Rep. Fallah ‘Critically Ill’, Missed Certification Ceremony

Rep. Thomas P. Fallah_web.jpg
Rep. Thomas P. Fallah

Rep. Thomas Fallah, (Mont. District #5) who is contesting for the House Speaker’s position on the ticket of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has fallen ill, the Daily Observer has reliably learnt.

Two additional lawmakers who also missed the certification ceremony were Rep. Edwin Snowe (Bomi District #1) and Rep. Adolph Lawrence (Montserrado District #15). Rep. Lawrence did not end the ceremony because he “had to rush to another meeting.”

Family sources said Rep. Fallah’s illness is so critical to the extent that he could no longer walk because he suffered a stroke. Sadly, his wife is reported to have suffered a stroke as well.

Fallah is elected to his third-term since 2005 and is considered one of the few ‘gurus’ in Legislative politics.

However, there are conflicting accounts about Rep. Fallah’s whereabouts. While family sources say both husband and wife had been taken to a ‘sick bush’ in an unnamed county, other sources say they are being treated at a hospital in Monrovia.

Another account says the couple may have been flown out of the country.

The leadership of the House of Representatives yesterday remained tight-lipped on the whereabouts of Rep. Fallah and his wife. The report of Rep. Fallah’s illness has placed his colleague Bhofal Chambers of Maryland County as the sole contender for the Speakership on the ticket of the CDC.


    • A stroke occurs when blood flow to an area of the brain is “cut off”. I hope Rep. Fallah and his wife are in another advanced country and receiving appropriate medical treatment. There is no facility in Liberia to deal with stroke. Varney Sherman had to be flown to the US. How long will Liberia remain backward?

  1. Father God, please forgive and heal both honorable FALLAH and his wife. They are your creation, and have always been doing the good to the rest of your creations in Liberia and elsewhere, please heal them.

    Thanks for considering my humble prayer.

  2. Hope and pray that both family of Hon Fallah and his lovely wife will be heal in the mighty hands of the Almighty God of the universe,Amen!.We also want to tell Mr and Mrs Fallah to continue to believe and pray unto the Lord that,h
    e the only one that have such healing power .May him heal them,Ameena!!.

    Ayo from Bensamlam-U.S of A.


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