Rep. Koffa Set to Deliver 2nd Legislative Annual Report in Palurken

Rep. J. Fonati Koffa

Representative J. Fonati Koffa of Grand Kru County District #2 has disclosed that he is preparing to leave shortly to his hardly accessible county to inform people of his district about activities that occurred during the second sitting of the Legislature in 2019.

During constituency break that usually begins in August of every year, lawmakers are expected to go to their respective districts to enlighten their constituents on what they did in line with their three cardinal responsibilities — representation, oversight, and law-making.  However, not every lawmaker can make use of the break to go to their constituencies during this time because some continue with office engagements or have some official trips abroad; something that cannot be ruled out of Representative Koffa’s absence from the district while the break was on.

Also, in 2019, the Legislature was called back from constituency break by President George M. Weah at least four times to deliberate on legislative matters that were deemed “urgent”.

The county authority, all statutory leaderships of District 2, District Superintendents, Commissioners, Paramount Chiefs, youth representative and women representative, Team J. Fonati Koffa (JFK) and Ateenah members, and (JFK) Coordinators are expected to be in attendance as their lawmaker delivers his annual legislative report.

Grand Kru is one of the least in terms of infrastructural and socio-economic development.  In his report expected to be delivered shortly, Representative Koffa is expected to unveil a package to Grand Kru citizens; a communication system that over 7,000 inhabitants are expected to benefit from in the county.

A Ghanaian company, K-Net, and the Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA) are installing the towers of the communication in Parluken and, after completion, the nightmare of inaccessible communication services in other parts of Grand Kru County is expected to vanish.

Besides the communication project that came to the people of Grand Kru after some time of lobbying, Representative Koffa will inspect the GT Worjloh Elementary School that is ongoing in Sasstown and, following that, will be the inspection of the Taybue Elementary School. The Inspection will continue the following day at the Chengbetee Elementary School including an assessment tour of the Nyankopo road.

Following these activities, Representative Koffa will hold separate meetings in various towns within the district to allow the locals to come close to their government through him.

The Parluken’s report will be climaxed by a question-and-answer section basically meant to provide clarifications on what constituents may find difficult to understand.

Representative Koffa, who is by profession a lawyer, is the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, member of Leadership and the 5th person of the Honorable House of Representatives.

“We feel obliged to report to our constituencies annually on what happened at the Capitol and what we are doing and intend to do in the district of which they have elected us for,” Rep. Koffa said.

“We represent constituencies by making representations on behalf of their individual needs and collective interest,” he added.


  1. One former Speaker of the House ofRepresentatives, one former Pro-temp of the Senate and one present Pro-temp of the Senate and a President, and you say Grand Kru County is the least in terms of infrastructural and socioeconomic development ? Somebody go figure.

  2. Rep. KOFFA,

    Do you expect other people to develop your county?
    You have been and continue to hold senior positions in government. Each of you must just decide to build a decent house in Sass Town or in your home village and at least open a business, any business for that matter, there. In so doing, Grand Kru will develop overnight.
    You could develop tourism by building hotels and expediently exploiting the beautiful coastal beds of the Atlantic Ocean.

    Like many African countries, the Ivory Coast have had some real political thieves. But you know, whenever they steal from the government, they undertake huge development projects in their villages or regional capital cities.
    Whenever the first president, Houphouet Boigny, uncovered such person, he would change their assignment into another agency. When questioned by the population why he could not persecute such person and send him to jail, he would answer by saying, “you cannot look into the mouth of the person watching over the groundnuts” and then case closed!
    But if it were discovered that the funds embezzled were stocked up somewhere in a European bank, that person would be imprisoned, and the money retrieved by the country.

    Do the same, Liberians, if you are addicted to coveting other people’s property and money. Though a sin, I think your people from your village will somehow sympathize with you when imprisoned.

    When we become representatives or senators or ministers or managing directors or so, our entire family automatically moves to the USA, we go there for medical checkups, for vacations, to go shopping, etc. who then is going to develop our country Liberia?
    Of all Africans, this practice is iniquitous of Liberians. What is wrong with us, my people?

    I plead the blood of Jesus over our people for this other blunder our pompous and uncouth political parasites have brought to our people.


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