Rep. Gwaikolo Preaches Unity in Nimba

Rep Gwaikolo speaking at the occasion.

Representative Johnson Gwaikolo of Nimba District #9 has called on his constituents to unite under his administration to achieve the much desired development they have yearned for over the years in the district.

Gwaikolo spoke in Zekepa at an appreciation program hosted by his office on Saturday, February 17, which brought together residents of the district.

He said without the cooperation of the residents, he will not succeed, adding, “Your guidance, protection and direction will help me provide the kind of leadership the district needs.”

Gwaikolo asked for forgiveness from those he might have offended during the campaign period, either by his action or statements. He also forgave those who he claimed offended him during the 2017 presidential and legislative elections.

He then stressed the need for citizens in the five chiefdoms that made up District #9, including Gbi and Doru, Doe Chiefdom, Zahnla, Blinlon, and Mehsonnoh, to forge together in unity.

“I want you to eliminate the idea of belonging to a particular political camp and unite to work with the victorious leaders in 2017 presidential and legislative elections,” he said.

“We have come today to say thank you for your votes and for participating in the election, and to consider this occasion as a beginning of reconciliation and peace in our beloved district and the county at large.

“All that was said during the elections about one another was intended to win votes, but it is all over now.”

Rep. Gwaikolo urged his rivals to forgive him for anything he might have said about them or done to any of their members that might have made them upset or angry, as he had also forgiven those who harmed him in the process.

As part of his reconciliation drive, Gwaikolo presented certificates of appreciation to former lawmakers of Yarwin Mehsonnoh, including Peter G. Dorliea (deceased), Fredrick M. Johnson (deceased), P. Saye Wonzon, II, Robert B.S. Tingban (deceased), Jackson S. Fiindor, and the outgoing Representative, R. Mantenokay Tingban for their individual and collective services rendered to the area while serving as lawmakers from 1970-2017.

Rep. Gwaikolo contested on the ticket of the Victory for Change Party among candidates including former Rep. Tingban and Cllr. Cooper Kruah.

He spoke of the need to construct the district office and guesthouse and rehabilitate feeder roads as part of his development agenda.

Gwaikolo promised to prioritize the issue of road rehabilitation in the district; a situation, he noticed, that challenges the free movement of the locals.

He assured the residents that he would engage the Nimba Legislative Caucus and the national government to pay special attention to the road networks in his constituency.

“While awaiting the county and national government to bring development to the district, my office will embark on self-help initiatives to ensure that damaged bridges are repaired and the roads are manually rehabilitated to keep the district accessible at all time,” he said.

“With good roads you can have access to health, education, and market among others,” Gwaikolo told the residents, who responded with cheers.

Rep. Gwaikolo vowed to complete the Nuon Bridge in Kpelletuo, the Ganwee Youth Center, and all other unfinished projects left by his predecessor.


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