by spewing dirt. I hope that top-ranking people do not need clorox or borox or whatever in their mouths in order to wipe out the filth they spew.

    All I have said is a suggestion to the wise. It’s not a sermon. God bless Liberia. Peace.

  3. It is not the place and prerogative of any “county attorney,” whether in Montserrado, or Zwedru, or Voinjama to cite anyone for questioning because of their mere utterance except, that is, such county attorney is doing so out of zealotry or ignorance. We have requisite security institutions including the NSA, Justice Ministry, NBI (if still exists) or the LNP for that purpose, if at all warranted. So Kolubah may not be the one inciting chaos in this instance rather, it is the so-called county attorneys who are playing cops by stepping way beyond their boundaries in tis instance that are inciting the rigmarole in the making. Sometimes it is better to let sleeping dog lie as with these airings out, so to speak, than stoking unnecessary conflicts as these unhinged county attorneys are doing. I guess when everybody wants to show off as to who has more power than the others, then, of course, “the grass suffers” as a result. Somebody better exercise restraints here in the realm of wisdom.

  4. @Hilary Snyder, Hon. Yekeh Kolubah made a statement that “HE WILL UNSEAT THE GOVERNMENT OF PRESIDENT WEAH IN THREE MONTHS….” I do agree that the County Attorney is not the requisite authority to address the intent of Hon. Kolubah, however such statement coming from a sitting District Representative does not augur well for that body, especially knowing the person the honorable man had been in the past, ex-general indulge in looting and killing all his life. In this case, it is not the issue of letting sleeping dog lie because this representative has continuously been insulting and accusing the president of corruption without any proof. Additionally, these ex-generals have not been properly rehabilitated, least to mention some like Hon. Yekeh I believe was never submitted to the rehabilitation process but continue to reside in the society, which to a great extend poses threat. Such individual have the ability to snap anytime, and this is telling on him as depicted in his attitude. He’s gone to the extent to threaten to unseat a sitting government, simply because all his youth, he was taught that the best approach to change is to unseat a government, which they did in 1990 and hostilities continued until 2003. Actually the problem is not with the ex-generals like Hon Yekeh or P.Y.J., but rather the impoverished Liberian people that put these guys in the highest offices in government. What is also shocking and shameful in Liberia is that every wrong thing folks do, they end up getting support for doing such wrong instead of being rebuked into correction to better improve their behavior. Guys like Hon. Yekeh Kolubah, Hon. Prince Y. Johnson, Hon. Sando Johnson should all be admitted into a penitentiary (Mental Health Hospital) pending War Crime Trial but instead they are in the legislature, pretending to be making law after breaking the laws of the country. No matter why former U.S. president George H.W. Bush Jr. left a library of books because he believed the main issue confronting Liberia is lack of education. Notably, at certain front, even the educated Liberians behave just like the highly uneducated Liberians.


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