Rep. Kolubah Charged Over Vandalism of His Residence

Rep. Yekeh Kolubah (rear, center) and his supporters were heard singing battle cry songs, which disrupted normal court activities at the Temple of Justice, on October 1, 2020.

Just a day after a live bullet was discovered at the residence of Montserrado County District#10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah, the Liberia National Police (LNP) have charged and forwarded the Lawmaker to the Monrovia City Court at the Temple Of Justice on multiple offenses that include supplying of fire arms and destructive or ammunition.

Rep. Kolubah was charged along with three of his sympathizers in connection to the alleged confiscation of a short single barrel gun along with 1 round of ammunition that was alleged to have been in the possession of a man identified as Mohammed Kamara, alias Scorpion, believed to be one of Kolubah’s supporters.

Kolubah’s appearance at the Monrovia City Court created serious tension at the Temple of Justice, leading to the intervention of armed police, who barricaded the premises of the Court yard to avoid any potential rioting.

Rep. Kolubah and his supporters were heard singing battle cry songs, which disrupted normal court activities as court staff left their various offices to get a glance of the lawmaker and his supporters’ actions, which lasted for several hours and subsided after Rep. Kolubah left the premises of the Temple of Justice.

His supporters, along with the three other defendants, Mohammed Kamara, Rebecca Williams and Daniel Boakai, who remained there, were later remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison after their Lawyers failed to secure a criminal appearance bond that could prevent them from being sent to prison since the charges qualify them for a bail.

Their charges include aggravated assault, criminal attempt to commit murder, criminal mischief, theft of property, burglary, disorderly conduct and rioting.

Other charges include failure to disperse and obstructing highways and other public passages.

The court document claims that Rep. Kolubah and his sympathizers were also attempting to burn down the residence of a man identified as Kollie Morlue, who police alleged had a serious confrontation with the Lawmaker that led to throwing of stones between the supporters of Rep. Kolubah and Morlue.

“While the police were on the scene a gun shot sound was heard in the midst of Rep. Kolubah and his sympathizers at the intersection of Chugbor and Symthe road in Sinkor, heading towards Kolubah’s residence,” the court records alleges.

The court record claims that, as a result of the gun shot, some men of the Old Road Community organized themselves, became agitated and started throwing stones at Kolubah’s sympathizers, while the Lawmaker and his supporters returned the stones throwing across the streets.”The stones throwing on both sides lasted for some time,” the document said, adding that Rep. Kolubah, who owns an upstairs building adjacent Morlue’s zinc round house, located on the Symthe road, intended to cross a high-tension electrical wire over Morlue’s house without his (Morlue’s) consent.

The activity, the record claims, Morlue resisted on grounds that the electrical wire poses hazard to his property and family; therefore, Morlue asked the Lawmaker to halt the ongoing work. However, the Lawmaker’s supporters got enraged and violently moved into Morlue’s zinc house and vandalized the entire house where they fired two rounds of the gun on the scene.

The actions of Kolubah’s sympathizers allegedly caused some community members to hurriedly go to Morlue’s house to contain the situation and prevent further damages to lives and property.

The court record claims that in the process, the District #10 office building of Rep. Kolubah was vandalized, with the looting of several items including a flat screen TV, while a windshield and side glasses of four vehicles belonging to the Lawmaker, that were parked in the Lawmaker’s yard, were damaged.

Also, Morlue’s house and business center was also vandalized with valuable properties and goods were stolen, while Morlue’s wife, Mamie Kollie, sustained injury on her body.


  1. So the police planted evidence on Yekeh to incriminate him? I am not in Monrovia but that night i was listening to Spoon TV reporter covering the episode at Yekeh’s house where the police was on the scene along with some thugs throwing rocks at the premises of Yekeh. They threatened the reporter to leave or else they would harm him. The reporter left and took cover in the police pickup. At that time the thugs had surrendered Yekeh’s house and began to through stones at Yekeh’s house. I could hear the reporter live on Facebook live that some of the thugs had arms and cutlasses attacking Yekeh’s house. The police was not stopping the thugs or did not arrest any of the perpetrators. I am surprised that the police would charge the victims of the crime created by thugs action coordinated by the LNP.

  2. well, this too is Liberia. and with the kind of Govt, the police always do things like these to clear their name. they just need to be careful cause when people get upset and get on the move, not even the army can stop them cause they will have to kill a lot of people before this thing can end.
    they are doing all they can to Kill Yekeh for speaking out against the govt and Weah. One day they will be exposed. I don’t support yekeh for insulting Weah as a Human But 100% support I give him For speaking out against what is Happening to all Liberians by our leaders.
    when they were not in power they insulted and said a lot to bring the pass govt down, now they are in power they don’t want anyone to speak against them. “Do unto others as you will have them do unto you”. The church spoke against this attack on yekeh this gone Sunday, 3days too long and they are after Yekeh again.

    they need to be careful so this country cannot go back in to been declare unsafe for people again, where lawlessness will become the order of the day, and people start running for their Lives.

    I hope the UN is watching what is unfolding in Liberia so to bring the people in power to justice when the time comes.

  3. Oh, so Yekeh Kolubah, just because the Liberia National Police (LNP) have charged and forwarded YOU to the Monrovia City Court at the Temple Of Justice on multiple offenses that include YOU supplying fire arms and destructive ammunition. this is why you have come back to join us ANC and CoP,

    Well, just as we did not miss you when you left us, you can rest assured that if you delude yourself into thinking that by rejoining us you will be exonerarted from your crimes for which you are charged, you are LYING TO YOURSELF.

    As far as we are concerned, you are a traitor. You cannot betray us when everything was fine with you, but now when your own body guards want to treat you with your own medecine you gave to them, and after you have committed criminal offenses, you want us to believe in your crocodile cry and your treacherous smile. You are a troublemaker and a traitor.

  4. Mr. Concern ANC member! You are not ANC member because this has nothing to do with being ANC member or CPP. This is about the direction in which our country is heading and the leaderships sees nothing being wrong. Why are Liberians so deceptive about the facts that we know is wrong and everyone sits there, mute their voices and pretend that, nothing ever happened? Is this the kind of Liberia that we want for our children and ourselves? Is this the kind of changes that is term “Democratic Change”?

    It is a sad day in Liberia to witness what occurred at Yekeh residence in district 10, for our national police to be accusing the victim of possessing fire arms. Let me cross examine the police narrative if they are making sense of their charges. 2 gunshots sound were heard from within the supporting crowd of hon. Kolubah, no one was short to death or no one had sustained any bullet wounds? What could have been the motive of discharging 2 bullets in such a crowded situation? Have the LNP retrieved the gun that supposingly Fire the 2 bullets? Was hon. Yekeh fingerprint found on the gun, if found? There are just too many questions that need answers.

    The LNP has done it again in Liberia, doing everything in their boundaries to firmed Yekeh to a crime in Liberia. Why are they so naive about their quest to bring this gentleman down at all cost? We need to seriously be very careful because, this is excatly how war starts and we don’t want to exit in that direction, considering where we are just coming from. The notions that, anyone who don’t agree or criticized the administration on issues, you become automatically labelled as opposition. This is very serious and misleading. What happened to Yekeh residence is wrong and must be condemned by every Liberians that seek peace as partnership in Liberia. The LNP, pls stop the partisan policing because, you are doing more harm than good to Liberia. Be natural when defending and protecting in Liberia.

    • Mr fool Joseph M Akoi, is the ruthlessness that is being displayed by Yeke a part of any civilized norms in any part of the world?
      What example that is being set as law maker in Yeke?

      • Mr. Smith white! I am not going that direction with you with insults and disrespect about my views. Have you watch parliament in session in South Africa, or Kenya or Uganda? Perhaps you are limited in terms of world current events. Look at you labelling me as fool about my views, meaning if we ever interact, you will be worst than Yekeh Kolubah that you considered uncivilized.

        Because Hon. Kolubah is vocal about the administration bad governance, you justify what had happened to him at his residence in district 10. Giving your sense of reasoning to be accurate, you will need help mentally because that’s wrong. You don’t engaged in vandalism because someone criticizes or insults you. That’s the beauty of democracy and because your vocabularies are limited, you run out of words and results to insults whenever someone disagree with you. I don’t tolerate folks like you because, we are far apart. Be blessed and keep safe.

  5. Mr. AKOI,

    This whole scheme is prepared and executed by Weah and thugs. They have nothing to offer Liberia. They are ashamed of their massive failure and so they want the country to slip back into chaos, but they are being watched carefully at every corner.

    Weah tried silencing Costa, but the guy is even free to say anything about him now then when he was in Liberia. Most of all, he’s given the guy international recognition and status of a politically oppressed individual.

    He started this wish hunt against Kolubah when the guy boldly spoke of his involvement in killing Liberians by being one of the financiers of MODEL. And the guy (Kolubah) promised to resign if Weah came out and proved him wrong.
    This is Weah’s major problem with Kolubah, no more, no less. Weah is another hoodlum Liberia should tactfully send to the garage to preserve our hard-earned peace.

    No more war in Liberia, Weah!

  6. The Know Plenty ‘Know Nothing Liberian’.

    So much blame to be shared around but no progressive mind to advocate good education, good hospital, no better trained doctors.
    A national disgrace is looming over us, where in our government officials and law makers are dying by the numbers in a third world country like Ghana ( that is the biggest health care ‘mecca’ we have seen).We are spending thousands of dollars flying people to Ghana with illnesses that can be cured by standard qualify Registered Nurse (RN). The people of Ghana and others are making mockery of us–hence our age, we cannot be a leader but locked horn in throwing stones at one another.

    Let’s continue throwing stones at one another for the next 10 years and see where it will take us. With the partisan battle cry, well, I think it has become the new anthem in Monrovia. I really don’t know who are we declaring war against with the every day battle cry.

    Mamadu Bah (N/P), Meridian Health, Adelaide, Aust.

    • Mr. Bah! Your ideas are excatly what they should be working towards and building institutions to sustain but how can they archives such goals when they are too busy doing nothing and most of all, recording music in studio? How many president around the world is singing music every now and then? Who are the people advising our president? Everything you have said Mr. Bah is accomplish able in Liberia but our leadership need to lead, have a roadmap, then execute according to what being planned. The first thing that need fixing is our lawmakers salaries. Excess or surplus from their salaries can do a lot in terms of infrastructure development.

      Many of our leaders are belly driven and self center and they don’t really care about ordinary Liberians. We need a complete revolution In Liberia if we really want to make Liberia our retirement country. Up to now Mamadu, there is no fixed educational curriculum in Liberia and we expect good out of the next generation? What they are doing in Liberia in terms of our educational roadmap, is even deadly than the AK47 because, the youth of today Liberians are empty skull and these are our future human resources expected to governed Liberia when we are gone. Mamadu, let’s continue the conversation of our lovely country and be optimistic about changes to come. Peace, not war.

  7. When a law is made in a naivety way to shade certain class of people from blame, these are the outcomes. The 1986 constitution need to be overwhelmingly overhauled with urgency to suit current reality. Rep. Kolubah’s attitude is unbecoming and government need to put an immediate end to such hooliganism. Unlike for Liberia’s where evil is rewarded for good, these kinds of people don’t need to be amongst peaceful society.If Liberia could be a well meaning countries like Rwanda and Sierra Leone, by now Rep. Kolubah and his accomplices of the warlord could have being hanged or spending their lives term in prison for their atrocities committed against the state, but to saddened, they has been rewarded with greater power to further displays their evil attitudes. This sad a event for our beloved country.

    There is no way that you can refine or rehabilitate a warlord most especially a general like Yekeh Kolubah who used to take in drugs or drink human blood to put his brain to actions. What Liberian people can expect from such a person? Nothing else but
    a complete mess and orchestrator of restive situation wherein his senses of reasoning had been contaminated with drugged addiction or suckling of humans blood. Even the last psychiatric is unable to revamps Kolubah consciousness. If he ( Yekeh Kolubah) could have senses of reasonings and do things in confines of the law, he could be moderate and honestly ask Mr. Kollie to legally encroach on his property which could be a beneficiary to both of them. But being arrogance in spirit and over use of power, he forcibly trespassed on Mr. Mollie’s property which brought such fracas.

    Liberians, this is a typical example that we should not keep repeating by rewarding those who commit heinous crimes against state with lucrative jobs which proceeds they can use in return to further commit Havocs. Yekeh Kolubah need to spend his remaining three years as representative in jail that is the only our fragile peace will be stable most especially for those who are in the private sector.

  8. Comrade Joe Akoi,
    Salaries of Liberia’s lawmakers need adjustment, there’s no doubt. My question to you is this…. who do you think is well-positioned to adjust salaries?

    • Mr. Hney! Very good question and this is where leaderships comes in. In our Republic system in Liberia, only the president has such will to do so by means of referendum through the people. Just how the president has call on to amend our constitution, he can also do so using his executive power to correct the wrong. In the first place, the Liberian senate and representatives work for the Liberian people. We the people should be the one deciding how much money we ought to pay them. They shouldn’t be the one deciding how much to paid themselves. This is the correction that need fixing. The president can call for this special referendum and generate a salary colum like, $3,000 $3,500 $4,000 and so on….., then we the people will decide on just how much these people should be paid. Their benefits can as well be revisited and brings in changes as well.

      Again, only our president has such leverage to do this and nobody else. Remember, the power is in the hands of the people of Liberia and not the lawmakers. What we want is what we will get and that’s the good side of democracy. It won’t be a easy ride but yes, we can if only our president has the will and courage of doing so. Fixing this will be positive for Liberia and Liberians.

  9. Yekeh Kolubah deserve everything that is unfolding. He is rude and abusive to the president of the Republic of Liberia. What kind of law maker is Yekeh Kolubah? You can’t be a lawmaker and go around insulting the president. He is lucky to be alive, he is not the only law maker in Liberia. He is getting what his stupidity worth. Every damn day Yekeh, Yekeh, Yekeh why? I left CPP because of Yekeh Kolubah nonesense

    • “…He is lucky to be alive…” Al Cooper

      So “Mr. Al Cooper,” are you suggesting that the penaulty for Yekeh Kolubah insulting the president is death? In that case you or Yekeh Kolubah, who is more extreme or unlawful in the exercise of their rights? Majority Liberians would prefer other appropriate reprimands if there are any for insults than hanging, or shooting citizens for insulting the president. See how we all sometimes stretch our rights in our passions about the things we feel so dearly about? Your model is just too radical and extremist as peace path in any democratic society.

    • Mr. Cooper! Did I heard you say because of Yekeh “stupidity”? Now here you are insulting Yekeh for doing things that you don’t like as Liberian. Imagine now how Yekeh feels for our president doing things that, he Yekeh don’t like and our president is repeatedly doing? You claimed you left the the CPP because of hon. Kolubah consistently insulting the president. Did you joined the CPP because of hon. Kolubah? Or you had a cause for joining the CPP? That cause should be the only reason you should leave the CPP if, that cause is not respected or undermined and not hon. Yekeh Kolubah insulting our president since, you did not joined CPP because of Yekeh Kolubah and should not be the reason you left, unless you did not have reasons for joining the CPP.

      By the way, our presidency is not immune to insults especially if they act in a disorderly manner. No one deserved what was done to Hon. Kolubah because he insults our president. How can you say “He is lucky to be alived”? So you rather wanted him dead for insulting our president? Even our president will disagree with you because, that’s the wrong exit to take. Should anyone think about punishing you for insulting or telling our lawmaker that, he is stupid? I will say no because, that’s your view about hon. Kolubah and you are entitled to your views about issues and individuals. So too is hon. Yekeh Kolubah. His views are his and nobody else’s. That’s excatly how he feels about the president.

      Let’s condemned violence in Liberia and embrace peace as the way forward. When you say what you said, you justified the violence encouraging it to happened again and even worst than previous. We don’t need this type of situation in Liberia where police are standing bye watching properties being destroyed and they are doing nothing to deterred the situation. This behaviour is unacceptable and let’s condemned it together and give peace a chance. Be blessed and keep safe


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