Rep-elect Douses Death Rumor, Dedicates US$15K bridge

Dr. George Samah dedicates a bridge as part of his campaign promises.

He would have been the second Representative-elect in recent memory to have died before taking the oath of office in six years, if the widely spread news of the death of Representative-elect Dr. George B. Samah was real. It would have also been in the same month of December, as was the case when a Sinoe County District #3 Representative-elect died in 2011 prior to taking his seat.

It may be recalled that on December 17, 2011, Rep-elect Nelson Wah Barh died under mysterious circumstances shortly after he was re-elected as a member of the 53rd Legislature. The late Barh was subsequently replaced by Representative Matthew Zarzar through a by-election.

On December 11, news spread through a rumor mill that Dr. Samah had died. The rumor circulated widely causing hundreds of sympathizers to gather at his homes in Stephen Tolbert Estate and New Georgia.

But in his own words, Dr. Samah told journalists: “I am not dead yet.”

“They are disappointed over their defeat, so they lied saying I had died. They will see me alive this year, next year and the years to come,” said a beaming and energetic Dr. Samah.

He was addressing a crowd of well-wishers yesterday at a program for the dedication of the US$15,000 bridge he has constructed in Chicken Soup Factory, Gardnersville as one of his campaign promises.

Prior to the dedication, Samah also presented 20 cans of paint to community leaders to beautify Stephen Tolbert Estate for the Christmas season.

“My priority for District 12 is education and health; we have one public high school and two ill-equipped public health centers. It will be our responsibility to partner with the government and international donors to help our people improve their lives,” Dr. Samah said.

Dr. Samah holds a Doctorate degree in Philosophy. He is the second Doctor of Philosophy to be elected as a lawmaker in 12 years. Dr. Kettehkumeh Murray was the first, and served in the 52nd Legislature (January 2006–January 2012).

It is believed that with his level of education and experience in accounting and work experience with international organizations, Dr. Samah is eyeing the chairmanship of the Committee on Ways, Means, Finance and Development, putting him in the race with Montserrado County District #11, 16 and 17 Representatives-elect Richard Koon, Liberia’s former Customs executive and Comptroller General, Dickson Siebo and Hanson Kiazolu, respectively.


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