Rep. Grant Lectures on Agriculture Self-sufficiency

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The Chairman on The House Committee on Agriculture and Fisheries and Grand Gedeh County Electoral District #3 Rep. Alex Chersia Grant is encouraging Liberians to transform themselves into agriculture heroes by returning to the soil.

Addressing the Amu Wulu Forum in Zwedru Grand Gedeh County recently, Rep. Grant said, “As a people, Liberians have the forest and human resources. We also have the skills, so our time and effort must be dedicated towards the growing of food. This will make Liberia self-sufficient.”

Describing agriculture as a productive venture with many opportunities for everyone, Rep. Grant maintained that “Grand Gedeh in particular and Liberia as a whole deserves better and it can only be achieved through collective and dedicated cultivation of the vast forest land the nation is endowed with.”

He added, “Now that the prices of our major exports on the world market have depreciated, now is the time to industrialize oil palm, cocoa, orange, banana and mango in order to support the national budget, thereby contributing to the stabilization of Liberia’s Gross Domestic Product.”

He recounted successes of great world leaders who began as agriculturists, and recalled his days as a gardener, semi agriculturist, secondary school teacher and staff of the UNHCR.

“Despite the fact that I’m a lawmaker, I still own a large farm in Pouh Town and I’m planning to expand it. You can do the same. We need to show the world what we have. We need to help our neighbors with food and other agricultural items. We must be agriculturally self-sufficient,” he admonished.

Rep. Grant is a member of the 53rd National Legislature, and has served on a number of committees, including Refugees Repatriation and Resettlement Commission and the Committee on Agriculture and Fisheries, among others. He is also a member of Liberia’s delegation to the Pan African Parliament (PAP).


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