Rep. Joseph Lauded for Outstanding Leadership

Rep. Joseph, McGill, and members and others during the program

District #13 Representative Saah Joseph, known as one of Liberia’s Ebola Heroes, for his life-saving role in organizing response to the Ebola virus disease outbreak last Sunday got the recognition he deserves when the Selehaja Women’s Group and Savings Club honored him in a well-organized program.

The occasion was graced by hundreds of residents comprising youth, women, men, and the elderly. Also present were some stalwarts of the Coalition for Democratic Change, of which Rep. Joseph is a member, headed by Chairman Nathaniel McGill.

“It is a great day to be honoring one of our own who stood with us during one of the most difficult eras of our country’s history,” the group’s leader, Hadja Konneh, said.

“You made us proud during the crisis because you were the only hope for Liberians when the virus was raging. When Liberians were looking up for leadership when none was coming from the central government, you rose up and brought some relief,” she added.

During the height of the crisis, Liberians were dying and there was no hope coming from anywhere.

Saah Joseph didn’t intend to become the lifeline for victims of the worst Ebola outbreak in history. Just few months before the outbreak, Rep. Joseph imported six ambulances from central California to serve his constituents suffering everyday ailments.

He purchased additional four ambulances, including one air ambulance to enforce the fight against the scourge. Upon the purchase of these logistics, he revealed that the only way to surmount challenges posed to the country by the outbreak of the deadly virus in the country is to provide more medical equipment and viable ambulance transportation services to render the response team more effective to respond to calls on time. He and his team crossed over to Sierra Leone to help battle the scourge in that country—an effort that was highly praised by that country’s government and people.

An overwhelmed Mrs. Konneh alluded to the modest preparation that Joseph had made through his humanitarian gestures. “Because of what you have done for us, we will continue to stand by you. You are a true savior,” she said; and thereafter gowned the lawmaker in a brown African suit.

CDC Chairman McGill lauded Rep. Joseph for making the CDC proud. “You have made the CDC proud and everywhere we go your name is always mentioned.”

McGill noted that Joseph is his preferred candidate at the upcoming CDC primary in the district. “There is a need that you continue to represent your people because they still have confidence in your leadership and there is no need for change,” he added.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, at the celebration of the 2015 Independence celebration, lauded the efforts of Rep. Joseph, describing him as “a hero” in the battle—imploring members of the Legislature to join her in thanking him for his service to humanity.


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