‘Don’t Worry About My Impeachment’

Pres. Weah: "My government will protect all Liberians irrespective of geographical locals."

— Weah flexes thick skin as Rep. Hanson Kiazolu somersaults on ‘impeachment’ remark

It appears that President Weah might be growing a bit more thick skin since his earlier statement in June 2019, that anyone caught insulting the President would be dealt with accordingly.

When pundits expected the President to heavily chastise the chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, Mulbah Morlu, for utterances released in a recently leaked audio, which Morlu later described as ‘liquor talk’, the President brushed the recording off as a “blackmail attempt by racketeers” and that, “anyone can get angry and talk…”

In the leaked voice recording, CDC chairman Morlu alleged that his party’s standard bearer, President Weah, diverts funds received from his trips abroad to his personal projects, instead of the general benefit of the country. The recording unearths several other improprieties attributed to the President.

The leaked recording, which became public, in December 2019, claimed the attention of members of the 54th Legislature, who immediately called for an investigation into the veracity of the recording with a threat to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Weah, if the utterances attributed to Morlu proved to be true.

Montserrado District #17 Representative, Hanson Kiazolu, told Frontpage Africa in an interview that though it is not yet timely to impeach President Weah, substantial evidence gathered from witnesses during a probe into the saga could lead to his impeachment.

However, at a ground breaking ceremony for the pavement of a 2.6 kilometer community road in Rep. Kiazolu’s constituency, District 17, President Weah told his audience that he was not concerned about being impeached, but simply to do the people’s work.

Interestingly, the President’s remarks were preceded by brazen assurances by Rep. Kiazolu to the President that he (Kiazolu) had no hand in any activity that would lead to the President being impeached.

“I also want to use this occasion to inform you that the media speculation that said District #17 Lawmaker wants to impeach the President is not true. I want you to take it to the bank that I, Hanson Kiazolu, [am] not in any support of any impeachment proceeding against you. It is not true today and it will not be true tomorrow,” Rep. Kiazolu said.

Montserrado Count District 17 Representative, Hanson Kiazolu

He added: “In a short time we are pleased to say that this District has changed in terms of development. For this government to prioritize this road, which is one of the important and traditional community roads here, you have won the admiration of the people.”

He welcomed President Weah’s road connectivity idea and assured him of his own support in his District as the Public Works Ministry begins the cement pavement of some roads within District #17.

“When I first knew the President, I was his bag boy in Clara Town. At that time, he was playing for Invincible Eleven (IE),” Kiazolu said.

In his reply to Rep. Kiazolu and the people of the District, President Weah said while there are hard feelings among some Liberians about how he is running the country, he will not fail on his promise to build more roads.

“My being here today is to see to it that you get good road. But we need peace first. Whether you are a Representative or not, all of us will use this road,” President Weah said.

He admonished the residents of the District and beyond to show some respect to their leaders, including him, of the country.

“Your right is your right. People make mistakes and people misinterpret other people,” he said.

“Hon. Kiazolu is not a stranger to me. When he was a little man, all along he ran behind me everywhere I went and, anything I did, he was my assistant,” President Weah said of Rep. Kiazolu as the crowd cheered.

“He was a young kid that I mentored. Today he is a Lawmaker. I am proud of him. So you can see that we all are Liberians and are family somehow,” he said.

“Don’t worry about my impeachment. Anybody wants to impeach me, it is not a problem. While I am here, let me do my work,” Weah said.

As what appears to be his own way of appealing to the minds of his people, President Weah again reminded them of the ugly past and the need to avoid a repeat of the gloomy days that reversed the country’s progress and claimed more than 200,000 lives.

“The reason I always remind you of the past is because it was not a good past. Let us remember that we hated each other and that brought war in this country. We have to give a chance to unite this country and keep it peaceful,” he said.

He reminded the audience also that when he was campaigning for the Presidency in 2017, he promised them that in six years’ time he would build as many roads as possible so as to connect communities.

After the ceremony, President Weah and his entourage, including Finance and and Development Planning Minister, Samuel Tweah, National Port Authority Managing Director, Bill Tweahway and the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel Fallo McGill, toured the Duala market and the Unity Conference Center in Virginia.

At the dilapidated Unity Conference Center, Weah said he will locate investors to recondition the structure so as to ensure that it is back to use.


  1. Woo. Fear for one life has taken control again. People God has called to Lead and speak out in Liberia defense of the many suffering People are afriad to die so they forget about the people and give praises to same person who corrupting the people.
    It’s Better to keep quiet than talk on an issues and have fear

    What a shame?

  2. Thanks David S. Menjor for this credible story. I’m highly inspired by the democratically elected Leadership of H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, a President with a good heart for his people. I’m glad that Rep. Kiazolu realized that President Weah is one of the best kind of Leader LIBERIA has now with a listening ear and a heart that feels. I’m of the strongest conviction that with time and if all LIBERIANS can get positive, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah’s Leadership will do far more than expected. I hear call on all LIBERIANS in and out of LIBERIA to seek PEACE and constructively present plights to the President who is proudly a Leader for all LIBERIANS and has the Leadership abilities to work with his TEAM and International Partners to give the very best to LIBERIA and LIBERIANS. Let me conclude by reminding you through my self developed Philosophy which says “ONLY US(LIBERIANS) CAN MAKE LIBERIA BETTER” (Douwee, 2019) +231777526408

  3. Thanks Prof. Douwee for that peice. Liberia and Liberians have gone through a lot. Peace in Liberia is what any well meaning Liberian should want.

    • You’re welcome Sir! Together, we will make LIBERIA BETTER for us and unborn generations.


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