Communication Service to Be Launched in Gd. Kru Shortly

Rep. Koffa stands ready for tour in his county to campaign

Grand Kru County, one of Liberia’s counties lagging behind in basic social services, is expected the receive communication service shortly with the launching of the Universal Access Tower in Paluken. It may be recalled that a few months ago Grand Kru District #2 Representative, Fonati Koffa drew attention to the need for communication in that part of Liberia that has bad roads linking it to the rest of Liberia and poor infrastructural development. The initiative came through the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) following advocacy by the Representative.

A dispatch from the office of Representative Koffa notes that he, Koffa, will be leaving shortly to attend the launching of the tower as it would provide a vital social service which is communication to the people of that south-eastern county.

The Paluken tower is one of two universal access sites in Liberia that will provide full GSM capabilities and internet to that part of the country. The initial provider is lone star MTN. The occasion will be graced by the  Minister of Post and Telecommunication and officials of the LTA. 

In addition to activities the Grand Kru lawmaker is to participate in, he is expected to kick-start with participating in Tubman University’s graduation ceremony in Maryland County on Saturday November 28, 2020, where scores of students from the county are expected to obtain degrees in various disciplines.

Also a campaig manager for the reelection of Senator Peter Sonpon Coleman on the ticket of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Koffa is expected in Buah at his district office to commence campaign activities. This will take him a day to meet with the “Strike force” district team leaders to further strategize the CDC’s campaign in the county. 

As part of activities to acquaint constituents with the governance process, Rep. Koffa on Monday, December 7, will convene a District Development Meeting in Betu with the residents of Jloh District.  . 

After the election, Rep. Koffa  will visit his projects including the three elementary schools nearing completion. The development tour is teh continuation of support and  promotion of the Pro-Poor Agenda in ensuring developments in all parts of the electoral district


  1. I have no problem with the idea of
    a communicationn gear being installed in Koffa’s constituency. People need to be informed. Information is in my view, is a form of education.

    I do have a concern when elected officials fail to do the right stuff or when they fail to listen carefully to the concerns of their voters.

    Earlier this year, it was disclosed by the Grand Kru Superintendent that:

    *. Motor Roads were needed in the county,

    *. The high school that serves the youth of Grand Kru did not have a science lab and,

    *. Electricity was a scarce commodity in the county. It was also reported that witchcraft was on the rise. Lastly, the county Superintendent stated that a snake laid bare in her bed without the snake being invited.

    What’s the right stuff?
    The good people of Grand Kru are taxpayers. As such, the Grand Kru residents need good roads, jobs, electricity and good high schools and good teachers. From a reliable source in that area, the main road that goes to and from Grand Kru has not been worked on. But yet, Koffa wants his constituents to know that a communication gear is about to be installed in the county of Grand Kru.

    Bottom Line….
    Although the installation of a communication tower is okay, I think Koffa is obliged to listen to the most important needs of his constituents.

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