Rep. Kolubah Enters Speaker’s Good Graces

(File photo) Speaker Chambers (seated) sternly cautions Rep. Kolubah (standing) to mostly pursue legislative decisiveness and to act with decorum.

Speaker Chambers appoints Rep. Kolubah to Specialized Committee First-time-in-2-years

It seems since Rep. Yekeh Kolubah suspended his membership from the Council of Patroits (COP), a friendly relationship between him and House’s Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers is budding, evident of his first appointment in two years, as member to a Specialized Investigative Committee.

The staunch critic of the administration of President George M. Weah suspended his membership from the COP without any reasons but said he would withhold his membership until “it becomes necessary to be reactivated.” On Tuesday, February 4, 2020, the House Speaker, to the suprise of his colleagues, journalists and observers appointed Rep. Kolubah as one of the 21 lawmakers to investigate the Liberia Petroleum Refining Corporation and Major Importers of petroleum products on the shortage of gasoline across the country.  The Committee will report to Plenary within a week.

The first-in-two-years’ appointment of the Montserrado County District #10 Representative into a Specialized Committee was greeted with applause.

Rep. Kolubah and 72 other Representatives and 30 Senators made up of the 54th Session, seated on January 15, 2018. It may be recalled, Rep. Kolubah and the late Rep. Adolph Lawrence of Montserrado County District #15 were thrown out of session two times on the order of Speaker Chambers on what he termed as “un-representative behaviors.”

Rep. Kolubah was also sent to the House’s Rules, Order and administration Committee three times for alleged violations of their Rules and Regulations, of which his colleagues accused him that his utterances will put the public against the House of Representatives. Rep. Kolubah, a critic of the President, always accused the government of corruption and bad governance. He once brought a football and a jersey in the House’s chamber to present it to the President through the Speaker, arguing that on one of the President’s trips, he was given similar gifts, instead of financial support for the country.

Rep. Kolubah was lastly asked by House Plenary to appear before a Special Investigative and Ethics Committee of the House of Representatives, following a complaint from Grand Bassa County District #3 Representative Matthew Joe on his (Rep. Kolubah’s) alleged disturbing behaviors including the throwing of stones between the supporters of Rep. Kolubah and that of some disenchanted youths, who are said to be zogos, in Buchanan. The Grand Bassa County lawmaker previously complained Rep. Kolubah to the House’s Plenary of recruiting his constituents in his district to participate in the June 7, 2019 Save the State Protest.

Besides Rep. Joe complained, the Liberia National Police also complained Rep. Kolubah to the Lower House of allegedly bringing hundreds of protestors on the grounds of the Capitol Building, one of outbound grounds for the protesters.

It may be recalled, because of Rep. Kolubah incessant complains to the House of Representatives, the House’s Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning Chairman, Rep. Thomas P. Fallah of Montserrado County District #5, vowed that, if Rep. Kolubah does not desist from consistently and continuously bringing the House of Representatives into ‘disrepute’ with his ‘reckless and insulting comments’ he (Rep. Fallah) will either lobby for Rep. Kolubah’s suspension, if he is lucky, or expelled if his luck runs out.

Rep. Kolubah’s latest assertion about having evident that money was printed and brought in the country through the Robert International Airport (RIA) almost put him under the bus.


  1. “An Olive Branch, Conduit to Harmony “

    Tough-talking ex rebel general Yekeh Koulubah just made a 180 degree turn around. Maybe we the Liberian People, can learn something from his decision. We cannot remain a divided people all the time. To build a better and beautiful Liberia, we have to fend of foes and adversaries. It can only be achieved if we put away differences and work as a unit.

    The PPP Rice of April 14, 1979 led by then tough talker, Gabriel Baccus Matthew served as a beginning of Liberia modern crises. Foes and other enemies of progress capitalized on events, and made Liberia their ground for uncertainty. I m not against any opposition politicians or political parties grievances, but keeping the peace is of paramount concern.

    We should remember that as we choose to fight amongst ourselves, we loose sight of the wonders and beauty of our efforts in building a nation.

    To all Liberians: you can choose a wife, a friend, a religion, a diet and dressing code, etc, but you will never choose your brother, sisters, mother or the nation in which you are born. It transcend your ability. What ever transcends your ability as human being, you got to learn to live with it till death. We have to learn to live together as Liberians for the good of all.

  2. So we have to learn to live with useless people we call our honerables??? I DONT BLAME KEYEh… We Liberian are very unserious, lazy, and amoral people. We do everything we can to self sobatage. Still hoping we will wake up someday

  3. Yes, it looks like Kolubah is up to two things:

    1. Kolubah probably experienced an epiphany. He made the decision to abandon his vindictiveness in order to seriously work with the Weah government for progress. If that’s what he is doing, it’s all good.

    2. Maybe because of his epiphany or salvation, Kolubah is fed up with the “do nothing” founders and supporters of the CoP. Kolubah probably realizes that the CoP is a hellhole that’s plagued with troublemakers. Again, if that’s his thinking, we applaud Kolubah.

    The tough-talking Kolubah is young and energetic. If he really means business in terms of improving relations with Weah, (the guy he constantly refers to as “the most corrupt president”), Kolubah will be highly respected.

    But there could be a problem for him.
    Let’s assume that Kolubah has broken ranks with the CoP crowd. What is the likelihood that he will be respected by his one time bossom buddies? Kolubah will not be admired or received positively. In other words, Kolubah will be labeled as a “Benedict Arnold” or a turncoat!

    Let’s wait and see how the new relationship goes between Kolubah and Chambers. The relationship may bear good fruits. If that happens, Liberia will become a better place and all of us will be happy.

    As always,

  4. The government has finally realized that there is no way to do away with Rep.Kolubbah. They have finally bowed down to him. All their Intimidations have failed against him. The government has first finally surrendered. I want to congratulate him for standing firm and never gave up. Representative Yekeh Kolubah is a true hero. Thanks to the international community!

  5. Tamba Borbor, you are a fool. It is Yekeh Kolubah and his erstwhile gang of bandits CoP from which he has distanced and dissociated himself which has realized that there is no way the Government will ever give in to their stupid CoP’S demands, nor would the diplomatic and international communities give any credence to their CoP’S irresponsible, reckless, and silly political stupidities.

    So the very fact that this rebel thug Yekeh Kolubah has since tacitly and practically bowed to government’s power, the Speaker is right to take him in as A PRODIGAL SON and as he the Speaker Chambers the father who after spanking the child Yekeh Kolubah with the right hand, he draws him Kolubah closer with the left hand!

    The President Weah Government has set a very good precedence! Henceforth no group of scumbags or any group will just jump up with foolish demands, and believe Government will give attention to such social insanity and political stupidity!!

    • Liberia is all we’ve got people, only Liberians can develop Liberia. Hon Kolubah is still a Liberian despite his previous opposing view as to how our nation should be run.
      It will be very smart of the current leadership to wrap hands around the Hon and see how best some of his brilliant ideas(if any) can be embedded into the into the government’s Pro-Poor Agenda.
      Hon Kolubah should now dedicate his time to do the job for which he was elected and is being paid to do.
      Our nation was held on pause for the entire 2019 because of some egotistic political science student (Costa) who decided to use Liberia to practice theories he doesn’t fully comprehend.
      We are waiting to see the next moves of Sen Dillion. Hope he’ll put pride aside and join Yekeh in performing their jobs and working along with this current leadership to move our nation forward. Hence Liberia is a century behind in terms modern civilization, engineering, technology, transportation, science and innovation.

  6. Concerned Citizen,
    If you’re such a “Concerned Citizen” as claimed, I would have thought that patriotism and love of country filled with a solution-based conversation will guide your utterances as supposed to insults and name-calling. Why insult others involved in a constructive conversation regarding our national interest? Can we have civility in our conversation, respect for diverging opinions and mature deliberations free of profanity as a Nation and people?

    Sadly, our manhood is not defined by how much profanities we spewed on fellow citizens for their differing opinions on national issues affecting our Nation, regardless of our individual or political affiliations. It’s time we unite, in spite of our differences and put Liberia first and foremost. We do not have to be part of the same political, ethnic and other affiliations, but our common patrimony is Liberia and therefore, we must do our utmost best to improve and provide the necessary leadership for the prosperity of this Nation and people.

    Let’s also remember that Liberia has been around for little over a hundred and seventy plus years and leaders come and go. Our generation has the responsibility to ensure that succeeding generations will have a positive outlook and opinions of our individual and collective roles in administering the affairs of our beloved Liberia. Simply, history will be our judge and so, let’s discuss issues of national interest with a higher sense of patriotism, love of country, responsibility, and civility. That’s how I see it.

    • Thank you Sir,
      Those are the type of people who are largely empowered in Liberia. He thinks people don’t know who he is (computer forensic, etc). He and many from his group will insult because you do not come from his Tribe?
      Tribalism is massive in Liberia. People are complaining about employment from mainly one group, etc?
      God bless our country so that the best educated with the needed Know-Hows and Skillsets can head the development of our nation.
      Respect for all.
      In God we trust.

  7. Again, Again and Again:
    Liberia will never move forward without the best educated with the needed Know-Hows, Skillsets, etc.

    God bless Liberia.

  8. Yes, it my be so cuz Costa and mo Ali left him in the middle so they don’t care about him and his driver so he have to find another way to get himself I.


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