Rep. Fallah’s Nursing School, 12 Others Ordered Closed

(L-r): Mr. Dahn, NCHE's Acting Director General and NCHE's Acting Director for the Department of Quality Assurance, Rev. J. Andrew Lablah

-NCHE to name and shame tax defrauding universities, colleges 

Authorities of the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE) yesterday, August 28, 2018, ordered the shutting down of 13 private health (nurse, nurse aid institutions) that are “illegally operating in the country.”

The commission thereafter warned the operators not to reopen in the absence of the law because it intends to order the closure of many of such post-secondary institutions, which are “operating criminally.”

NCHE’s Acting Director-General, David S. Dahn said those health institutions have neither Operational Permits nor Provisional Accreditation from the Commission, and therefore, have been offering degree and diploma programs illegally.

He said that the Health Assistant Schools Association of Liberia (HASAL) does not have the “legal authority to give accreditation permits or licenses.”

Those health institutions which were ordered shut down with immediate effect are T. FIVE Nursing School (the Nursing School owned by Representative Thomas P. Fallah of Montserrado County District #5), Miracle Center of God Nursing Aid-Training Institute (Soul Clinic Community, New Kaymah Town); IEFUD Institute of Professional Studies (Old Road, Congo Town); Florence Nightingale Institute of Health Science (Living Bread Ministries, Inc., Red-Light, Paynesville City), and St. John Medical School (LBS Community, Paynesville City).

Others are Soko Sacicer Nursing School (LBS Lover Street, Paynesville City);  William Thomas School of Health Science (Jacob’s Town, Somalia Drive Paynesville); Peace Home School of Health Assistant (Neezoe Community, Somalia drive Paynesville); Faith Clinic Nursing School (Red-Light, Paynesville City); Faith Institute of Medical Arts (New Kaymah Town, Soul Clinic Paynesville); Kelthy’s School of Health (Kpelleh Mansion 2nd Junction, City View Lower Johnsonville); Leomor V. School of Health (Morris Farm, Paynesville City), and Markue Health Assistant Institute (Logan Town, Bushrod Island).

Mr. Dahn made the disclosure on Tuesday, August 28, 2018, at the headquarters of the NCHE on S.D. Cooper Road, in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

“Today, we have called you to inform the public about 13 more illegal post-secondary institutions identified by the NCHE.

“These bogus institutions claim to be able to train and educate students at tertiary level in nursing, nurse-aid, and nurse assistant programs, with total disregard to the NCHE. The heads of these concerned institutions were invited for conference before being ordered to cease operations and close their respective programs,” Mr. Dahn said.

“They were guided to follow the appropriate accreditation procedures by the NCHE, provided they desire to exist legitimately,” he said.

He added, “Appropriately, the Ministry of Justice will be informed to effect the shut down.”

“As enshrined in the Act that established NCHE, the institution has the authority to formulate broad-based policy guidelines for the establishment of institution of higher education in the country, and to coordinate and serve as principal liaison between institutions of learning from post-secondary level, and to monitor, evaluate and accredit all institutions of higher learning, etc.,” Dahn said.

Meanwhile, NCHE’s Acting Director for the Department of Quality Assurance, J. Andrew Lablah, said any institutions operating in the country without the approval or the obtaining of operational permit from the commission, is in total violation and anyone attending an institution not accredited, is also doing so at their own risk.

“Furthermore, any person or persons involved with the operations of post-secondary schools or is intending to venture in such undertaking must seek guidance and approval from the NCHE,” Lablah said.

He further announced that beginning next week, tax defrauding tertiary and post-secondary institutions, which have granting permit institutions, will be announced and shamed for failing to pay US$500 annually to Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), while renewal of permit is “free of charge.”

At least 58 Nurse Assistant Schools and related Nursing Aid Institutions across the country are under the umbrella of the Health Assistant Schools Association of Liberia (HASAL), and have petitioned the House of Representatives and the Senate to enact legislation granting the association a legal status.

In the wake of the petition, NCHE is urging all Nurse Assistant Schools and related Nursing Aid Institutions to obtain  accreditation permits from the NHCHE, but not from HASAL.


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