Rep. Jones Wants House Approve ‘non-Negro’ Citizenship

Rep. Jones believes that the Dual Citizenship could boost economic development

Margibi County District 2 Representative Ivar Kokulo Jones has openly expressed support to the controversial Dual Citizenship Resolution, which is now under scrutiny at the House of Representatives.

Because of his ardent support for the process, Jones has meanwhile called on his colleagues to approve the Resolution to form part of the Agenda for Referendum in one year’s time if it is approved by the legislature and the president.

Rep. Jones said the amendment of the Constitution to allow non-Negros to become citizens would hugely contribute to the economic growth and development of the country.

He made his feelings known in a Daily Observer exclusive interview at his Capitol Building office on Monday shortly after he returned from a three-week Easter break. Jones is of the opinion that dual citizenship would create job opportunities, “because those to gain the status are financially potent.”

Rep. Jones indicated that the benefits of dual citizenship would be compared to the “Open Door Policy” that Liberia’s 19th President William V.S. Tubman introduced.

Through the “Open Door Policy,” Tubman facilitated and encouraged foreign businesses to locate and invest in Liberia.

“We are living in a world that is now a global village, so there is a need for us to support dual citizenship,” Rep. Jones said, adding, “the benefit of the process will be similar to the Open Door Policy that brought about infrastructure development,” Jones said.

He added, “The dual citizenship is a modification to Tubman’s Open Door Policy, because it will open our economy, attract investments and create jobs for prepared citizens.”

Jones’ support to citizenship for non-Negros is in sharp contradiction to many of his colleagues, who opposed the process, including the Muslim Council of Imam, who argued that because the majority of Liberians are “very poor, there should not be dual citizenship to deprive the underprivileged of their meager achievements.”

Liberia’s Chief Imam Ali Krayee said when the ‘white become citizens, a new class system, with city dwellers comprised mainly of non-Negro people and country folks of indigenous background, would automatically be established.

“This would only be a time bomb because in the future, our grand and great grandchildren may resort to the formation of the Liberian versions of a group such as the Mau Mau in a repeat of the continent’s ugly story,” Krayee observed.

Meanwhile, if the bill is approved, the constitution would be amended; that is, Articles 27 and 28 would be altered to conform to the situation.

Articles 27 and 28 of the constitution say: “All persons who, on the coming into force of this Constitution were lawfully citizens of Liberia shall continue to be Liberian citizens.” And also, “In order to preserve, foster and maintain the positive Liberian culture, values and character, only persons who are Negroes or of Negro descent shall qualify by birth or by naturalization to be citizens of Liberia.”

In a related development, Rep. Jones has also called on his colleagues not to support the Landownership Bills; instead, it should be addressed through the Land Right Act.

Jones believes that the Act would tackle the land ownership issues, because it deals with private, government, customary and public land ownership.

It may be recalled that the bills were submitted on February 6 of this year by Grand Kru County District 2 Representative Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa to the Lower House, following President George Weah’s call to revisit laws on citizenship and property ownership at his first Annual Address on January 29.


  1. Liberian people this is one of your Representative that ready to sell your country to the Lebanese and India people

  2. Mr. Jones, advocate for the lands right act to be made operational at village level first. With a secured and protected land for vulnerable communities and people, we can make anyone citizen.
    Get the fundamentals right and then go on with this “pie in the sky for all concept”.

  3. If i were in Rep.Jones district i would have been one of those campaigning against him he should not be giving another chance.May be his been Representative he has raised sufficient money for him and his family to acquire lots of properties so he speaking for white people but with God above all of them who are behind will not succeed we will make sure to inform our people in every villages,towns and cities not to support this issue that have to do with making white people a citizen or even owning land in our beloved country.

  4. Liberia is just a different country. Man as such shouldn’t even be a town chief before Representative. I cannot believe what he said. There’s no investment theory or science that back the idea that when you open the citizenship rights of your country to anyone, investment will suddenly suffice. People invest in countries where the investment climate is secured for their investments to thrive. A secure investment climate means, better laws to protect private property, court systems that will enforce laws, taxation and other incentive that attract people to do investment in your country.

  5. Waunti,
    It seems improbable for one’s country to be sold especially to foreign nationals. Unfortunately, it’s about to happen.

  6. I don’t where this other rep is coming from. May be he doesn’t understand what he is calling for. In fact, he might be having some guys pushing him for what he is saying. Mr. Rep, in your own lay man understanding today in Liberia $12,000.00 LD can care for a family? What about that same $ 12,000.00LD being use to purchase land for the average Liberian family? Your suffering our people and getting fat checks and now what to sell our country to foreign. Is a shame on you Mr. Law maker…

  7. I don’t know where this other rep is coming from. May be he doesn’t understand what he is calling for. In fact, he might be having some guys pushing him for what he is saying. Mr. Rep, in your own layman understanding today in Liberia $12,000.00 LD can care for a family? What about that same $ 12,000.00LD being use to purchase land for the average Liberian family? Your suffering our people and getting fat checks and now want to sell our country to foreigners. Is a shame on Mr. Law maker…

  8. Mr. Jones, why not just say, we the officials of the current government, are so corrupt, lazy and so incompetent, that we like to put our country in the hands of the ‘white man’ to develop Liberia for us. That’s what you are saying in essence.

  9. I am certainly sure this man has no clue what he’s talking about. First of all, what benefit did the Tubman “open door policy” bring to Liberia? None as far as I can see. People that came from other countries took whatever they could and walked away. All the Lebanese merchants that were in the country did not make one investment in spite of the so-called “open door policy.” They took every dime they could lay their hands on and went to build Lebanon. The country did not benefit from that policy at all. Second of all, Tubman was the worst president the country ever had. He did nothing for the country development despite the economic boom the country was experiencing during those 27 years of his presidency. This guy needs to be lectured on Tubman policy. What an idiot!

  10. This creeps who refuse to reclaim their native names, were once servants of the congas who assume for themselves conga names only to be educated, get little wealth or pay back, would like to seek refuge in dual identities to steer up another civil war. They might hate the settlers and tribal adhesion yet are still claiming on their masters names to pay back past ratios when they fooled their own people to excel to power. If your first pair of shoes was bought by a pioneer after you came to the city nicked, no matter what pioneer name you take, if you are not, the actual Zacpbpasee name will show you as a slave seller. Therefore, let us see your Liberian. Do not pretend to be a son or daughter of a settler, when you are not. If you knew the effects of slaving you would be proud to be a native or conga. Are you a Liberian? What is your father’s land or mother’s name? As long as you keep our name, you will always be a slave to the slave traders and duals if not given that name by heritage or birth. Given yourself the last name Dickens and given your children Yophawo names will only make you more uncivilized as you think. Your intend to sell this Land of ours will never work. What God has given, let no one asunder. What the most high has separated let no person put together. Are you telling your master to come and take back what he has given us for ourselves? You country. Think some more. Tell the Liberian people.
    Do not reply my box.
    Gone to silent majority.

  11. Is he in consultation with his district? You are no longer an individual representing yourself, you are now representing a group of people who you should discuss national issues with before coming up with recommendations at such level.

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