Rep. Kogar Self-Quarantined In Buutuo

Rep. Samuel Kogar

After entering the country by land

Nimba County District #5 Representative Samuel G. Kogar has placed himself under quarantine after secretly entering the country through Buutuo from Ghana.

Representatives Korgar and Francis Dopoh on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, entered the country from Ghana by land through the bordering town of Buutuo in Nimba County, creating fear and concern among citizens in the mist of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Information reaching the Daily Observer says the two lawmakers were received by a huge crowd comprising their supporters.

Many citizens expressed fear that why the lawmakers could not enter the country by air so as to go through the protocol of testing.

“Even though Buutuo bordering point is a recognized border in Liberia, it does not have any health worker to screen people for COVID-19,” said Dixon Koyean, a citizen of District five residing in Ganta.

“If he comes down with the virus the district will be seriously hit and it is going to be bad for our people,” he added.
Buutuo is the home of Representative Kogar and a popular town in Nimba with history of the Liberian civil war.

However, Rep. Kogar admitted not going through any screening at the border because he did not see any health practitioner at the port of entry.

He explained that the border point is a recognized border, where he passed through the Immigration corridor of Liberia before entering the country.

“I met the border opened and entered legally, not secretly as people are claiming,” he said.


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